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IU to do guest appearance on TaeYang’s concert

Singer IU will perform on stage with her ideal guy TaeYang on his concert.

IU has been announced as the guest performance to TaeYang’s upcoming concert on 25th and 26th September in Seoul KyungHee University.

IU has always proclaimed TaeYang as her ideal type on various variety shows. And on a particular episode of SBS Hero Girls, she even did a kiss performance with TaeYang for the song ‘I need a girl’.
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IU, “Simon D did not reply to my texts”

Singer IU expressed disappointment towards Simon D of Supreme Team, garnering interest.

IU had everyone curious when she said on MBC “Quiz To Change The World,” aired on the 7th, “I’m sad because of Simon D oppa.” She confessed, “I had a fixed appearance on the same radio program as Simon D oppa. I thought that we got to be really close so on the last airing date, I asked him for his number.”

Continuing, she expressed her disappointment, saying, “As he gave me his number, oppa said, ‘Let’s contact each other frequently,’ but when I sent him about 3 text messages, he never replied back.

The MCs asked Simon D, “Why didn’t you reply,” and Simon D said jokingly, “It’s because I’m not easy.”
On the other hand, 8eight’s Lee Hyun, who also appeared on the show, said “I also asked IU for her number but she said ‘I don’t have a phone,'” putting IU in a difficult situation. She explained, saying, “When I was close with Lee Hyun oppa, I didn’t have a cellphone. To tell the truth, I like nice Lee Hyun oppa over Simon D oppa.”

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ChangMin reveals, “SeulOng treats IU very well, he even buy clothes and shoes for her”

2AM ChangMin reveals that team member SeulOng takes good care of singer IU such that he would send her presents like sets of clothes and even shoes.

ChangMin had revealed that during his appearance on MBC SaeBaGwi aired on 7th August, “When they are together, SeulOng is seen taking good care of IU.” IU and SeulOng recently paired up for a duet collaboration ‘Nagging’ which was very well received by fans.

He added, “SeulOng would request for the other 2AM members to treat IU well if they appear together on music broadcast shows. Personally she calls me by oppa but since we are 7 years apart in age, I feel like an uncle.”

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[Photo Spam] Close friends Luna and IU spotted at the theme park

Singer IU and f(x) Luna were spotted at the theme park together.

Photos of the 2 at a theme park was posted up on an internet community site on 30th July, attracting much interests from netizens. The 2 93-ers, known to be close friends, were seen without makeup and wearing hairband with ribbons in the photo, looking like any other teenage girls.

The 2 were also very spontaneous, posing for photos when fans spotted them at the theme park. Netizens who uploaded the photos commented, “They look like normal high schoolers”, “They look cute” , “They look amiable in those features” etc.

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Super rookie miss A up #1 on Monkey3 weekly chart for the 3rd consecutive week

Super rookie miss A is up #1 on Monkey3 music chart for the 3rd consecutive week.

According to music specialty site Monkey3 (www.monkey3.co.kr) miss A’s debut song ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’ is up #1 on the weekly chart for the 4th week of July (19th~25th July). Amidst other singers like Son DamBi and IU moving up very fast on the chart, miss A continue to hold their #1 spot for the 3rd week.

At #2 is Son DamBi with ‘Queen’ and #3 is ‘Lucifer’ by SHINee. At #4 is IU with ‘Because I’m a Woman’ OST for drama ‘Road Number 1’ and #5 is Park JaeBum with ‘Count On Me’.

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IU picks 2AM ChangMin as the one she would “grow sick of if they go on a date”

Singer IU gives 2AM ChangMin a heartache (?).

IU was on SBS Kim JungEun’s Chocolate aired on 25th July together with 2AM members when MC Kim JungEun asked IU, “Someone whom you will become sick of immediately when you go on date with him” and IU threw a glance at the 2AM members and said “ChangMin”.

ChangMin then said, “I look at you in a good light…” obviously saddened by IU’s comment. IU stated her reason for choosing ChangMin, “Even though ChangMin is a very fun person, but he talks a lot and I thought I would grow sick of him if we go on a date.”

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TaeYang makes special appearance on ‘Hero Girls’, receiving IU’s surprise love confession

Big Bang TaeYang gets confessed to by IU and they performed his hit ‘I Need A Girl’ together.

This was during SBS Hero Girls aired on 25th July, where the national female rugby plays have made special appearances on the show.

And with the wish of the team leader, TaeYang was invited on the show. And Yoon InNa who is from the same company as Big Bang had called up TaeYang personally to get him to appear on the show, and she had said, “IU has been TaeYang’s long running fan.”

IU who was then put on the phone with TaeYang said, “Recently I have been watching your activities. I really want to see oppa,” making a shy confession.

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Yoo SeungHo and IU’s duet ‘Believe In Love’ revealed!

At at tender age of just 18 years old this year, Yoo SeungHo and IU’s duet song for KBS Love’s Request titled ‘Believe In Love’ has been revealed through the show on 24th July.

The 2 had traveled to Sri Lanka recently for KBS 1TV ‘Love’s Request’. And for the show, the 2 also sang a duet song together. The lyrics of the song are written with reference to the diary which Yoo SeungHo wrote during his trip to Sri Lanka where he witnessed the lives of orphans of war.

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