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Mnet M!countdown 12.08.2010 – G.NA wins her first #1!

G.NA won her first #1 with the song ‘I Will Back Off So You Can Live Better’. Secret as well as Seo In Kook also made their comeback stage today. Also, Nine Muses made their debut stage today too.

Go under the cut for more performance cuts.

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MBC Music Core 09.01.2010 – Jo Kwon and GaIn perform ‘We Fell In Love’ live!

2AM Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls GaIn did a special stage with the live performance of their duet song ‘We Fell In Love’ for MBC We Got Married on Music Core on 9th January.

Also under the cut are performance cuts for the show including:

  • HyunA‘s solo stage with ‘Change’
  • F.cuz‘s debut stage on MuCore with ‘Jiggy’
  • Jewelry‘s goodbye stage with ‘Love Story
  • Hot performances by After School, BEAST, SHINee, T-ara, YounHa, Brian etc.

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2009 Mnet Asian Music Award (MAMA) – Winner list

Winner list to 2009 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) which took place from 7pm KST on 21st November.

Some of the prominent awards:

  • Female group – Brown Eyed Girls
  • Male group – 2PM
  • Male singer – Drunken Tiger
  • Female singer – Baek Ji Young
  • Album of the Year – GDragon with ‘Heartbreaker’
  • Song of the Year – 2NE1 with ‘I Don’t Care’
  • Artiste of The Year – 2PM

Go under the cut for the full winner list.

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K Bites – 22.08.2009 (SeungRi-DaeSung, Hong JinYeong, TwiNy)

SeungRi to appear on Family Outing for DaeSung


Big Bang member DaeSung who was injured during a recent car accident, will have fellow member SeungRi to appear on SBS Family Outing in his stead.

SeungRi will be participating for the filming of Family Outing on 24th August in KangWonDo, taking over DaeSung’s place in the show for that day.

Jang PD for Family Outing said, “SeungRi will be taking over fellow member’s place on the show. For now we will have him on the first part of the show, and whether to have him continue on the show for DaeSung, we will have to see how DaeSung’s recovery comes along.”

The PD also said, “We are all worried about DaeSung, and we hope that he can recover quickly and join back with the family soon.”

Meanwhile, SeungRi has also started his new musical ‘Shouting’ on 12th August. It was originally planned for DaeSung to be in the musical but with the car accident, DaeSung has dropped out of the musical. The musical performance will take place all the way till 23rd.

Trot singer Hong JinYeong, “I was almost part of After School”


Trot singer Hong JinYeong reveals the truth that she had almost debuted as part of idol girlgroup After School.

On KBS Star GoldenBell aired on 22nd August, she was asked “Is there anything in life which you think was the most unfair to you”, and she said, “To say the truth, I almost debuted as part of After School.”

Hong JinYeong reveals that for her to get to where she is now, recently with the hit song ‘Love’s Battery’, she has gone through 4 years of failure and waiting.

She added, “In the past I had a meeting with one of the person in charge. I received the proposal to be part of a group, but I refused on the reasons that I don’t like to be in groups. There was also once when I was supposed to debut in a female group called Swan but it didn’t work out 2 months before the debut.”

She said, “I didn’t know during that meeting but it was after that that I realised it was pertaining to group After School” revealing her shock about the incident.

And Hong Jin Yeong said, “Now that I think about it, I feel that it is a waste. I should have just go with being part of After School.”

New group TwiNy gets into nip-slip accident on broadcast show

twiny_220809News have came late that new female duo Twiny has met with a nip-slip accident on broadcast programmes.

TwiNy was on Mnet ‘WheeSung FreeStyle Show’ on13th August performing their debut song ‘Nervous Heart’ when member SeoKyung was dancing and part of her clothing has gave way revealing her chest.

No one was aware of it during the filming but TwiNy’s company has discovered after that, and have requested for a re-telerecording of the show after that.

A staff to the show said, “The member had worn an outfit then without shoulder straps and she was dancing so hard that the mistake happened. Normally in such cases, people would be flustered and embarrassed, but SeoKyung was composed and we settled the situation timely.

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SBS Inkigayo 26.07.2009 – 2NE1 wins Mutizen!


Today for SBS Inkigayo, some of the show’s highlights are:

  • Brown Eyed Girls, MC Mong, RooRa and Clazziquai‘s comeback stage
  • New MCs’ special stage – 2PM comes back on stage!!
  • 2NE1 wins Mutizen award triple crown after their victory on Music Bank and M!Countdown this week!
  • And other hot performances from So Nyeo Shi Dae, SHINee, FT Island etc

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SBS Inkigayo 12.07.2009 – SNSD wins Mutizen!


Some of the highlights of SBS Inkigayo for today:

  • So Nyeo Shi Dae wins Mutizen award in their new red hot uniforms
  • 2NE1 hot hot comeback stage with ‘I Don’t Care’
  • KARA with Energy Song MV
  • Other hot usual stages by 2PM, So Nyeo Shi Dae, SHINee, 4Minute, LPG 2nd Generation etc

Watch them here…

SBS Inkigayo 05.07.2009 – SHINee wins 2nd Mutizen!


Tonight on SBS Inkigayo:

  • SHINee wins Mutizens 2 time through with ‘Juliette’
  • 2PM with new Energy Song MV
  • Other stages: Lee MinWoo’s comeback stage, So Nyeo Shi Dae, 2PM, 4Minute, YangPa, K Will etc.

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MBC Music Core – 04.07.2009


For Music Core today:

  • Special stages: SHINee TaeMin‘s piano performance and piano collaboration stage with 8eight
  • Comeback stages by YangPa, One Two and Wax
  • And also the usual stages by So Nyeo Shi Dae with their new blue costumes, 2PM, SHINee, 4Minute etc

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