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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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HwangBo, “I don’t have a boyfriend now but I wish to get married before 35”

Singer HwangBo comes clean, “I don’t have a boyfriend currently.”

HwangBo was guest appearance on KBS 2TV Happy Birthday aired on 30th August together with Yoon JungSoo, Lee YoonMi, ZE:A members and Kim SookEe.

On the show that day, HwangBo was asked “Do you still not have any plans to get married?” and she said, “Honestly, even though I wish to, but I don’t have the interests yet.” And when asked if she has a boyfriend, she answered, “I am not seeing anyone now. But I hope not to cross the age of 35 to get married.” She also added, “I like a man who is understanding.”

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Chakra Bona participates in Superstar K2 and surprises judges

Chakra member Bona appears on Superstar K2 as participant and talks about the sad and unfair happenings which took place during her blank period.

On Mnet Superstar K2 aired on 30th July, singer Bona was one of the participants taking part in the auditions. She said, “I was active as part of Chakra till 2005. After our disband, the company did not release any album for me. I need to be released from my contract with them in order to move to other agencies, but they didn’t allow me too,” explaining her 5 years of blank period.

She added, “I’ve thrown away my pride. I practised like crazy wanting to get up again. I think of this as the last turning point in my life.”

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Brian and HwangBo reveal wedding photo, “Are they really getting married?”

A wedding photo of singers Brian Joo and HwangBo has garnered much interests from fans and netizens.

Awhile back, a wedding photo featuring the 2 was revealed, and there were speculations about whether the 2 are really getting married.

But it turns out that the 2 had transformed as preparing groom and bride to fulfil a student’s dream to e a wedding planner. Brian and HwangBo are currently the MCs for KBS JOY ‘Human Network KBS JOY Shoulder Comrades’ and they had done the wedding photoshoot to help a student who dreams to be a wedding planner.

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Kpop stars’ cheers and support for the S.Korean team in World Cup

With the South Korean up against the Argentina team for the 2010 World Cup games on 17th June, many Kpop stars have posted up photos of their support and cheering on to the team for the game through various mediums of social networking sites like Twitter and me2day.

Go under the cut for more photos.

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Kim Hyun Joong chooses Lee Hyori over HwangBo as his ideal type on ‘Champagne’


SS501 was on KBS ‘Champagne’ aired on 8th November and leader Kim HyunJoong was featured for the ‘Top 32 Ideal Type WorldCup’ corner where he has to choose his ideal type of woman from the list of female celebrities based just on their looks.

And during one the rounds of elimination, he was faced with having to choose between Lee Hyori and HwangBo – one his ideal type of woman and the other his made-believe wife. He went for Lee Hyori between the 2.

But Lee Hyori was not his chosen ultimate type of ideal type of woman. Go under the cut to find out who he chose eventually.

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Kim Hyun Joong, “Between Lee Hyori and HwangBo, I like … more”


SS501 Kim Hyun Joong reveals his ideal type of woman without holding back.

On KBS 2TV ‘Shin DongYeop and Shin BongSeon’s Champagne’ to be aired on 7th November, SS501 has appeared on the special episode and revealed their true ideal type of woman.

On the ‘Top 32 Ideal Woman World Cup’ corner on the show, a list of female entertainers who have promoted with SS501 before were listed as nominees.

And Kim Hyun Joong reveals his ideal type of woman in a different way from other celebrities who have appeared on this corner for the show.

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MBC Music Core 19.09.2009 – Baek Ji Young and 2PM TaekYeon’s goodbye stage


Today on MBC Music Core, the highlights to the show are:

  • Goodbye stage for Baek Ji Young and 2PM TaecYeon with ‘My Ear’s Candy’
  • Special duet stage between 8eight Lee Hyun and Park JungAh with ’30 minutes ago’
  • Other sizzling performances by T-ara, 4Minute, f(x), Supernova, HwangBo, Lee Seung Gi, TaeGoon etc

Watch all performances here…

KBS Music Bank 04.09.09 – GDragon wins #1 again!

On KBS Music Bank today, some of the highlights to the show:

  • GDragon wins #1 on KChart 2nd time through although today is his first solo performance on the show
  • Comeback stages by 4Minute and Kim TaeWoo
  • Other hot stages by Brown Eyed Girls, Jewelry, Baek Ji Young, KARA, Navi etc

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