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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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Gong Yoo and f(x) Sulli are models for LG smartphone series ‘Optimus Z’

‘Hot guy’ Gong Yoo and f(x) Sulli transform as city guy and girl, showing off their own charms.

The 2 are known to have worked together recently as the models for LG electronics smart phone series ‘Optimus Z’.

The story of the CF is such that it pictures Gong Yoo walking down the street and when he saw charming Sulli, he took out his Optimus Z phone and shook it a little. At that moment, Sulli’s phone contact had transferred into his phone from her phone.

This introduces the smart feature of the photo which allows of easier file sharing. The CF will start appearing on TV and broadcast from 1st August.

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4Minute HyunA’s surprising confession, “I like MBLAQ Lee Joon”

4Minute members reveal their ideal type of guys.

4Minute was on SBS Powerful Choi HwaJung’s PowerTime on 29th June when they revealed their ideal male celebrities.

HyunA’s comment that she likes “guys who are short” has garnered much interests on the show. HyunA said, “I’m a little special. I like short people. Because my dad is short, I like guys who are short.”

And she picked MBLAQ Lee Joon as her ideal male celebrity. She explained, “Even though Lee Joon is not short, he is very cool on stage.”

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GongYoo’s first photoshoot after discharge from military service

Featured in the March issue of Cosmopolitan Men magazine, actor Gong Yoo does his first photoshoot after the discharge from military service.

Gong Yoo is back even more charming and matured with his comeback after the army life. Go under the cut for the rest of the photoshoot.

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Gong Yoo and Rain for the showdown of the charms in the March issue of Cosmo Men

Gong Yoo and Rain get into a showdown of the charms through their recent photoshoots.

Both of them will be featured for a photoshoot each in the March issue of Cosmo Men.

Go under the cut for the preview photos.

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“Hello 2010?” “No, Hello Anticipation!”

2010 is here! 2009 was a year of new dramas, variety shows, and even new rising stars. Stars who left for military service two years ago are coming back and with the start of new drama from different channels battling it out to be number one, 2010 looks like a year with a lots of hope for many.

KBites breaks down the new stars to look out for in 2010!

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Gong Yoo set to be released from military duties

Another upcoming army release! Get ready to welcome back Coffee Prince actor Gong Yoo — while fellow actor Chun Jung-myung was released today, Gong Yoo will be discharged on December 8. Both enlisted at the height of their popularity last year, and the fan love is still going strong as they prepare for the their returns.

Gong Yoo enlisted on January 2, 2008, when he was still riding high from the high praise he received for his role in Coffee Prince. While he’d had lead roles before, that was the one that garnered him a solid reputation as a strong actor. Already he is being targeted with “love calls” (calls of interest for possible projects) for his comeback project from as diverse genres as romantic comedies and thrillers.

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K Bites – 14.07.2009 (WonderGirls, So Nyeo Shi Dae)

WonderGirls performed in front of Michelle Obama and 2 daughters


It has been known that Michelle Obama and the president’s 2 daughters have viewed WonderGirls’ performance at Jonas Brothers’ concert.

Park Jin Young wrote on his twitter an hour back “Wow just found out Michelle Obama and their two daughters watched da Wonder girls perform tonight! Da girls put on their best show.”

The girls were doing the opening show for Jonas Brothers’ concert on 13th July in Washington Verizon. And it is known that President Obama’s wife Michelle Obama and her 2 daughters had watched the performance together. It has been know that President Obama’s 2 daughters Malia and Sasha are both fans of Jonas Brothers.

Meanwhile, they girls will be releasing an official American album in September-October. And here’s a recent video of them dancing to ‘Nobody’ with singer Jodin Sparks.

So Nyeo Shi Dae selected by foreigners as best female singers


Korean group So Nyeo Shi Dae has been selected by foreigers as the best female singers on Arirang TV ‘Showbiz Extra’. And the survey was done on over 3000 viewers from the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore and America etc in over 60 countries.

And Super Junior is chosen as #1 for best male singers.

Rest of the results to the survey

K Bites – 20.06.2009 II (Super Junior, Seo In Young, Yoon Eun Hye)

Super Junior to wrap up 3rd album activities with performance on SBS Inkigayo


13-member group Super Junior will end their 3rd album activities with performance on 21st June on SBS Inkigayo.

For their goodbye stage, they will also be preparing a special performance of ‘Sorry Sorry’ and ‘It’s You’.

They released their 3rd album previously on 12th March and have been promoting title song ‘Sorry Sorry’ and 2nd hit ‘It’s You’ – both proven to be big hits.

And with their 3rd album release, Super Junior has not only gain popularity within Korea but also in other Asian countries. And just previously they have won #1 for 8th consecutive weeks on Thailand Channel V Asian Chart.

Also their 3rd album has been recorded as the highest selling album for the 1st half of 2009.

With that, they will start on their 2nd Asian concert tour ‘Super Show II’ from July in 7 cities.

Seo In Young admits, “I used to hide my feelings from the other Jewelry members”


Singer Seo In Young revealed that she used to conceal herself from other past Jewelry members on KBS 2TV Entertainment Weekly’ aired on 20th June.

She said, “I just to conceal myself from the other Jewelry members in the past. I feel that I lived by without thinking because I was jealous of the other members. If only I have tell myself to stop and think through about things, i believe I would have develop as a singer faster.”

And about the title of ‘sexy singer’, she said, “I hope that everyone would not call me that. It’s not that it is very rustic. But when I’m dancing, I cannot be wearing clothes that are covering too much. But I hope everyone will see this with an open mind.”

She also revealed, “My last relationship ended a year back”.

She ended with, “I don’t have the time to look back myself. In the future, I hope to be the shinsang (new product) singer to everyone. I want to be the singer who can sing well.”

Yoon Eun Hye, “My face swells easily, I can easily put on and lost 2 kg”

yeh_200609Yoon Eun Hye has appeared on entertainment programme after a long time on KBS Entertainment Weekly aired on 20th June, looking better than ever.

She revealed, “My face swells easily. In a day, I can gain and lost 2 kg. I have also a side of me where I don’t exercise well.”

About the title given to her as the ‘entertainer with beautiful collarbone, she said, “Originally this is not a part of my body that I’m confident of, but it became so because everyone made it so. It’s good that people are seeing my shortcomings (?) as my strengths. I have people telling me that I’ve good complexion too.”

Yoon Eun Hye also sent a greetings to Gong Yoo who is currently serving his military service, “Do have more strength. I hope you will work hard too. This is awkward.” laughing.

And lastly she revealed a little about her ideal type of guy, “From young, I liked bad guys. But now I liked good and kind guys too.”

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