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Jo Kwon and GaIn duet ‘We Fell In Love’ the #1 duet for the first half of 2010

‘Adam Couple’ 2AM Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls GaIn is up #1 for duet song chart for the first half of year 2010.

According to music specialty site Monkey3, the duet ‘We Fell In Love’ sang by Jo Kwon and GaIn is up #1 for duet chart for the first half of 2010 (from January to June). The song is also up #9 for the aggregate chart for the earlier half of this yea.

At #2 is the song ‘Love Taught Me To’ by Lee SeungGi featuring 8eight BaekChan. And at #3 is the song ‘Nagging’ by IU and 2AM SeulOng.

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SNSD hit song ‘Oh’ ranked #1 for music download and stream chart for the first half of 2010!

So Nyeo Shi Dae’s hit song ‘Oh’ is #1 for music streaming and download aggregates for the 1st half of 2010.

This was according to the collation of music streaming and download aggregates on music site Monkey3 from the period of 1st January till 30th June this year. The song ‘Oh’ is up #1 in terms of streaming and #2 for download, and for streaming and download aggregate it is ranked #1.

At #2 on the aggregate chart is 2AM with ‘I will not let you go even if I die’. Following the popularity of the song is also the song ‘We Fell In Love’ by GaIn and Jo Kwon. And at #3 is WonderGirls with ‘2 Different Tears’. The song was up #1 on Monkey3 weekly charts for a record of 3 weeks after its release.

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Taeyang solo album slump, ‘Is Big Bang losing their touch?

‘Is Big Bang losing their touch?’

A member of the group Big Bang, Taeyang’s recently released song ‘I Need a Girl’ is not doing so well. While they had swept first place on music charts with ‘Lies’ and ‘Last Farewell’ in 2007, ‘Haru Haru’ and ‘Sunset Glow’ in 2008, now it’s almost as if Big Bang’s grandness can no longer be felt.

The song that was released on the 1st is only in 6th place on Bugs by the 6th of July. Melon and Dosirak. 5th place on Soribada. And it’s in 8th place on Cyworld. It made it to 2nd place on mnet.com and is barely holding on. All the while, IU (Nagging) is reigning in the popularity and Jo Kwon (The Day of Confessing My Love) is doing likewise having released his comeback song post-World Cup. Narsha (I’m In Love). Son Dambi (Can’t U See) and others are providing competition, and [Taeyang] is fighting hard. He’s losing not only to veteran singers but also to miss A (Bad Girl Good Girl) who just made their debut.

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July is the month of Kpop ‘Big Bang’, jampacked with comebacks and debuts

This July, we are seeing a much more hyped up Kpop scene as compared to June with the World Cup season going on.

Kpop fans are in for a ride with comeback by Big Bang TaeYang and Gan MiYeon, as well as debuts by JYP new girlgroup miss A and boyband Teen Top.

Already, TaeYang made his comeback with his 1st full length solo album ‘Solar’ released on 1st July, and had his comeback stage on Mnet M!Countdown. The title song ‘I Need A Girl’ also featured the rap of friend of 10 years GDragon. And the MV features Sandara Park.

At the same time, Baby V.O.X Gan MiYeon had her solo comeback on 1st July with the digital single ‘Going Crazy’. The song is written by hitmake Bang ShiHyuk and was produced after 6 months long of recording. The song features the rap of MBLAQ Mir. At the same time, MBLAQ Mir and Lee Joon also did appearance in the MV.

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2AM Jo Kwon releases digital single ‘The Day Of Confessing My Love’

2AM Jo Kwon releases new song ‘The day of confessing my love’.

The digital single has been garnering interests as the improvised version of ‘moving song’ was revealed by Jo Kwon, sung to GaIn, on MBC We Got Married recently. The song ‘The Day Of Confessing My Love’ was revealed on 1st July.

Narsha reveals teaser to solo minialbum song ‘I’m In Love’

The teaser to Brown Eyed Girls Narsha’s solo minialbum featuring the song ‘I’m In Love’ has been released on 30th June.

Members Narsha and GaIn are set for their solo debuts this summer. Love it or not?

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WGM production team dismisses rumours of Adam Couple leaving the show through subtitles on latest episode

Speculations of Jo Kwon and GaIn leaving ‘We Got Married’ is dismissed through the latest episode of the show.

On MBC We Got Married aired on 19th June, GaIn and Jo Kwon faces with the problem of the ending of the contract for their new home. The couple was given 3 boxes and was told to pack their stuff and leave the house as the contract for it has ended.

Seeing that, GaIn said, “It looks like we are going to separate now. It seems like we doing a divorce,” looking flustered. And at that moment, the subtitles “That guy’s rumour of quitting” appeared.

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3rd week with no filming for WGM Jo Kwon-GaIn couple, slowly making an exit on the show?

It has been known that this is the 3rd week that the filming for Jo Kwon-GaIn made-believe couple on We Got Married has been put on hold.

It seems that the ‘Adam Couple’ has come into friction with the production team of We Got Married after they had appeared in both MBC ‘We Got Married’ and ‘SBS Family Outing’ late last month. Filming for WGM has been put on a hold ever since GaIn took part in the filming of SBS Family Outing 2 on 31st May.

The couple would do filming every Wednesday, but for the 2nd, 7th and 16th June, there were no filmings. There are speculations that there are filmings sufficient for more broadcast content since MBC had a strike previously. So there was no need for filming.

But a MBC variety show official said, “It is not normal for shows to stop filming for 3 weeks because there is enough content left for airing. It seems the possibility is bigger that there is friction between the production team and the agencies.”

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