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Andy is off to the army! “I think of Shin HyeSung hyung the most”

ShinHwa Andy picks member Shin HyeSung as the member he thinks of the most.

Andy reported for his 20-months military services at ChoongNam Nonsan camp at 1pm on 11th January. He gave up his American citizenship in 2003 and came back to Korea for his celebrity promotions and is the only ShinHwa member doing active service.

On the day, about 200 fans were present to send him off to his military service. He was accompanied by ShinHwa members Eric and Kim DongWan who are currently serving their military services.

Andy said, “At this point in time, I think of the members the most. Especially Shin HyeSung hyung. HyeSungie hyung is the only who did not contact me.”

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K Bites – 06.07.2009 III (SNSD, Eric, 2NE1)

So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ is #1 on album-song-ringer tone charts


Girl group So Nyeo Shi Dae‘s comeback hit ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ occupying the #1 spots on various music  weekly charts.

SM Entertainment said on the 6th, “So Nyeo Shi Dae‘s ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ is #1 on ringer tone charts, after being #1 on various music and album charts. This is indeed going to be their 6th consecutive hit.”

The song is up #1 on Melon, Dosirak, Mnet, Bugs music charts for the 1st week of July. Also the song is 31 on SKT ringer tone weekly chart, and HanTeo weekly chart.

The girls have also received much love for their new dance choreography with their comeback like ‘kicking the feather’ dance, ‘beautiful leg line’ and ‘Miss Korea’ dance steps.

Meanwhile, the girls continue to promote the song on various music programmes.

New girlgroup groomed by ShinHwa Eric to debut this year-end

eric_060709A new girlgroup groomed by ShinHwa Eric will debut this year end.

A representative said on the 6th, “We are currently preparing for the debut of a girlgroup which Eric worked hard in grooming.”

Eric has given in a lot, including working for this new girlgroup’s album, for the debut of his hoobae girlgroup. We are targeting for them to debut this year end. We are still deciding on whether to make this a 4-member or 5-member group.”

Eric is known to be the talented rapper and dancer in ShinHwa, and much anticipation is into how this girlgroup will be like with his grooming. To add on, being the hoobae (juniors) of one of Korea’s biggest pop legend group ShinHwa would sure help this girl group with a good headstart.

Meanwhile, Eric is currently serving his military service, he had joined the military service last October.

2NE1 earns the praises from Lee Min Woo and GDragon


Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo and Big Bang‘s GDragon have not held in their praises for rookie girl group 2NE1.

Lee Minwoo who has come back in 8 months with his 4.5 album Minnovation had an interview with Joy News 24 and has revealed that 2NE1 caught his interest.

Lee Minwoo said of 2NE1 “the good thing about them is that they are different. The force they have is different. You can see their passion for music, their energy on stage seems like they have had lots of experience on stage before. He also said, “their charms are overwhelming and their colours are like a chameleons.”

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Where do your favourite Kpop hits come from?


Ever wonder who are the people who push and influence the Kpop world? And who are the one who produce your favourite hits?

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Singaporean Kpop Fans! ShinHwa Eric fans still wanted for screening event


I was referred to by Nurul and all Singaporean ShinHwa fans are called upon for a screening event.

Though this has already been posted at absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com and allkpop.com, the fanclub wishes to reach out to more fans for the event so show some Kpop love!

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K Bites – 17.11.2008

Big Bang GDragon solo debut ahead

gd_171108Big Bang leader GDragon will be having his solo debut soon.

It is planned that GDragon go over to American the beginning of next year to finish his composing work and will return with a solo album.

GDragon said in an interview recently, “The songs are already been set in place for making.”

It is planned that GDragon will go over to America after the promotional activities for their 2nd album ends. He said, “The people whom I want to work on my music with are all in America. I will be going over with the other Big Bang members.”

It is also said that the solo album will most probably be a minialbum. “There will be about 6-7 songs included. But nothing much is decided on the concept and style of the album”


Kim Dong Wan enlisted for military service


ShinHwa member Kim Dong Wan (29) enlisted for military service on 17th November in CheongNam Princess 32nd army division. He is the next to enlist after Eric who enlisted on the 9th last month.

Kim Dong Wan was asked about the response from other ShinHwa members about his enlistment. He said with a smile, “Eric called this morning and said, ‘Must pack lotions for enlistment. And put on combat boots that are larger than your normal size.’ This is the first time I hear something like that from Eric.”

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Eric says “Goodbye” to fans

First ShinHwa member to report for military service is Eric (Moon Jung Hyuk, 29).

He reported at NonSan Military Training centre today.

When asked about the feelings of the other ShinHwa members regarding his reporting for military service, Eric said, “(Shin) HyeSung and (Jun)Jin were really sad about it. And the most excited person was Andy.”

On this days, fans from Japan, China etc had especially come down to the centre to bid Eric goodbye.

Goodbye Eric oppa.. >.<

See you in 2 years’ time

K Bites – 06.10.2008

Another artiste committed suicide

Amidst all the news about Choi Jin Shil (40) who committed suicide in her apartment bathroom on 2nd October, just a day after her death, another artiste Jang Chae Won (26) has also commited suicide.

Jang was found on 3th October, hanging by her neck in her apartment bathroom at 11pm Korean time.

Neighbours suspect that Jang’s death may be linked to her recent breakup with her boyfriend. But investigations are still being carried out.

Jang is more widely known as a transgender artiste after artistes like Harisu. Some also said that Jang has been undergoing a lot of stress after netizens starting leaving mean messages on her minihompy last year.

After the news of her death was known, many netizens left messages on her minihompy like, “I hope you will be reborn as a beautiful girl your next life.” etc.


Eric to report for military service on 9th October

Eric will be ShinHwa‘s first member to report for military service. And other ShinHwa members will come together again once again for him.

Eric will be reporting at ChoongNam NonSan Training Centre on the 9th. He will then receive 4 weeks of basic military training.

The other 5 members will be having a farewell dinner with Eric on the 8th but they will not be able to turn up on the 9th for him as they are all caught up with their own schedule.

Meanwhile, member Kim Dong Wan will be the next to report for military service after Eric. They are both born in 1979.


And ‘Asia Newcomer award’ goes to…

It goes to Korea representatives 2AM, 2PM, SHINee and U-Kiss.

They were present at eve of Asia Song Festival 2008 on 3rd October for ‘Asia Best Newcomer Concert’.

2AM together with SHINee, 2PM and U-Kiss have won the ‘Asia Newcomer Award’ as the Korean representative.

Kim Dong Wan, “Wait for my comeback”

ShinHwa‘s member Kim Dong Wan promises to come up even better after his military services on the first performance of his first ever solo concert ‘Promise’ which will also be his last one before he report for his military service.

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