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10 years difference in age, Lee Hyori to Onew, “How do you like older women?”

Lee Hyori shows her interests towards young guy Onew.

Singer Lee Hyori did guest appearance on SBS late night variety show ‘Night Star’ aired on 4th July. And even though there are other star appearances whom she is close to like Shin DongYeop, Yoon JongShin and Gil etc around, Lee Hyori was seen transformed into a gentle lady because of the presence of Onew.

Lee Hyori said, “This is the first time I meet Onew. Because I have good impression of him, I’ve always have great interests in him.”

She then asked Onew, “Do you have a girlfriend?” When Onew replied no, she asked again, “How do you like older women?”

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Reasons for 2PM TaecYeon’s tears at ‘X-Concert’ on 15th May?

2PM TaecYeon sheds tears, attracting the concerns from fans.

2PM attened the tvN ‘X-Concert’ on 15th May in Seoul Mapogoo. Even though they are known to be beastly idols showing their overflowing charisma on stage, they were seen shedding tears that day on stage.

After the performance, TaecYeon was seen tearing, and member ChanSung offered a comforting hug. And then MC Gil also offered tissue paper to TaecYeon.

Photos of TaecYeon tearing were posted online immediately after the performance, and garnering much interests from netizens. Fans’ comments were, “Were those tears of a beast?”, “I don’t understand why he cried all of a sudden”, “TaecYeon oppa don’t cry. We are here for you” etc.

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Yoo JaeSeok awarded the variety Daesang during MBC Variety Awards

‘Infinite Challenge’ has been awarded the best variety show for the 4th year on MBC Variety Awards.

MBC Variety Awards took place on 29th December in MBC broadcast centre. This is the 4th consecutive year the show has been awarded the best variety show on the award ceremony after it was first chosen by netizens as the best program in 2006.

And as for the variety DaeSang, the award goes to MC Yoo JaeSeok. Yoo JaeSeok has received acknowledge for his appearance on MBC ‘Come To Play’ and ‘Infinite Challenge’. This is Yoo JaeSeok‘s 5th DaeSang received.

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‘Infinity Challenge’ under the hot and cold spots again

The MBC program, ‘Infinity Challenge’ is under the heat again as netizens ponder through the episode that aired on the 26th titled, ‘Gangs of New York’. Also, it faced a shocking decline in the viewer popularity ratings through this episode.

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Big Bang TOP chosen as #1 celebrity who seems good with special events for his lover


Idol group Big Bang member TOP has been chosen as the #1 entertainer who looks like he is good at doing events for his lover.

According to a survey done on Monkey3 from 23rd October to 30th October, and in commemoration of Pepero Day (11th November), and the question ‘Celebrities who looks like he/she is good at doing special events for their lovers’ was asked and 1363 netizens polled. Big Bang TOP came in first in the poll with 23% of the votes.

Go under the cut for the rest of the poll results.

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SNSD SooYoung reveals, “Tiffany’s ideal type of guy is Jo Kwon”


So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany‘s ideal type of guy has been revealed to be 2AM member Jo Kwon.

Member SooYoung from the group said on KBS Joy ‘So Nyeo Shi Dae Hello Baby’ to be aired on 17th November during a truth game with LeeSsang Gil, “Tiffany‘s ideal type of guy is 2AM Jo Kwon“. With that Tiffany was seen looking shy.

Meanwhile, member Seo Hyun also revealed her awkward relationship with SHINee member MinHo who is of same age as her, “Even though we are from the same company, and are of the same age, we just greet each other when we meet.”

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Star galore for MBC Infinite Challenge Farming Special eps 3


KARA, Kim Bum, Epik High, Bada and Jewelry were some of the stars who appeared for the 3rd episode of farming special on MBC Infinite Challenge aired on 31st October.

The IC members were excited to see that the rice they have harvested previously were growing well. And at about 9am on the day of filming, actor Kim Bum appeared. Jung JoonHa had called him over and he came with food for the IC members and also put on a pair of boots to help out.

An hour later, girlgroup KARA also appeared and did a butt dance performance for the IC members to show them support.

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MBC Infinite Challenge parodies various Kpop hits!

On MBC Infinite Challenge aired today on 10th October, we were let in to some comical parodies.

Yoo JaeSeok and Park MyungSoo parodised ‘My Ear’s Candy’, and Noh Hong Chul, JunJin, Gil and Jung JunHa parodised ‘Abracadabra’.

Also under the cut, see the parody of ‘Mackerel’ by Noh HongChul and Gil.

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