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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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Jang GeunSeok and Park ShinHye pair up again for Garden5 CF

After the hit drama collaboration ‘You’re Beautiful’ last year, actors Jang GeunSeok and Park ShinHye come together again for a CF appearance!

The 2 recently did a CF for Garden5 together, a pleasant surprise to many fans of the pairing in drama ‘You’re Beautiful’. Go under the cut for the CF as well as the making video.

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Winners at the 46th BaekSang Arts Awards

The annual event of 46th BaekSang Arts Awards ceremony took place on 26th March on in Seoul JangChoonDong National Theatre.

Go under the cut for the winners list.

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Which girlgroup does C.N Blue want to perform with?

Which is band C.N Blue’s ideal girlgroup whom they want to perform together with? And what are the ideal types of girl for each of the C.N Blue members?

C.N Blue recently did an interview where they talked about their recent success with their Korean debut song ‘Loner’ and many more.

Go under full article.

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Jang GeunSeok, “I was shocked at the ‘changed’ YongHwa”

Actor Jang GeunSeok reveals that he was shocked to see a different Jung YongHwa in C.N Blue.

Yesterday during MBC TV program ‘SaeBaKwi’ filming session, Jung YongHwa did a phone call on the show to actor Jang Geun Seok, whom he had acted together with in SBS drama You’re Beautiful.

Jang GeunSeok who picked up the call said, “YongHwa has changed from when he was filming the drama. Recently when I see him perform on music shows, he looked really talented. I was shocked when I see his gestures on stage.”

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FT Island Lee HongKi reveals a funny episode when filming ‘You’re Beautiful’

FT Island Lee HongKi reveals an episode which happened during the filming of SBS drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ which had the whole filming crew breaking into laughter.

Lee HongKi
was on SBS ‘Close Note 3’ aired on 15th January when he revealed a never-revealed scene when filming the drama. There was a day when they were filming and because of his pants, he had main cast like Jang GeunSeok, Park ShinHye, Jung YongHwa and UEE, as well as the staff breaking in laughter.

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GDragon is 1 of the 8 Korean artistes picked on Chinese list of ‘Earth’s 50 Most Beautiful People for year 2009’

In a recent Chinese list for the “Earth’s 50 Most Beautiful People for year 2009” revealed, Big Bang GDragon was picked at #28 for his charisma on stage out of 8 Korean artistes on the list. Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga are tied for #1.

Go under the cut for the list!

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[Special] Your guide to year-end Gayo Daejuns and festivals!

We’ve come nearly to the end of year 2009, and it is the time of the year for Gayo DaeJuns and festivals put up by the 3 major broadcast companies in Korea – SBS, MBC and KBS.

Go under the cut to know what to expect for the gayo festivals this year!

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Jang GeunSeok reveals his special relationship with actress Park ShinHye

Actor Jang Geun Seok was on KBS 2TV ‘Jang GeunSeok Ideal Type World Cup special’ recently when he talked about the special relationship he had with actress Park Shin Hye, they both starred in recent drama ‘You’re Beautiful.

He said, “My mother has once said that she really like Park ShinHye, who lives in the same neighborhood. There was even once when she told me to try out with Park ShinHye as a couple.”

And when asked how it went, Jang Geun Seok, “We hit well together. And so my mother asked me to invite Park ShinHye to our house.”

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