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HanKyung’s reason for suing SM Ent, “To the extent I wanted to commit suicide”

Super Junior HanKyung talks about the reason to why he got into a legal disagreement with his agency SM Entertainment, “It was because I was put through great stress and I even wanted to commit suicide.”

HanKyung appeared on a Taiwanese program ‘Song ChunHwa Life Show’ on 17th August where he said, “The reason why I sued SM was because of the great stress I was put through and I even thought of suicide.”

With that, the MC said, “Your father sent a letter from Beijing.” In the letter, even though all that was written was just greetings, the great love from his father can be felt. Part of the letter went, “Have your flu recovered? Take care of your body. I know my son is going through a hard time. But think of your fans and endure.”

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HanKyung ‘Fire’ accused of plagiarising UKnow YunHo ‘Checkmate’

Super Junior ex-member HanKyung gets involved in plagiarism accusations.

HanKyung recently released a new song ‘Fire’ in China and the song has been slammed with plagiarism accusation. Currently, HanKyung had left Super Junior and is promoting solo.

Some netizens pointed out that the song sound very similar to Dong Bang Shin Ki’s song ‘Checkmate’ released by UKnow YunHo in a concert in February 2009. The song ‘Checkmate’ is said to be written and composed by UKnow YunHo and it has received positive reviews even though it was not performed on broadcast.

Netizens comment, “Does he have no conscious plagiarising and promoting the song in China?”, “I don’t know about others, but the interlude sounds the same”, “I think he needs to apologise officially about the plagiarism” etc.

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Heechul was in depression after Hankyung left Super Junior

In 2008, Super Junior has achieved an unprecedented hit with ‘Sorry Sorry” They became the record king and also swept various awards including Golden Disk Awards, becoming dignified overseas including Taiwan and Hong Kong. However, the good comes with the bad. After moments of happiness and glory pass, bad news came. Member Hankyung requested the dissolution of his contract against SM Entertainment

The wound that Kim Heechul has received was especially big. He lived in the same dorm as Hankyung and had a special relationship with him. Their special relationship can be observed with his cyworld minihompy containing full of pictures that they took together. He said, “I was in a big chaos. It was difficult for me to laugh on TV and dance on stage.”

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Super Junior DongHae, “HanKyung, KangIn, KiBum ah, we will be daebak!”

Super Junior DongHae expressed his affection for fellow members KangIn, HanKyung and KiBum who will be excluded for the group’s upcoming 4th album promotions.

DongHae wrote on his minihompy on 7th May, “HanKyungie hyung, KangInnie hyung, KiBum ah, we will be daebak.^^ We are Super Junior.”

Fans’ comments to the post were “It’s a shame they cannot promote together”, “I am waiting for the 13 members to come together again” etc.

Meanwhile, Super Junior will comeback with their 4th album on 13th May as 10 members.

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May will be the month of the ‘war of the idols’ – comeback from 2PM, Super Junior, f(x) and WonderGirls

With the comeback of idols like 2PM, Super Junior and WonderGirls etc, May will be the month of the ‘war of the idols’.

2PM previously released a new single ‘Don’t Stop Can’t Stop’ on 19th April and the title song ‘Without U’ is already up on the #1 spots on various music progaram and charts. They will join the ‘war of the idols’ in May with their promotions for the single.

And with So Nyeo Shi Dae ending their 4-month promotions with ‘Oh!’ and ‘Run Devil Run’, SM is set to have its 2 idol groups Super Junior and f(x) comeback in May. f(x) will have their comeback after 6 months with their 1st minialbum ‘NU ABO’. The song and teaser were revealed recently, and it had gone up to the #1 spots on various real time charts.

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KangIn confesses, “I needed more self-discipline time and decided to be enlisted in the army”

Super Junior KangIn reveals his thoughts on being enlisted for army, “I will get some self-discipline time.”

KangIn left a message on Super Junior OnseMiro fancafe on 4th May, “I have been taking the time for self-discipline all this while, and looking back at myself. And the plans are that I will be enlisting for army soon.”

He added, “I finally posted this post after repeatedly writing and erasing. I want to say that I’m sorry to those who had always showed me love and supported me. Recently I spent my days thinking and reflecting on why the precious people around me just pass me by.”

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Super Junior to comeback as 10 members with 4th album on 13th May!

Super Junior will comeback with their 4th album.

Super Junior will be releasing their 4th full length album coming 13th May. For this album, there will also be 10 members involved as member KangIn is going to enlist in the army while KiBum is doing his actor activities.

Known to have been working on doing their individual activities and promoting in Asia all this while, Super Junior will be back with a new and powerful music and performances.

Super Junior said, “Even though we felt a little pressure from receiving so much love from our 3rd album ‘Sorry Sorry’, as the date of reveal for our new album draws near, we grow more confident. We hope everyone will look forward to a more upgraded music and performances by Super Junior .”

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No HanKyung in Super Junior Beijing concert! Only 10 members onstage!

Super Junior held their concert in Beijing few days ago, despite their awesome performances, the boys only performed with 10 members without member HanKyung, KangIn and KiBum onstage!

SM Entertainment on Jan 26, “It is true that HanKyung was absent during China’s concert. Aside from HanKyung, KangIn and KiBum absence, the rest of 10 members have given their strong concert performance,” he said.

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