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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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KBS Music Bank 07.05.2010 – 2PM wins #1!

On KBS Music Bank on 7th May, idol group 2PM wins #1, surpassing Rain and Lee Hyori, with the song ‘Without U’!

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performances including f(x) ‘NU ABO’ comeback stage!

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Jo PD, “JaeBum’s secession from 2PM, rather than an unilateral problem, it was the difference in code”

Singer producer Jo PD’s comments on the succession of member Park JaeBum from 2PM draw attention from netizens.

Recently, Jo PD who is recently working with SuperStar K Jung SeulGi for her album, had an interview was conducted at his company office. And when asked which idol singer had his most interests lately and his answer was ‘JaeBum’.

During the interview, he said, “It seems that the company and the artiste are not at the same inclination. Instead of thinking that it was an unilateral mistake, the fundamental problem is the difference in code.” giving his opinions on it.

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Jo PD criticises, “Why are the idols clinging on to the nose-buried money”

Jo PD criticizes the idol groups of the Kpop circle.

Jo PD recently commented, “The industry itself has shrunk so much and there is so little left for everyone, now even the young ones are all hanging on to the nose-buried money. The mass public has lost their interests for music made for the masses, now they have become pro consumers who just want instant entertainment.”

He continued, “Amidst the number of years for idols to become formalised, the musicians are the ones who got pushed back. For me as well, whenever I release a new album I tell myself ‘this is the last’. But because there is new music that I want to try, I have come thus far. And I’m certainly not the only one thinking like that.”

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10 musician teams come together for MAC ‘Viva Glam’ photoshoot

Some of the biggest musicians in Korea have come together for a photoshoot for markeup brand MAC.

There are in total 10 musician teams who participated in this ‘Viva Glam’ photoshoot – Kim TaeWoo, Bada, Park JungAh, Baek Ji Young, Brown Eyed Girls, Ivy, In Sooni, Clazziquai, Jaurim Kim YoonAhn-Kim Hyung Gyu and Tiger JK-Yoon MiRae.

The photoshoot aims to bring awareness as well as educate the public about AIDS.

Go under the cut for more photos!

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SBS Inkigayo 01.11.2009 – SHINee wins Mutizen with ‘Ring Ding Dong’!


For SBS Inkigayo today, SHINee wins their 1st Mutizen with their current hit ‘Ring Ding Dong’! The song is also #2 on the digital mobile ranking chart on the show.

Meanwhile, check out more performances under the cut:

  • Comeback stages by SeeYa, Andy and Ivy
  • Other hot stages by SS501, SHINee, 4Minute, T-ara, Secret etc

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Girlgroups singing ‘Fire’ on 1000 Song Challenge

It’s been some time since we have seen the live performance of ‘Fire’ by 2NE1 on broadcast shows. Recently on SBS 1000 Song Challenged girlgroups 4Minute and T-ara did a song challenge on ‘Fire’.

And their live performance of the song have also earned good reviews from netizens and fans.

Go under the cut for more.

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Photo Of The Day: HyunA and Nicole strike a model-like pose!


Photo of the day! 4Minute HyunA and KARA Nicole strike a model-like pose at North Seoul Dream Forest Commemoration concert on 17th October.

The 2 are joined by SHINee MinHo in the little modelling on stage at the concert.

Go under the cut for more photos!

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Seo InKook emerges as winner on Mnet Superstar K!

sik_091009Seo InKook has emerged as the winner for Superstar K out of 720K participatants to win the award of 100 million KRW.

The finals to Superstar K took place on 9th October in Seoul Time Square CGV Art Hall and Seo InKook has emerged as the winner on his 6th performance for this competition.

Seo InKook and Jo MoonGeun were the 2 finalists for the competition, and Jo had received high points from the judges In Sooni, Lee Hyori and Yoon JongShin tonight but Seo had emerged winner after tabulating netizens and viewers votes.

Seo InKook will not only be awarded the prize of the 100 million KRW, he will also debut and release an album under Mnet. He will also be appearing for KM Music Festival at the end of the year.

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