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SuperStar K Park SaeMi confirmed as new member in Jewelry

Park SaeMi from Super Star K has been confirmed as the new member for female group Jewelry.

According to Star Empire on the 15th, “Park SaeMi has been confirmed as new member to Jewelry, which will also include the 2 existing members Ha JooYeon and Kim EunJung. Park SaeMi’s capabilities and passion for music do not shy as part of Jewelry. Currently she is practising with members Kim EunJung and Ha JooYeon.”

The Star Empire official added, “We will be looking for another member for Jewelry, to make it 4-member like before. Everyone will be able to see a brand new Jewelry in August.”

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Jewelry Kim EunJung and Ha JooYeon talk about Seo In Young and Park JungAh leaving the group

Kim EunJung and Ha JooYeon of Jewelry, with members Park JungAh and Seo In Young leaving the group, will transform as party girls.

The 2 members will be appearing as the cover girls for January issue of magazine ‘Nail Up’. And they also do an interview for the magazine about the other 2 members leaving, “Even though we felt reluctant and sad about it, the unnies have their future and we want to show everyone that we can do well even without the unnies. Even though we are far from perfect, now that we have to take over the responsibilities, we felt that our shoulders are heavier now.”

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Jewelry talk about unhappiness and embarrassment on Golden Fishery Radio Star


Jewelry was on MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star aired on 7th October when members talked about their unhappiness about their profile on portal sites, and their embarrassing photos were also revealed.

For Seo In Young, she did not like her profile photo. She felt that her jaw looked too big and said on the show, “For the main photo, please change to something more recent please.”

With that MC Yoon Jong Shin said, “She is asking to change to her ‘re-did’ nose.” But Seo In Young replied coolly, “That’s right. Like that it will be more natural.”

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K Bites – 20.01.2009

Upcoming ‘Andy’s Band’ – Jumper


More about the upcoming group Jumper, with ShinHwa member Andy as the producer, has been revealed ahead their debut in February.

The group consists of team leader Rocky (18) and rapper cum sub-vocal Park Dong Min (21). Already, much interests has been raised regarding member Rocky has been mistaken to be actor Seo Min Woo after photos of him together with Andy during Andy‘s Japan fanmeeting has been revealed.

Rocky was also featured in the song ‘U-Turn’ in Andy’s 1st solo album for the rap. Jumper will debut in mid-February.


TaeYang VS SeungRi in dance battle


Big Bang TaeYang and SeungRi will be having a dance battle on one of MBC’s lunar new year special programs ‘Star Dance Battle’ on 25th January.

On the same show Oh Jung Tae, Jeon Hwan Kyu, Shin Dong Soo and Kim Kyung Jin will team up as one team battling against another team consisting of Kim Jung Geun, Jeon Jong Hwan, Heo Il Hoo, Kim Na ParkJin and Seo In Ye.

Also the parody done by announced Oh Sang Jin on TaeYang‘s ‘Look Only At Me’ will be revealed on ‘2009 Singer King’ on 27th January.


Coming soon: Jewelry S



Jewelry‘s Kim Eun Jung and Ha Joo Yeon will promote as Jewelry S with members Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young stepping out of the scene for a while.

Their new MV was filmed on 20th January. Members Seo In Young and Park Jung Ah were also present during the filming of the MV.

Their company also said, “Jewelry S will give a new feeling from that from female groups like So Nyeo Shi Dae and WonderGirls. Please lookout for Jewelry S.

K Bites – 18.12.2008

Hyori down with flu and hospitalised just 2 days before solo concert

hyori_181208Singer Lee Hyori has been hospitalised 2 days before her first solo concert since her debut.

She has been hospitalised on 17th December into a hospital in Seoul GangNam for flu and exhaustion. Hyori has been busy preparing for her sold-out concert and also other activities scheduled. She has been hospitalised after her recording for SBS ‘Good Sunday’ on 15th and 16th.

Mnet said, “Hyori has been hospitalised for flu and exhuastion. We wanted to let her rest for a fews days at the hospital but it will be hard for her to rest since it is just days to her concert.”

