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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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WonderGirls SunYe, “Park JinYoung introduced me to G.O.D Kim TaeWoo and Son HoYoung”

The WonderGirls were recently on KBS WinWin aired on 1st June when the MC asked them, “Don’t you want to date now?”.

The girls’ reply was, “We want to date. Amongst ourselves, we also talk a lot about male entertainers. But Park JinYoung told us to wait for 3 years when we first debuted, and then when we debuted in America, he told us to wait for 2 more years. How long more do we have to wait?”

Leader SunYe then said, “But Park JinYoung PD act differently from what he says. I believe he is more lenient when it comes to relationships. He tried to introduce Kim TaeWoo and Son HoYoung to me, and he got nervous when news reports of Kim HeeChul saying that he likes SoHee came out.”

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SS501’s contract with DSP Entertainment coming to an end, fans are concerned if group activities will continue

Ahead of group SS501’s contract with DSP Entertainment coming to an end next month on the 8th, there has been much interests as to whether the members will continue promoting as a group.

Currently it is known that leader Kim HyunJoong has received many proposals by other entertainment management company to sign up with them. And many see that there is high possibility that Kim HyunJoong and his best friend Dong Bang Shin Ki Hero JaeJoong will be moving to an entertainment agency together.

And there is also speculations that it is quite impossible for the whole group to move to the same company if they do not stay with DSP Entertainment.

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Park JinYoung voted the #1 overrated composer

Singer producer Park JinYoung has been chosen as the #1 overrated composer.

A survey was done from 16th till 23rd March on DCInside on the question ‘Which famous composer do you think is overrated?’ and Park JinYoung was rated #1 on the survey.

1,769 of the total of 6,723 netizens who participated in the survey chosen Park Jin Young. All this while, Park JinYoung has received much love for his producing and composing for not only his own albums but also albums for singers like G.O.D, Park JiYoon, WonderGirls, 2PM etc.

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‘Brothers groups’ 2PM and 2AM for first ever joint stage!

‘Brothers groups’ 2PM and 2AM will have their first joint stage since their debut.

On KBS Music Bank on 12th February, the 2 groups will be putting up a special joint stage.

Members of the 2 groups have been known to be close with one another since their training days, and are even given the nick name of ‘brothers groups’ and ‘one day’. The 2 groups have achieved great successes and popularity since their debut, and great anticipation is for their 1st ever joint stage.

The 2 groups will be performing G.O.D ‘s ‘The place where you should be’ and the acapella version of ‘Again & Again’.

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The reason for G.O.D Kim TaeWoo’s appearance in “Invincible Youth” show is SNSD Yuri!

G.O.D Kim TaeWoo on Jan 19 broadcast of KBS 2TV ‘Sang Sang Plus” season 2 last recording will reveal the initial reason of him participating in “Invicible Youth” show!

Kim TaeWoo,” After the military discharge, “Invicible Youth” PD in charge came to me and offered me to take part in this new show together with 7 female idol. Yet, when I heard the show will be filmed with 7 female idol I was hesitate to take part,” he confessed.

He continues,” But, when I heard that SNSD Yuri is one of the female idol, I decided to joined the show,” he said.

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Park Jin Young confesses, “WonderGirls and I don’t play around well these days”

Producer singer Park Jin Young (37) talks about the WonderGirls members going into adolescence period.

He was on MBC FM4U ‘Kim BumSoo‘s Dream Radio’ on 11th December when he said, “Like how people would normally not play (have fun) with their parents as much after they enters adolescence, it is the same case for the WonderGirls, we don’t play around as much anymore.”

Also on the show, Park Jin Young sent out text messages to the singers under him the message ‘Who am I to you?’. And 2AM Jo Kwon answered ‘An existence close to god’, Kim TaeWoo replied ‘The father of my life’, Son HoYoung replied ‘My ideal type’. 2PM Nich Khun also gave a cute answer ‘The teacher who likes the rice cake I bought’.

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Farewell to Boomkigayo on Strong Heart

The last Boomkigayo featuring entertainer Boom who recently reported for his military service was shown on SBS Strong Heart aired on 10th November.

For this last episode of Boomkigayo, the Boom academy did a parody on G.O.D and played on the line of the story which goes “During first year in middle school”.

What to look out for next week on the show will be ‘Teuk-kigayo’!

Go under the cut for Boomkigayo’s ‘Saturday Night’ dance with Son DamBi!

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“This kind of member is a must-have for idol groups!” Breakdown of idol group members characteristics


With the current inflood of idol groups into the Kpop zone, there is an article which breaks down the composition of an idolgroup – what kind of members are typical throughout all idol groups and their characteristics.

Go under the cut to see the breakdown of an idol group.

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