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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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Hwang JungEum’s tearful confession, “YongJoon told me ‘I’m sick of you’ and we broke up before”

Actress Hwang JungEum gives a tearful confession, “I broke up with Kim YongJoon for one before.”

Hwang JungEun revealed during her participation in the recent recording of SBS Strong Heart, “It became hard for me when I broke off with Kim YongJoon, my boyfriend for a long time.”

The reason for that is that there has been some rumours which surfaced between her and actor Daniel Choi. And because of the rumours, there were some discord between her and Kim YongJoon. When revealing this incident on the show, Hwang JungEum was so overwhelmed by emotions that she teared.

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Lee SeungGi and YoonA voted #1 for BaekSang Arts Awards male and female popularity awards

Lee SeungGi and So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA have been awarded the popularity award at the BaekSang Arts Awards.

The 46th BaekSang Arts Awards popularity poll results which ended on 23rd March, showed that Lee Seung Gi has been voted #1 for TV and movie categories with 53.42% of votes. Other than the popularity awards, Lee SeungGi is also nominated for 2 other categories like TV newcomer and variety show category. With an overwhelming rate of 70% of viewership made last year with his appearance in drama ‘Brilliant Legacy’ and KBS 2Days 1Night, many are interested to see if he will win awards during the BaekSang Arts Awards.

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HanBok Catalog: 2010 Lunar New Year

Another round of Hanbok Catalog with this year’s Lunar New Year.

Go under the cut for the photos of your favourite Kpop idols in the traditional HanBok.

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BEAST Lee GiGwang garners attention with his figure revealed on ‘High Kick’

Singer actor Lee GiGwang catches the attention of TV viewers by revealing his figure on ‘High Kick Through The Roof’.

Duing the episode of MBC ‘High Kick Through The Roof’ aired on 8th February, with the truth of JungEum(Hwang JungEum) and JiHoon(Daniel Choi) date going out, SeHo sets to show JungEum a more matured and manly side of him.

So SeHo called JungEum over to the gym to show her his more manly side through his figure. But having seen his abs, JungEum’s response was a frustrated “With the time you spend to tone these muscles, try do something to your height.”

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We Got Married watchers are mad at ‘SunHo and SulHae’ couple

Recently on the MBC program, ‘We Got Married Season 2’, Lee SunHo and HwangWooSulHae couple joined the team when the Hwang JungEum and Kim YongJoon couple left the show. However, looks like the new couple isn’t starting off with a good impression with the netizens or the viewers.

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Hwang JungEum & Daniel Choi gets married?

The marriage scene for Hwang JungEum and Daniel Choi couple is making a big fuss on the internet even before it is aired.

For what you ask? Go under the cut to find out!

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“Hello 2010?” “No, Hello Anticipation!”

2010 is here! 2009 was a year of new dramas, variety shows, and even new rising stars. Stars who left for military service two years ago are coming back and with the start of new drama from different channels battling it out to be number one, 2010 looks like a year with a lots of hope for many.

KBites breaks down the new stars to look out for in 2010!

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Lee SeonHo and Hwang WooSeulHye to replace UEE-Park JaeJong on MBC We Got Married

Actors Lee SeonHo (28) and Hwang WooSeulHye (27) will be the new couple on MBC We Got Married.

After couples like After School UEE and Park JaeJung, Hwang JungEum and Kim YoungJoon left, the show got itself a new couple. Lee SeonHo is known to have taken part in drama MBC ‘Tamna Island’ and Hwang WooSeulHye also participated in movie ‘Penthouse Elephant’, and the 2 will start appearing on the show from January next year.

The 2 had their first filming for the show on 17th December. This is also their first time meeting.

And many are anticipating that the 2 will reach stardom like the previous stars on the show like Crown J, Marco, Hwang JungEum and UEE.

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