Hyori has went back to her concert rehearsal after receiving her treatment at the hospital on 17th. Same thing on the 18th, she took some rest at the hospital and went back for her concert rehearsal.

Meanwhile, Hyori will be holding her first ever solo concert on 19th and 20th December at seoul Olympic Stadium.


Big Bang will sing for Kim Tae Hee


Idol group Big Bang will sing for beautiful actress Kim Tae Hee.

Following LG Electronics mobile phone brand CYON, Big Bang and Kim Tae Hee had filmed together for a new ‘Ice Cream Phone’ CF in a filming set in GyeonGiDo NamYangJoo on 17th December. This will be the first time that Big Bang and Kim Tae Hee will appear together in a CF.

One of the staff said, “Big Bang and Kim Tae Hee has met for the first time for this filming of CF. In this CF, Big Bang sang a newly arranged version of Im Byung Soo’s past hit song ‘Ice Cream Love’ to Kim Tae Hee.”

Big Bang and Kim Tae Hee also took a picture together for promotional use.


Jewelry for unique group Jewelry-S next year


Jewelry members Kim Eun Jung and Ha Joo Yeon will form a new unique group next year.

It has been announced that the new unique group Jewelry-S will start their activities beginning of next year.

Reason being that members Park Jung Ah will be coming up with a new solo album and Seo In Young has also decided to take some time off to rest.

We will just wait and se how the unique group Jewelry-S will work out.

K Bites – 16.12.2008

Rain releases ‘Rainisim’ Asia version


Rain will be releasing the Asian version of his 5th album ‘Rainism’ from 16th December onwards. The album will be released in 6 Asian countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and China.

Thereafter he will also release the album in Thailand and Japan. In this special Asian edition album, not only will there be songs ‘Rainism’ and ‘Love Story’ sang in Mandarin, they will also be sung in the languages of different countries.

Under GMM released, the songs will be in English. Under Warner Music, the songs will be Mandarin and under PonyCanyon the songs will be in Japanese.


Wonder Girls does Online Game FreeStyle Street Basketball

wg_161208WonderGirls will be endorsing JC Ent FreeStyle Street Basketball online game.

WonderGirls will appear as game characters for the game and gamers will be able to choose their favourite WonderGirls characters in the game to compete against other players.


V.O.S Kim Kyung Rok releases first solo album ‘People and People’

kkr_161208Group V.O.S member Kim Kyung Rok releases his first solo album ‘People and People’ on 16th December.

The title song to the album is ‘Already A Man’, and the album will collect a total of 10 songs, of which 3 songs he did the lyrics and 2 songs he was involved in the composing.

The title song will also feature the rap from Jewelry member Ha Joo Yeon. Also song ‘Love Fool’ in the album also features singer MayBee. V.O.S Choi Hyun Joon and Park Ji Hyun are also featured in 3 of the songs in the album. Other than that, Brown Eyed Soul‘s Go Yeong Joon and hit song maker Jo Yeong Soo are some of the others who participated in the album.

The MV for ‘Already A Man’ also features actor Lee Cheon Hee and Ji Seo Yoon.

Seo In Young is Cinderella… not?

Amongst all the buzz about Big Bang‘s “Stand Up” MV teaser released on 22nd July at 2pm, another singer Seo In Young‘s new MV “Cinderella” was also released on Mnet.com at the same time.

In the MV, Seo In Young appeared to adopt a cute and loveable concept with all the colourful ribbons and Snow White hairstyle.

Seo In Young has personally handpicked the accessories and clothes to this MV, showing her capabilities as the sexy fashion icon. At the same time, Jewelry member Kim Eun Jung and Ha Joo Yeon has also appeared cameo in the MV.

I expected much more from the MV…

:/ Seo In Young‘s image in the MV didn’t go with the song’s title at all.. And although I am quite a fan of hers, what’s with all the mini-shirts, mini-shorts and mini-dresses?

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