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Go EunAh pays a visit to the police station after getting into an argument at a drinking bar

Talent Go EunAh pays a visit to the police station for investigation after she had allegedly gotten into a heat argument at a drinking place.

It is known that Go EunAh had gotten into an argument with the customers and other residents at a drinking bar situation in Seoul GangNamGoo on 25th July at 8:50am. After which, she was brought to the police station for investigation.

Both parties have admitted their wrong, and had came down to an agreement for the case at the police station after that.

Go EunAh’s representative revealed that no one was hurt in the disagreement and both parties have came to a closure on their disagreement.

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MBLAQ Mir, “I like Sandara Park more than my own sister”

“I like Sandara Park more than my own sister.”

On MBC TV ‘Section TV Entertainment News’ aired on 2nd July in the corner ‘Star Star Ranking’, a survey done on ‘Who are the fantasy star family?’. And the siblings Go EunAh-Mir and Sandara Park-Thunder are ranking #9 on the survey.

Mir said in an interview, “If anythin, Sandara Park noona has helped us a lot (in terms of popularity).” And when asked ‘Between Go EunAh and Sandara Park, who’s prettier?’, Mir answered, “I’m originally a Sandara Park fan, so I like Sandara Park noona more.”

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Go EunAh-Mir’s kissing controversy continues, Go EunAh speaks up, “Incest? It’s ridiculous”

Criticisms regarding the ‘kissing’ incident between talent Go EunAh and her little brother talent MBLAQ Mir on a broadcast programs continue.

Go EunAh wrote on her minihompy on 1st July, “I am shocked to see the posts posted up by reporters and netizens that I could only write out these few words.”

On Mnet Scandal aired on 30th June, there was a scene featuring Go EunAh kissing her younger brother Mir on the lips. Following the airing, many criticisms from the netizens surfaced like, “Isn’t this incest?”etc.

But Go EunAh had explained, “I’m just expressing my love to my sibling. I am sad that people have misinterpreted the scene. This is an expression which our family is very used to. I guess different families have different way of expressing their love, but this is the way my family express our love. I don’t want to hide my affection to my brother just because of others.”

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[Photo Spam] Artists Galore at the recent Designer Son JungWan’s Fashion Show!

On the 7th day of 2010 Seoul Fashion Week, took place still at SETEC-Seoul, many popular faces were spotted at the fashion show held on April 1,2010.

From SNSD Jessica, SS501 Park Jungmin, T-Max KimJoon, After School GaHee and JuYeon, Seo InYoung, Jun HyeBinGo EunAh, and Lee YoonJi were seen at the fashion show.

More photos under the cut!

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Photo Of The Day: Go EunAh-Mir’s sibling bbo-bbo!

Photo Of The Day! Actress Go EunAh and her little brother MBLAQ Mir for sibling selcas!

Recently some selca of Go EunAh and Mir were posted online and one of the photos reveals a heartwarming sibling peck. Go under the cut for more photos!

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[Special] KBites Kpop Report 2009

Coming nearly to the end of the year, let’s take a look back at some of the major Kpop events for 2009 in KBites ‘Kpop Report 2009’.

It’s been such an eventful year, with its up and down periods in the Kpop circle. Fans have also stood strong by their idols, and showed belief and support through the different events and happenings.

Let’s celebrate the end of 2009 and welcome a good start for 2010 for Kpop!

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MBLAQ Elle Girl photoshoot – Mir revealed near-depression period before debut

‘Rain’s descendant’ MBLAQ recent stylish photoshoot for Elle Girl December issue has been revealed.

They have also earned themselves the nickname of ‘chic-dol (chic idol)’ for their stylish photoshoots and for this one, the concept was ‘Street Boys’.

The boys were clad in denim and posed in the setting of a rundown factory, just like James Dean in ‘Rebel without a cause’.

Member Mir also revealed something about his pre-debut period.

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Jessica-Krystal voted as the best celebrity siblings


So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica and her younger sister f(x) Krystal has been picked as the top celebrity siblings.

A survey was done on Monkey3 from 31st October till 6th November and about 585 netizens particated answering the question ‘Who are the best celebrity celebrities?’ and the duo JessicaKrystal received 40%(232 votes) response, coming in #1 on the survey.

The participants to the survey explained their choice, “The 2 are really beautiful and have great vocal capabilities”, “Great genes bestowed upon them”, “Enviable sisters” etc.

Go under the cut for the rest of the survey results.

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