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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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MBC Music Core 11.09.2010 – HyunA, HongKi and SeonHwa as one-day MCs!

Today on MBC Music Core, 4Minute HyunA, FT Island Lee HongKi and Secret Seon Hwa were the one-day MCs on the show.

The 3 had stood in for fixed MCs So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany and Yuri that day as SNSD is in ShangHai for SMTown Live 2010 World Concert.

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

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KBS Music Bank 10.09.2010 – FT Island wins #1 with ‘Love Love Love’

Today on KBS Music Bank, FT Island won #1 on the show surpassing #1 contender WheeSung with their comeback song ‘Love Love Love’. Congratulations to the boys!

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

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SBS Inkigayo 05.09.2010 – FT Island wins Mutizen with ‘Love Love Love’

Today on SBS Inkigayo, FT Island won their Mutizen with the song ‘Love Love Love’ just one week after their comeback. The boys seemingly did not expect to win Mutizen award this week but congratulations to the boys!

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

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MBLAQ G.O and Nassun collaboration ‘O-IWI-O’ is the answer to SNSD ‘Gee’

MBLAQ lead vocal G.O will collaborate with rapper Nassun for a digital single ‘O-IWI-O’ which is set for release on various online music sites on 3rd September.

The duet song between the 2 ‘O-IWI-O’ is composed by E-Tribe who made many hits previously like Lee Hyori ‘U-Go-Girl’ and So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Gee’. E-Tribe voiced, “The song ‘O-IWI-O’ by G.O and Nassun is a song in reply to So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Gee’. So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Gee’ song talks about the confession of a girl who falls in love at first sight and ‘O-IWI-O’ is a sweet serenade by the guy in response to that.”

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Fans of Rain are angry, “His actual height is really 185cm”

Fans of singer Rain are angry.

Recently there has been debates over Rain’s actual height (profile states 185cm) with a photo released which shows him seemingly shorter than actor Lee JungJin (profile states 183cm).

With that, fans have come out to clarify, “The photo looks strange. Rain is very tall in real life,” and photos of Rain on various broadcast appearance and photos taken together with colleagues were posted up by fans to show that he is indeed 185cm.

Fans explained, “In 2002, Rain appeared on a TV program together with Lee JungJin (seen in blue top and white shorts). Lee JungJin had sports shoes on. And it seems that the sports shoes have quite a heel.”

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MBLAQ Mir, “I look at women’s feet and armpits”

MBLAQ youngest member Mir’s reveal about his ideal type of woman garners interests.

MBLAQ was on SBS Power Choi HwaJung Power Time on 6th July, and the members talked about their ideal type of woman.

Mir had said, “I look at the person’s feet and armpits.” And the other members commented, “That’s not right. So when you meet someone of the opposite sex, you ask ‘Can I please see your armpits?’.” Mir then said, “The 2 places are important. The feet have to be clean no matter what.”

Also member Lee Joon said, “She has to be someone who is able to control me. It would be great if she is kind and strong.”

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Rain joins Twitter, and funny conversation with MBLAQ G.O on Twitter revealed

World star Rain joins the ‘Twitter holic’.

Rain posted up tweets on his Twitter account on 9th June realtime. He started with, “So if I leave posts like these, it will be seen? Keuuu~ This is charming!” – showing the features of a starter at the social media tool.

Rain then posted up a reply to people asking for his location, “Don’t keep asking me where I am, I won’t tell you anyway!!!” showing the cute side of him through his messages. He then posted another tweet, “Hare” which had many curious and he tweeted again, “Oh ho all my women who don’t have a sense, when I said ‘hare’, everyone should follow with ‘Yeah!’.”

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MBLAQ, “The song ‘Y’ was initially meant for Rain’s next album”

The behind-the-scene video to MBLAQ’s Y MV filming was released through GomTV on 26th May.

And in the video released, the boys revealed that their comeback title song ‘Y’ was supposedly a song kept to be included in Rain’s next album, but he had decided to give the song to the boys for their album this time.

Also in the video, the boys were featured filming the MV which took 15 hours to complete. In addition, member G.O who is known for his moustache also revealed a secret regarding it, while Mir did a parody of Rain’s abs dance. Leader SeungHo also showed his ‘4-dimensional’ English conversation in the video.

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