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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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MBC Music Core 11.09.2010 – HyunA, HongKi and SeonHwa as one-day MCs!

Today on MBC Music Core, 4Minute HyunA, FT Island Lee HongKi and Secret Seon Hwa were the one-day MCs on the show.

The 3 had stood in for fixed MCs So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany and Yuri that day as SNSD is in ShangHai for SMTown Live 2010 World Concert.

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

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4Minute and KARA show off their close friendship, “We frequent the ddeobboki village together”

Representative idol girlgroups KARA and 4Minute show off their close friendship.

The 2 groups were guest appearances on MBC youth variety show ‘Flower Bouquet’ aired on 5th September. On the show that day, the MCs asked 4Minute if they see KARA as their rivals since recently KARA has also joined the Kpop stars in their debut in the Japanese music scene. 4Minute youngest member SoHyun said, “We even went to eat ddeobboki with KARA. We frequent the ddeobboki village with KARA.”

HyunA also added, “Even though we advanced into the Japanese music scene first, but seeing KARA become famous in the Japanese music scene makes us happt too.”

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HyunA, “My ideal guy is 170cm”

4Minute HyunA confesses, “My ideal type if someone who is 170cm.”

HyunA was on MBC variety show ‘Flower Bouquet’ aired on 22nd August when she and the other 4Minute members who were present talked about their ideal type of girls.”

SoHyun was asked “Do you like guys who are tall?” and she said, “HyunA unnie like short guys. Her ideal is 170cm.”

HyunA was then asked, “So someone of Haha’s height is okay?” And HyunA’s answer was, “That is the best height.” She was then asked again, “Have you dated any guy who are tall?” and she avoided the question with, “Aei, why ask that.”

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After School Nana, “4Minute HyunA is my rival”

After School Nana garners interests by saying that 4Minute HyunA is her rival.

Nana had pointed to 4Minute HyunA during the filming of MBC variety show ‘Flower Bouquet’ set to air on 22nd August when asked who her rival is.

Nana said, “I think 4Minute’s HyunA is the coolest,” and added that she is always watching HyunA and her charisma features.

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HyunA poses for poster in mini wedding dress for Mnet 20’s Choice

4Minute HyunA reveals new photos and a video of herself in a white wedding dress garnering great interests from netizens and fans.

The video and poster photos released are currently of hot interests amongst netizens who are curious “Is this for a photoshoot?”, “She getting married?”, “What is this for” etc. HyunA has also wrote about it on her YOZM (yozm.daum.net/zlausk00/) saying that, “It is a secret”.

It turned out that the posters is the official poster for upcoming 4th Mnet 20’s Choice. And HyunA has been chosen as the model for the event poster.

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Brave Brothers, “If given the chance again, I want to work JaeBum to produce music”

The song ‘I Want To Cry’ by the Brave Brothers and Park JaeBum has finally been revealed.

The song, off Brave Brother’s first album ‘The Classic’, was revealed on 10th August, and it features JaeBum as the lyricist as well as the rap and vocal.

The song, after its reveal, went up to the #1 spot on various online realtime music charts, garnering great interests from music fans. Brave Brothers commented, “JaeBum has shown his capabilities in terms of rap and vocals through working together for this album, if given the chance again, I will want to produce music with JaeBum again.”

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Fans angry over collapsing stage platform on SBS Inkigayo

Even though SBS Inkigayo production team has apologised about our collapsing stage, the unhappiness of the TV viewers did not simmer.

Inkigayo staff has posted up an apology through their site forum regarding the incident. The production team, “Part of the front glass stage platforms have collapsed today during the show. We apologise for the worry caused to TV viewers, we promised to be an Inkigayo who take safety as priority in the future.”

But criticisms against the show continues even after the apology. Netizens commented on the forum, “How did they set up the stage?”, “Luckily no one was injured, I cannot imagine if any singer would get injured”, “Inkigayo disappoints”, “When I watched 4Minute perform, I was so anxious for them”, “I don’t know how to trust Inkigayo” etc.

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4Minute HyunA is excited to discover G.NA’s album selling in Japanese music store

4Minute HyunA reveals cute encouragement video to G.NA from Japan.

The video shows 4Minute in the midst of their promotions for their 2nd single ‘I My Me Mine’ in Japan and the 4Minute members were at a record store when HyunA coincidentally found G.NA’s debut album and had looked very excited.

Seeing that G.NA’s records are selling in Japan, HyunA was seen with a cute and excited expression and she shouted “Cube daebak” while JiYoon who was beside her shouted “G.NA jjang!”

4Minute is known to be close to G.NA as they are from the same agency. Previously photos of HyunA and G.NA taken together before debut have also garnered great interests amongst fans and netizens. They have also showed support by appearing in G.NA’s live stages.

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