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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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Rain, “Relationships? I do them in secrecy”

Singer actor Rain reveals the know-how to secret relationships.

Rain was asked during the recent filming of SBS Strong Heart, “You’re so busy. How to do handle relationships?”, and he said, “I did it secretly. You need to do what needs to be done right?”

Rain reveals the know-how to secret relationships, and after which some guest appearances and the MC pointed out that Rain did not really specify any female celebrity as his ideal type, and they did a mini ideal type world cup on the show.

So who will he choose between Song HyeGyo and Han YeSeul, Shin MinAh and Im SooJung, Park GaHee and Jung GaEun etc, find out during the show when it airs at 11.05pm on 4th May.

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Rain ‘Love Song’ MV revealed

The full MV to Rain’s new song ‘Love Song’ has been revealed on 2nd April!

The MV also features a bed scene between Rain and Han YeSeul. It has also been known that the song is written by Rain himself.

Rain’s comeback special album 2nd teaser revealed!

The teaser video featuring Rain and actress Han YeSeul has been revealed.

The 2nd teaser video to Rain’s upcoming special album ‘Back To The Basic’ to be released on 1st April has been revealed on 29th March at 12nn. The teaser video is for the title ballad song to the album ‘Love Song’. The 2 stars are also featured for a kiss scene in the video.

Love it or not?

After Ha JiWon, Rain to collaborate with actress Han YeSeul for new MV

Singer actor Rain will be playing a couple with actress Han YeSeul in the MV for his upcoming new song.

According to JTunes Entertainment rep, “He will be working with Han YeSeul for the MV fo his special album ‘Back To The Basic’ which will be released on 1st April.” They also released a still photo to the MV showing Rain giving Han YeSeul a back hug.

The reason for Rain’s collaboration for Han YeSeul is due to the recommendation by writer Lee KyungHee who wrote the dramas ‘SangDoo Ah Let’s Go to School’ and ‘A Love To Kill’. Writer Lee KyungHee also recommended Han YeSeul for recent drama ‘Why It Snow on Christmas’.

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Kim Hyun Joong chooses Lee Hyori over HwangBo as his ideal type on ‘Champagne’


SS501 was on KBS ‘Champagne’ aired on 8th November and leader Kim HyunJoong was featured for the ‘Top 32 Ideal Type WorldCup’ corner where he has to choose his ideal type of woman from the list of female celebrities based just on their looks.

And during one the rounds of elimination, he was faced with having to choose between Lee Hyori and HwangBo – one his ideal type of woman and the other his made-believe wife. He went for Lee Hyori between the 2.

But Lee Hyori was not his chosen ultimate type of ideal type of woman. Go under the cut to find out who he chose eventually.

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Kpop Reviews: August week #1


Some great Kpop/K music album release this week, so I thought I do reviews on some of my favourite albums.

Artistes featured:

  • Bada, Hwayobi, Lee MinKi, Mighty Mouth, Astro, E.via, I The Tri Top’s, V.V.G (Vintage Vocal Group)

    Reviews here…

    K Bites – 03.08.2009 III (Mighty Mouth, T-ara BoRam)

    MV teaser to ‘Love Crash Course’ by Mighty Mouth released!


    MV teaser to hiphop duo Mighty Mouth’s comeback title song ‘Love Crash Course’ featuring 4Minute HyunA and After School UEE has been revealed today!

    The song features the vocals of actress Han YeSeul. Their new album is set to be released on 6th August.

    T-ara BoRam, “I”m 155cm tall, I have never lied or cheated about it”


    T-ara Boram came out to speak about her height which has been the topic and discussion amongst netizens online.

    Her height is 155cm. And the height of the rest of the members range from 164cm to 168cm, and comparing to their height, she is about 10cm shorter than them. And because of this, she seems much smaller when the group appears on shows.

    But there were criticisms about her Naver profile which states that her height is 164cm. Boram said, “My height is 155cm. I have never lied or cheated about my height before. And I don’t know why they state my height as 164cm.”

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    K Bites – 03.08.2009 (Lee MinKi, KARA, Han YeSeul-Mighty Mouth)

    Actor Lee MinKi for singer debut


    Actor Lee MinKi is set to have his singer debut.

    He is currently preparing to perform as an artiste for ‘Beach Party Week & T’ on 8th August. Lee MinKi has recently received good reviews for his acting in  recent movie ‘HaeWoonDae’ which talks about tsunami disaster.

    It is set for Lee MinKi to release a debut album ‘No Kidding’ on 11th August. It has been his dream since young to be a musician.

    For this album, there are many producers who took part in the producing like Kid Loco, Popular Computer and ONE TWO etc. Lee MinKi has also been taking guitar and piano lesson so that he can do promotions as a musician.

    The filming to the MV to his debut title song ‘Forever Summer’ has also been completed and he is currently practising performing with a band.

    KARA comes back with double hit – ‘Wanna’ butt dance gains popularity


    Girlgroup KARA is said to be back with a double with much interests with the ‘butt dance’ they put up with the performance of ‘Mister’.

    KARA has recently started the promotions for their 2nd minialbum ‘Revolution’ and they have been performing the title song ‘Wanna’ together with another song ‘Mister’ on music shows.

    ‘Mister’ is a pop dance song, and the group’s ‘butt dance’ has received great popularity from netizens. The girls would move their butts with the fast beats of the song.

    With their performance on SBS Inkigayo on 2nd August, the girls will end their comeback stages and will proceed to perform on music shows this week.

    Actress Han YeSeul to be featured for Mighty Mouth comeback title song


    Actress Han YeSeul will be featured for hiphop duo Mighty Mouth’s comeback title song.

    It has been known on 3rd August that Han YeSeul will be singing for their comeback title song ‘Love Crash Course’.

    Their company said, “We have yet another female top star for Mighty Mouth’s new album title song and she is Han YeSeul. Han YeSeul’s bright and sweet voice will go with Mighty Mouth’s rap for ‘Love Crash Course’ singing about different ways to love.”

    Meanwhile, it is set for the duo to release their new album on 6th August. This album will have Deux’s Lee HyunDo doing the producing after 7 years. The album will also feature other great artistes like Baek Ji Young and K Will. And the MV to the title song will also featured 4Minute HyunA and After School UEE.