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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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SeeYa BoRam, T-ara HyoMin and JiYeon to sing for ‘Coffee House’ OST

SeeYa Boram and T-ara HyoMin and JiYeon will be participating in the OST of SBS drama ‘Coffee House’.

The 3 of them will be singing for the 2nd OST song ‘Coffee over Milk’, which is also the theme song for Kang SeungYeon (played by EunJung).

Boram, HyoMin and JiYeon has participated in the OST to show support for EunJung who is also starring in the drama The song will be revealed via music portal site Melon on 25th May.

Meanwhile, the drama has its first episode aired on 17th May, and has achieved over 10% in viewership rate, garnering good reviews even from the start.

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T-ara HyoMin shows off her luxurious body and S-line for upcoming photoshoot

T-ara HyoMin shows off her ‘luxurious’ body and S-line.

HyoMin revealed 4 new photos taken during a summer photoshoot filming on her minihompy on 15th May. The photoshoot is said to be for a fashion brand endorsement.

The photos revealed showed HyoMin’s great S-line with no photoshop touches to them at all. Fans’ comments to the photos were, “Really charming. At first I thought I was looking at a mannequinne”, “Great like your selca! Amazing!”, “Really envious. HyoMin’s body is like a piece of art” etc.

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EunJung on role in ‘Coffee House’, “I look alike to Yoon EunHye? That was just for the poster.”

Debuting as adult actress, Ham EunJung talks about the similarities between her new role in upcoming drama ‘Coffee House’ and the role Go EunChan by actress Yoon EunHye for drama ‘Coffee Prince’.

The press conference for SBS new drama ‘Coffee House’ was held at 2pm on 10th May. The cast as well as the PD to the drama were present at the press conference. For this drama, EunJung’s role dons a boyish image with short hairstyle, similar to that of Go EunChan off ‘Coffee Prince’ in 2007.

EunJung voiced, “I think the comments about me resembling Yoon EunHye for this role will stop after the drama airs. Even though we both had short cut and boyish style, our characters personalities are different. Though I have to agree when I saw the poster for ‘Coffee House’,  I though there was some similarities.”

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Davichi ‘Time, Please Stop’ full MV revealed!

The full MV to Davichi’s upcoming new song ‘Time, Please Stop’ starring T-ara EunJung has been revealed.

Davichi will have their comeback stage coming 14th May on KBS Music Bank.  Love the MV or not?

T-Ara EunJung’s upcoming drama “Coffee House” Teaser is out!

Previously we saw a set of photo of T-Ara EunJung taken from the set of the upcoming drama “Coffee House”.

And, now, the teaser for this drama (starred by Kang JiHwan, T-Ara EunJung, Park ShiYeon) is already disclose to the public.

The drama as the teaser mentioned will start airing from May 17,2010 filling SBS Mon-Tue 8:50 pm drama slot time.

After EunJung, T-ara SoYeon caught in criticisms for swearing on broadcast program

After criticisms against T-ara EunJung for allegedly swearing on broadcast show, member SoYeon is also become the target for such criticisms by netizens.

Netizens have been circulating and posting up video titled ‘T-ara SoYeon swearing video’ on various portal sites. The video was a snippet off ‘T-ara ghost play’. The members have dressed up as ghosts on the show while paying a visit to the filming set for MBC ‘Hon’ drama to prank on the staff.

The snippet features SoYeon walking down a slope and it seems that it was slippery and what sounded like a swear word came out from SoYeon’s mouth.

But T-ara fans defended, “This show was aired last August, and  it is being brought up only after half a year because of recent incident involving EunJung”, “It seems like the anti-fans are out to use this sensitive time to cause more criticisms against the girls” etc.

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Invincible Youth production team, “We confirmed with the recordings from 3 cameras, EunJung did not swear”

The production team has finally come out to clarify on the criticisms earlier about how T-ara EunJung has sworn on the show to HyoMin.

The production posted their official stand on the case on the show’s homepage on 4th May. They wrote, “During the show aired on 30th April, the conversation between HyoMin and guest appearance EunJung shown has attracted much criticisms from netizens.”

They added, “We checked with the recording on the 3 cameras used for the filming then, and confirmed that she did not swear. The part where it seems that she was mouthing something, she was actually referring to HyoMin as ‘지지배’*”

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Davichi’s MV teaser for ‘Stop the Time’ released!

The MV teaser for Davichi’s upcoming new song ‘Stop The Time’ featuring T-ara EunJung has been released on 4th May!

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