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IU and SeulOng overtakes WonderGirls to be #1 on weekly music chart

IU and Im SeulOng overtakes WonderGirls on music charts.

On music specialty site Monkey3 weekly chart, the duet song ‘Nagging’ by IU and 2AM SeulOng takes the #1 spot for the 2nd week of June (7th~13th June), overtaking WonderGirls ‘2 Different Tears’ which slipped 4 ranks to be #5 for the week.

And at #2 is Seo In Young with ‘Love is Bitter, Pain is Calling’ climbed up 4 ranks from #6. #3 is Namolla Family with ‘Amnesia’ and #4 is Koyote with ‘Have you loved’ which had climbed up 23 spots.

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KBS Music Bank 12.06.2009


Great performances lineup today – we have 2NE1 with their 1st performance on Music Bank with ‘Fire’, along with other great performances by Super Junior, 2PM, Mate, SHINee, 8eight, Lee Jung Hyun etc.

2PM owns victory with ‘Again & Again’ tonight and my favourite performances tonight have to be 2NE1, 2PM and Mate.

Watch the performances here…

KBS Music Bank 050609


For Music Bank today for the first week of June, we have comeback stages by SHINee and V.O.S. In addition, we have some great performances line-up like Super Junior, Kim Jung Wook’s duet with Davichi Kang Min Kyung, Koyote, Lee Jung Hyun.

And on the day of their comeback stage, SHINee instantly wins Super Junior‘s ‘It’s You’. How does that sound?

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K Bites – 01.06.2009 II

Gruesome photos were uploaded by new singer AJ fans and not Paran fans


Recently due to the dispute of the same name artiste and also facing the case of gruesome photoshopped photos spreading online, new singer AJ has been worn down alot even though he just debuted.

Paran‘s company said on 1st June, “There has been hearsay that Paran fans did the gruesome photos, but this is not the truth. The photos are the works of new singer AJ‘s one fan.”

There were recently gruesome photos of new singer AJ uploaded online, and fingers have pointed to the Paran member AJ‘s fans to have done it.

But Paran‘s company came out ot say, “The photos being uploaded on AJ fan cafes and Paran fan cafes on 25th May were the doing of new singer AJ‘s one fan.”

They added, “This fan got the courage to post up such photos, but instead of scolding her, we should forgive her. We just want to clear all the misunderstanding against the Paran fans that have arise from this incident.”

2PM Nick Khun shows off his 6-packs

nk_010609Group 2PM Nick Khun shows off his mom-jjang (mom-body, jjang-best), all the muscles that he has been hiding all these while.

Appearing on the show with the rest of the group members, Nick Khun showed off his built on MBC Every1 channel ‘Now the Pretty boys generation’.

When talking about the built of the 2PM members, MC to the show Lee Ji Hoon said, “I am really curious about Nick Khun, who has been said to the flower boy (pretty boy) of 2PM.”

With that leader JaeBum added, “Nick Khun also work hard on working out and his built is really good.”

This episode of the show will be aired at 11pm on 2nd June.

Down with vocal cord tubercle again, singer Jang Hye Jin pauses work on 8th album


Singer Jang Hye Jin has been down with recurred case of vocal cord tubercle, and had to stop work on her upcoming 8th album temporarily.

Her company said on 1st June, “When she was recording, she thought her throat felt weird, when she went to the hospital where she was diagnosed with vocal cord tubercle again. The doctor has advised on not overworking the vocal cords, and to take ample rest.”

“Plus since this year, she has been appointed a teaching professor at a music course in HanYang Female University and has to use her vocals alot. She was also preparing for her new album, and concert, that she has exhausted her vocals.”

Jang Hye Jin said, “I guess I was too greedy. I want to be a good teacher to my students, and I want to show a good side to fans who have been waiting for my music.”

The release of her 8th album will be postponed for 2-3 months.

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K Bites – 11.05.2009

Super Junior new song ‘It’s You’ released officially


Super Junior moves on to their next hit song ‘It’s You’.

The song is revealed on 11th May on various music sites like Melon, Dosirak and CyWorld etc.

The song is another production by popular composer E-Tribe, it is a R&B dance number with an acoustic feel and Euro techno sounds.

Indeed, fans are looking forward to their energetic performance with this new song. With that, Super Junior will release their ‘Sorry Sorry’ C Version album on the 14th with 4 more songs added to the 12 songs from the first version album.

Meanwhile, the boys will have their comeback stage on 17th on SBS Inkigayo.


TaeYeon duet ‘A Goose’s Dream’ with Lee Jeok causes topic amongst netizens

A video of So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon singing a duet ‘A Goose’s Dream’ with singer Lee Jeok has become a topic amongst netizens.

The 2 were at LA Hollywood Bowl on 9th May where they sang the duet. And the fanvideos of the performances were uploaded online.

The song is a remake of the original ‘A Goose’s Dream’ by singer In Sooni in 1997 , but with a different feel than the original version.

Fans’ responses to the video, “TaeYeon is really something. Even her high pitches are so natural and great”, “This is a very touching scene of a senior and junior singer singing together” etc. _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Zia meets car accident, forced to stop activities temporarily

zia_110509Singer Zia met with a car accident which had to force her to stop activities temporarily.

On 10th May, she was heading to Seoul when she met with a minor car accident which had caused her to miss her activity on SBS Inkigayo.

Her company said, “Zia was with her mom in the car when the accident happened. But they were not injured. After the accident, she was told to rest.”

Zia is currently promoting the title song ‘Like Being Torn’ off her new minialbum ‘Orchestra’.


Loveholic JiSun ends 1st solo album activities

jisun_110509Out from the band Loveholic, JiSun will end her first album activities with KBS ‘Yoo HeeYeol’s SketchBook’ and take a break.

JiSun‘s not only working on her solo album these while, featuring songs like ‘Goodbye my heart’, ‘He doesn’t love you’, ‘Rollercoaster Love’, she also sang for drama OSTs like MBC ‘TaeHee HyeGyo JiHyun’, KBS ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and SBS ‘Brilliant Miscarriage’ etc. She also doingin Son DamBi‘s new album together.

will be participating in a concert performance from 2nd to 7th June in ChoongMoo Art Hall which features other great artistes like Kim Yeon Woo, Kim Tae Woo, JK Kim Dong Wook, Jang Hye Jin, Son Ho Young etc. After the concert, she will work on her new album.

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K Bites – 02.02.2009

Hwayobi to end appearance on WGM and comeback as singer


Singer Hwayobi will end her appearance on MBC We Got Married to have her comeback as a singer.

She is set to release a minialbum ‘This is love’ on 5th February. The MV to the title song ‘One half’ of the minialbum was also filmed last month on the 30th.


Voice One to comeback, but with one less member


Project group Voice One will make their comeback with one less member after 10 months.

Voice One originally consists of 4 members – Jang Hye Jin, Monday Kiz and Ilak. But Monday Kiz had lost one of its member Kim Min Soo last April to a car accident, leaving with just member Lee Jin Seong for the project group this time.

They will release a new minialbum ‘Remembrance’.

The minialbum will consist of title song ‘Difficult Love’ and also others like ‘Long long time’.


KARA will move on with ‘Honey’

KARA will move on to promote their next hit ‘Honey’ after ‘Pretty Girl’.

DSP Media opened a poll on KARA‘s official homepage from 28th January to 1st February and fans had chosen ‘Honey’ for their next hit to promote.

And KARA will comeback with first performance of ‘Honey’ on KBS MusicBank on 13th February.

‘Honey’ is such a sweet song, I love it more than ‘Pretty Girl’