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Sean reveals photos of his 2 sons, “HaRang = TaeYang”

Singer Sean posted up recent photos of his 2 sons on his minihompy.

Sean updated his minihompy on 2nd May with 2 posts titled ‘HaRangie’ and ‘HaYulee’.

He also added a comment to his 2nd song Harang’s photo, “HaRangEe = TaeYang”. In the photo Harang was seen posing with a cap on. Netizens who saw the photos commented, “Like a replicate of Sean oppa!”, “They grow more pretty as they grow up”, “Really looks like TaeYang oppa”.

And for the photo of his 3rd song HaYul, he wrote, “you like my kids?”. In the photo, HaYul was seen dressed in a cute leopard costume. Netizens’ comments were, “Like an angel”, “This was the costume which HaEum worn when she was young”, “really lovely” etc.

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Netizens call Sean-Jung HyeYeong’s son HaRang Big Bang TaeYang lookalike!

Celebrity couple Sean and Jung HyeYeong’s son HaRang has been the topic amongst netizens for being the lookalike to Big Bang TaeYang.

Sean recently posted up new photos of Harang on his minihompy. Sean would often post photos of his family up on his minihompy.

Netizens have been much interested in Harang’s photos as he is said to be lookalike to TaeYang. They had looked alike in terms of hairstyle and their hiphop style. You can even say that Harang is like the ‘little TaeYang’. Sean and TaeYang are both from YG Entertainment and they have been known to have close relationships amongst themselves.

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Sean and Jung HyeYeong reveals most recent of youngest son HaYul!

Representative celebrity couple Sean and Jung HyeYeong reveals the most recent photo of their youngest child Ha Yul.

The photos were posted up on Sean‘s minihompy on 9th January, and HaYul who was born last June was seen wearing a pink outfit with a pink hat decorated with a flower.

The title of the post went ‘Boy Over Flower’ and Sean wrote, “Recently we kept taking photos of HaYul which brings smiles to omma^^ HaYul also smiles^^”

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Sean’s son Harang is all geared for Halloween!


Passionate father Sean has uploaded new photos of his son Harang on his own minihompy.

Sean, also known as the 100 points husband, uploaded a photo of his 2nd child Harang on his minihompy on 12th October and the photo has gained much attention from netizens.

The title to the photo post was ‘How do I look’? and it featured Harang in a jumpsuit with skeleton prints. Sean wrote, “When you turn off the light, the bone prints will glow. You don’t know how much Harang laughed when the lights are turned off.”

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K Bites – 10.08.2009 II (GDragon, 2NE1, Harang-Haeum)

Big Bang GDragon releases preview to debut solo album!


Big Bang GDragon releases a preview to his debut solo album ahead of the official release.

YG said, “GDragon has revealed the preview to the song ‘Boy’ through meday site on 10th August.”

The responses to the preview was overwhelming, even though the song was revealed at 3am in the morning, it has received over 20K replies on me2day site, many fans have stayed up to wait for the song preview.

It is said that GDragon will also be revealing another song on 11th August, and will go ahead to reveal the title song on 12th August.

Meanwhile it has been known that both GDragon and the Brave Brothers, who will be releasing their solo albums on the same day on 18th, had filmed their MV on the same day on 7th August.

2NE1 for cameo appearance on SBS Style


Group 2NE1 will be having a cameo appearance on SBS weekend drama ‘Style’.

The girls had done the filming to their cameo appearance on 10th August. The girls had turned up for the commemoration party for the magazine ‘Style’ 200th issue as VIP.

YG representative said, “We have received invitation for the girls to appear for cameo. And we heard that Kim HyeSoo and Ryu ShiWon are fans of 2NE1.”

“Even though the girls are nervous about drama filming, it was an exciting experience for them. They didn’t do the filming with pressure, they just did it naturally and enjoyed it.”

Meanwhile, the drama ‘Style’ even though only into its 4th episode has received over 20% of viewership.

2NE1 and HaEum, Harang love


Sean and Jung HyeYeong’s song and daugther Harang and Haeum’s happy moments with 2NE1 were revealed.

Sean posted up on his minihompy on 10th August photos taken together between Harang, HaEum and 2NE1 members. The photos were taken backstage to KBS Music Bank on 7th August.

Sean said, “Harang who wears his hat straight will call them ‘Fire’ (When he see 2NE1, he calls them ‘Fire’). Recently 2NE1 is the topic, even Harang loves them. Harang would say, ‘Noona I’m 2NE1 too’.”

K Bites – 15.06.2009 (So Nyeo Shi Dae, Jung Hye Yeong – Sean)

So Nyeo Shi Dae to comeback on the 25th


Previously causing a crazy with ‘Gee’ and colourful skinny jeans, So Nyeo Shi Dae is back transformed as marine girls.

The girls will comeback with their 2nd minialbum on 25th June. The concept to their 2nd minialbum was also revealed on the 15th much to the fans’ delight.

And in the photo revealed the girls had dressed in marine uniform but with a feminine feel to their image. With the previous fashion trend they set with their colourful skinny jeans, fans are seeing that they are back to set yet another fashion trend with their comeback .

So Nyeo Shi Dae, “We are very happy to be back with new song and stage. We will work hard to show everyone our best performance, and hope everyone look forward to our new transformation.”

Couple Jung Hye Yeong and Sean’s 3rd child arrived!


Talent Jung Hye Jeong gave birth to her 3rd child on 14th June .

Wife to hiphop group Jinusean‘s Sean, she gave birth to their 3rd child on the morning of 14th June. Sean wrote on his minihompy on the 15th, “Our HaYul has been born into the world. On the 14th June at 9.23am, our 3rd child HaYul is born into this world.”

“Coming out a little small at 2.58kg, both son HaYul and mother Hae Yeong  is very healthy. We want to thank God for sending HaYul to us.”

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