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Kangta – “Big Bang is the idol that draws the most attention”

H.O.T member Kangta who was on MBC TV’s “GoldFish” attracted attention after he mentioned “Big Bang is the idol that draws the most attention“. Kangta who has re-appeared on TV after being away for two years was afraid of being awkward.

Kangta talked about his activities with H.O.T, his military life, his solo career, etc. He frankly confessed many stories and attracted the attention of the public.

In addition to this MC Kang Ho Dong asked Kangta, “What idol singer has attracted your attention the most nowadays?”

Kangta replied, “When I was an idol there was a dilemma of limited genres, so it would seem that all the idols [attract attention nowadays], but Big Bang is a group that can digest [do] all kind of genres and each member of the group is also able to do their own solo activities.”

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Countdown for Jang WooHyuk’s singer comeback begins!

Ex-member to one of the hottest idol groups H.O.T of the late 90s, Jang WooHyuk will be coming back as a singer.

According to a representative on 1st February, it has been known that Jang WooHyuk has been invited for ‘2009 Beijing Popular Music Awards’ coming 5th February in Beijing.

The rep also added, “The ‘Beijing Popular Music Awards’ organized by ‘China Music Chart’ has never in the course of running the awards ceremony for 16 years invited a foreign singers to the ceremony, Jang WooHyuk will be the first and he will be giving out awards and performing for the event.” This shows the level of popularity that Jang WooHyuk amongst the Chinese fans.

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Kim Jong Min and Jang WooHyuk released of their military duties today!

H.O.T member Jang WooHyuk and Koyote member Kim JongMin, who have been serving their military duties the past 2 years, has been released of their duties officially today!

The 2 had reported for their military services on the same day on 15th November in 2007 and on 18th December, they were also released of their duties together.

Kim JongMin
was also welcomed by the whole KBS 2Days1Night gang. Kim JongMin has been one of the prominent celebrities in the variety shows circle with his appearance on various shows like SBS Star King and KBS Champagne.

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YG Ent is the top company netizens want to apply for to be singers


Netizens have picked YG Entertainment as the company they want to enter in as singer the most, and as the company they can trust the best.

A survey was done from 15th to 22nd September on community portal site DCInside on the question of “If you are a singer wannabe, which company do you want to enter the most and which company can you trust the most?” and YG Entertainment has came in #1 on the survey.

Find out the other entertainment companies voted on the survey.

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K Bites – 26.07.2009 III (4Minute, Park Jin Young, All Stars)

4Minute signs on with ShoeMarker and earns praises from Moon HeeJun


For the second half of the year, Shoemarker (www.shoemarker.co.kr) has signed model contracts for shoes multishop ‘Shoemarker’ with girl group 4Minute who is getting a very high popularity.

For this second half of the year, the corporation targets to increase the volume and as their marketing strategy, they are planning to collaborate together with 4Minute who is rising with ‘Hot issue’.

Meanwhile, on Kim JungEun‘s Chocolate Show talk, Moon HeeJun, a former H.O.T member, talked about the importance of greetings for idols and the greetings that left him a deep impression are greetings of 4 Minute members.

Moon HeeJun said, “4Minute came to the waiting room just to greet me and using fingers, they count to 4 to symbolize their team’s name, which is ‘4Minute‘, this greeting is really unique.” [c: kirra12@4-minute.com]

Park Jin Young goes from WonderGirls’ manager to 2PM’s producer


Singer cum producer Park Jin Young will come back to Korea as 2PM’s producer leaving his role as WonderGirls‘ manager.

He said in an interview on 25th July, “I will leave WonderGirls for a while to do the producing work for 2PM‘s new album.”

He added, “I will return as a musician after being WonderGirls‘ manager.”

Park Jin Young has been accompanying the WonderGirls for their promotion of ‘Nobody’ their American debut song in America all these time. WonderGirls have been letting their fans know of their statuses on Twitter as they tour with the Jonas Brothers.

Tablo chosen as the smartest and Ok JooHyun chosen as the prettiest plastic celebrity of Korean entertainment zone


MBC ‘Section TV Entertainment’ released the results of a survery they did on the 24th July.

Different categories were asked: ‘Best stars debuting from beauty pageant’, ‘Best 5 of the brainy stars’ and ‘Best 5 stars who got prettier with plastic surgery’.

And the results:

Best 5 of the brainy stars

  1. Epik High Tablo (IQ 170, Stanford University grad, also published his own book before)
  2. Announcer Ha JoonHo (IQ 163)
  3. Eun Ji Won (IQ 160)
  4. Ryu Shi Hyun (IQ 160)
  5. Songwriter YounHa (IQ 158)

Here for the rest of the results…