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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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Jay writes a letter to a very special fan

Jay Park writes a letter to his fan!

A photo of a letter written by Jay Park circulated online has been garnering much interests amongst netizens. One of Jay’s fans organizing charity projects in honour of Jay has mentioned to Jay about a sponsored child Desire under the charity project.

And Jay had personally written a letter to the little boy Desire. Go under the cut to see the letter!
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JaeBum to fans, “Please don’t shout my name during others’ performances”

Group 2PM ex leader Park JaeBum sends a special request to fans.

JaeBum wrote on his Youtube channel on 24th May, “Please don’t shout my name when other people are performing on stage, only shout my name when I am performing.”

He also added “da jia hao wo shi zai fan!! (Hi I’m JaeBum) might put up the vancouver show in a few days =)”

Last weekend, a happening with fans from other fandoms chanting JaeBum’s name loudly during 2PM’s performance on Dream Concert has been garnering much interests from netizens and fans.

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Thousands of fans cheered for ‘Park JaeBum’ during 2PM’s Dream Concert performance

The happening with thousands of fans chanting ‘Park JaeBum’ during 2PM’s performance on Dream Concert has garnered much interests.

2PM performed the 2 songs ‘Don’t Stop Can’t Stop’ and ‘Without U’ off their 3rd single album on 2010 Dream Concert which took place on 22nd May at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

From the start till the end of the group’s performance, fans including those from other groups, had come together to chant for the group’s ex-leader Park JaeBum. With the fans’ loud chants throughout the performance, the 2PM members had seemed a little flustered.

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JaeBum spotted by fans in Taiwan! “For music recording”?

Photos of JaeBum taken in Taiwan has been received heat responses from netizens online.

A fan by the ID of AnAn Anekrachdaporn uploaded photos taken with JaeBum after she met him coincidentally in Taiwan on her TypePad on 21st May.

She wrote on her blog, “We asked bravely if we could take photos with him. We were so shocked that we asked him ‘Are you really JaeBum’. And when we told him that we are Thais, his response was ‘Sawadikap’.”

It is known that JaeBum in Taiwan most probably for his music recording. Many are speculating that he is working on the album after coming out solo being casted for upcoming movie ‘Hype Nation’.

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[Album preview] 2PM reveals new single ‘Can’t Stop Don’t Stop’

2PM’s new single ‘Don’t Stop Can’t Stop’ has been revealed.

On 19th April, JYP Entertainment reveals the 6 tracks to the group’s new single on various online music sites. The title song to the single is ‘Without U’ and other songs included are ‘Don’t Stop Can’t Stop’, ‘마자’, ‘목숨을 건다’, ‘without U remix’ and ‘스페이스(space) 마자’ etc.

This single is said to have great meaning to the team as it is the first single album released after member JaeBum’s permanent sucession. And they are back showing a different side of them as before.

Go under the cut to preview the songs.

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Jo PD, “JaeBum’s secession from 2PM, rather than an unilateral problem, it was the difference in code”

Singer producer Jo PD’s comments on the succession of member Park JaeBum from 2PM draw attention from netizens.

Recently, Jo PD who is recently working with SuperStar K Jung SeulGi for her album, had an interview was conducted at his company office. And when asked which idol singer had his most interests lately and his answer was ‘JaeBum’.

During the interview, he said, “It seems that the company and the artiste are not at the same inclination. Instead of thinking that it was an unilateral mistake, the fundamental problem is the difference in code.” giving his opinions on it.

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2PM for comeback in late April, title song decided

2PM is set for their comeback.

A JYP Ent rep told Newsen over a phone interview on 5th April that 2PM is preparing for their comeback set to happen in lat April. The title song has already been set and the discussions for the MV and stage concept are in the midst.

According to the rep, if there is not major problem, the boys will be back with a new single album in April and will go on stage to perform. With that, they will join the ‘war of the stars’ in April with other comeback top singers like Rain and Lee Hyori.

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Fans raise hopes once again at the possibility of JaeBum’s comeback and his fans release an album for him

After the official annoucement from JYP Entertainment about the closing of the contract between them and JaeBum, fans all around the world are raising their hopes once again at the possibility of JaeBum’s comeback from a recent tweet from a producer working on JaeBum’s song.

Also go under the cut for the album JaeBum’s fans put together!

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