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WonderGirls YeEun, “HyeRim will smile to herself thinking of C.N Blue”

WonderGirls HyeRim’s love for other idol singers gets exposed.

On Mnet ‘Made In WonderGirls’ to be aired on 20th August, the WonderGirls were featured on their world tour to various countries like Singapore, Las Vegas, Chicago etc.

And in this particular episode, member YeEun had caught HyeRim and said, “She really like idols. And recently C.N Blue. When she is getting her makeup done, she would smile to herself thinking C.N Blue.”

HyeRim was then seen blushing, which was a cute scene. YeEun had also continued to tease her fellow members continuing on HyeRim’s love for C.N Blue.

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WonderGirls HyeRim’s most recent features garner interests

WonderGirls HyeRim shows off her pretty chin line.

HyeRim posted up a photo of herself  on her Twitter on 12th July and wrote, “this was before the show in….uhm….uh….^^;;;;;;;”

In the photo, HyeRim look slimmer than she had when she first joined WonderGirls. Some of the comments from netizens on the photo include, “She looks prettier than before”, “Cute” etc.

Meanwhile, the WonderGirls made it to the Billboard charts for the 2nd time with ‘2DT’ on ‘Heatseekers Albums’ chart on 21st June.

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SoHee, “I have bad first impression of HyeRim as she doesn’t greet well”

WonderGirls YeEun and HyeRim were chosen as members who gave a bad first impression.

On KBS Happy Together 3 aired on 10th June, YeEun got 3 votes and HyeRim got 2 votes when the girls were asked which member gave them a bad first impression. The reason why YeEun was chosen is that she did not smile. YeEun explained, “I heard many people tell me that I looked angry when I don’t smile.”

YeEun and SoHee had chosen HyeRim. YeEun said, “The answers HyeRim gave are very short. Sometimes I wonder if she really heard me.” SoHee also added, “I’m sensitive to greetings. And HyeRim is one who don’t greet when she passes by. For me, I’m not one who will greet first but will expects others to greet first.”

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WonderGirls, “YooBin is most different in front of guys”

The WonderGirls reveal that member YooBin changes in front of guys.

The WonderGirls were recently no KBS 2TV Happy Together 3 when they were asked “Which member is the most different when in front of guys?” and they picked YooBin.

YeEun said, “When in front of guys, YooBin will give her smiling eyes exceptionally more often. And the way she speaks also changes, she speaks in a lower voice.”

SoHee continued, “YooBin not only does a lot of smiling eyes in front of guys, she also don’t have any gestures and changes to be become more feminine.” She then did a demostration of how YooBin will behave in front of guys, and ended with an apologetic smile.

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WonderGirls members talk about their ideal guys – YooBin with ‘Big Bang’ and YeEun with ‘Cheon JungMyung’

The WonderGirls were on KBS 2TV Happy Together 3 aired on 10th June when they revealed the male entertainments whom they like.

YooBin said, “I like Big Bang TaeYang”, while HyeRim said, “Yesterday, I liked C.N Blue. And today I like the Super Junior oppas.”

Also YeEun revealed, “Recently I’ve been watching drama ‘Cinderella Sister’ and I grew to like Cheon JungMyung.”

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A JYP trainee garners great interests of late, “The 2nd Nich Khun?”

A trainee from JYP Entertainment has been garnering much interests from netizens lately.

Recently photos of this trainee taken together with the JYP singers were posted and circulated on various online community sites, and is of hot issue amongst the netizens.

In some of the photos, he was seen posing together with WonderGirls HyeRim and 2PM JunHo. His good looks have earned him much praises from the netizens, “He looks like the 2nd Nich Khun”, “I hope he debuts soon”, “I wonder what group he will debut in” etc.

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WonderGirls SunYe and YooBin get awkward when they are alone

WonderGirls SunYe reveals truthfully about her relationship with team member YooBin.

SunYe was on KBS 2TV Happy Together – WonderGirls Edition to be aired on 10th June when she picks team member YooBin as the member whom she is most awkward with. Even though it has been some time since YooBin joined the team and they have been promoting together, when the 2 are alone, they are still awkward and do not have many conversations.

YeEun explained, “The reason for their awkwardness is because they don’t have many similar interests.” And MC Yoo JaeSeok asked the 2 members what is the favourite colour of the other. And the 2 had given different answers, rousing laughter from the other star appearances.

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SoHee dated once before, SunYe and YooBin still awkward? All in the next eps of Happy Together!

A preview clip revealed at the end of KBS 2TV Happy Together aired on 3rd June shows the WonderGirls as guest for the show aired next week.

In the preview video, there were many previews to the discussions the girls had on the show. SoHee was featured saying, “I had dated just once before”. Also MC Yoo asked the question “Which member do you still feel awkward with” and SunYe’s answer was “There really isn’t any.” MC Yoo then looked at the name card on SunYe’s hand and said, “But you raised up YooBin’s name”.

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