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More BEAST ‘Shock Of The New Era’ jacket photos revealed!

With the reveal of their comeback album on 1st March and all songs occupying the top 5 rankings on various real time music charts, the 2nd batch of teaser jacket photos for BEAST’s ‘Shock Of The New Era’ has been revealed.

This time the jacket photos feature members Yoon DooJoon, Yong JunHyung and Lee GiGwang, garnering much heat interests from fans and netizens.

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K Bites – 24.08.2009 III (B2ST, DBSK, Chae DongHa, JYP-Nich Khun)

Group B2ST set to debut mid-September


Jang HyunSeung who was part of debuting in Big Bang but was eliminated during the process, is back as part of B2ST (pronounced as Beast).

The first episode of the group’s documentary ‘MTV B2ST’ was aired on 23rd August on MTV.

Jang HyunSeung who had to be painfully taken out of Big Bang said in the documentary, “I was practising with the hyungs and friends and it was a shame to be taken off the team like that, and now I’ve found the golden chance again. I will not forget how that feels and I will work my best this time.”

Also in the team B2ST are 2PM and 2AM eliminated member Yoon DooJoon, “The wallpaper on my mobile says ‘Poisonous gas emission a month ago’. This is the first time we talked about our debut date and also our performance today. I had many thoughts about my trainee days.”

B2ST consists of Jang HyunSeung, Yoon DooJoon, AJ, Young JoonHyung, Yang YoungSeob and Son DongWoo. They are set to debut mid-September, and are in the same company as 4Minute, under Cube Entertainment.

Dong Bang Shin Ki picked as the popular artiste of ASEAN in Thailand


Group Dong Bang Shin Ki has been picked in Thailand as the popular artistes of ASEAN.

During the Channel V 2009 Music Video Awards 2009 held in Thailand on 22nd August, Dong Bang Shin Ki was awarded the ASEAN popular artistes.

Dong Bang Shin Ki has won the award with 48% of netizens votes online, surpassing the votes for artistes like Super Junior, Big Bang, SHINee, WonderGirls etc.

This is the 2nd time that the group has won the award after their previous award in 2006. Since the award ceremony did not take place in 2007 and 2008, this can be said to be Dong Bang Shin Ki’s 2nd consecutive win for the award.

Meanwhile, the group members Xiah JunSu, Micky YooChun and Hero JaeJoong are going through a court trial to retract the exclusive belonging terms in their contract with their agency SM Entertainment.

Solo debut for Chae DongHa postponed due to vocal disk

cdh_240809Singer Chae DongHa has to postponed the date of his album release due to vocal disks.

His company said on the 24th, “During the practice session before his solo debut, he has strained his vocals and diagnosed with vocal disks. Recently he has been missing sleep to work on his upcoming solo album, and it was obvious that fatigue was piling for him. ”

With his current health conditions, Chae DongHa is not allow to use his vocals at all. And his album, which is set to drop on 29th August, will be postponed to the 1st next month.

Chae DongHa has debuted as part of SG Wannabe in 2002 and has left the team about a year back. This album will be his first solo album in 7 years since his debut.

Park Jin Young reveals the reason why 2PM Nich Khun’s recording will go well


Park Jin Young has uploaded a new photo on his Twitter account on 23th August at 5.30pm featuring him and 2PM member Nich Khun.

In the photo, Park Jin Young was seen doing the recording works with 2PM Nich Khun for 2PM ‘s upcoming album. And Nich Khun was seen giving Park Jin Young his favourite food – rice cake – and Park Jin Young looked obviously delighted.

Park Jin Young also posted a message with the photo, “I think Nichkhun’s recording will go really well today because… “

A representative from JYP Entertainment also revealed on 24th August, “Park Jin Young is back in Korea to do the recording works with 2PM. Do look forward to the group’s upgraded features.”

AJ, Yoon Doo Joon, So-1 and others to be in new boyband B2ST


MTV is currently nurturing 6 member boy group ‘B2ST (Boys 2 Search the Top)’ through Star Documentary Reality.

This coming September, this boy group will debut with ‘Dancing Shoes’, promising a magnificent performance and great vocal talent. Joining the line-up is rising star AJ (Ace Junior), who is dubbed “the second Rain” of the group.

With their debut coming real soon, these boys had undergone strenuous training. They are also in the process of recording their song, going to MV sites and showcases, and preparing for the MTV filming.

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K Bites – 04.06.2009 II – Debuts, debuts, debuts!

Another new singer to look out for – 16-year-old upcoming star groomed by Rain to debut in July

rain_040609‘World Star’ Rain will debut a new singer groomed by him in July.

Rain‘s company JTunes Entertainment revealed on 4th June, “A new singer groomed by Rain will debut in July.”

This will be the first singer for the company after Rain moved on from JYP Entertainment to set up JTunes Entertainment. According to the representative, the new singer is a 16-year-old female and is currently studying first year at high school.

It was also known that she has completed the all the recording work for her debut album, and is waiting to do the photoshoot to the album jacket and MV filming.

The representative also added, “We have no decided on how she will promote and whether she will stay with her real name. But she had practised for some time, and has real talents and capabilities trained by Rain. She is one who is confident in both her dance and singing.”

JYP’s version of Big Mama? A new power vocal girl group to debut


JYP Entertainment will aim to make another WonderGirls legend with a new group.

A JYP representative said on 4th June, “Currently we are preparing to debut a 3-member vocal girl group. But we have not come up with plans for the group. But we are aiming for them to debut this year, and they will surprise everyone with their talents and capabilities.”

According to the representative, they are focusing on the girl group image and their great singing capabilities as their ‘weapons’ to dominate the girl group realm in Kpop.

The group name has yet been decided, but they have come up with several possibly concepts for the group and doing some fine-tuning on the details for their debut.

With the WonderGirls legend that made, all eyes are on this next girl group from JYP.

Also the rumoured list of members of upcoming Cube Entertainment boy group…

K Bites – 21.05.2009

New member for HyunA group 4Minute revealed


Ex WonderGirl member HyunA‘s company  recently announced that she will be debuting in a 5-member group 4Minute in mid June.

hyuna_njh_210509_1And on 21st May, a new member to the group is revealed. The new member Nam Ji Hyun, is born in 1990, and is 19 years old. She has been training together with HyunA from back then.

HyunA’s company said, “Nam Ji Hyun is purely a trainee who did not promote as other singer. And she will join the group 4Minutes with HyunA.”

New photos of HyunA and Nam Ji Hyun were revealed through HyunA‘s minihompy.


2NE1 Sandara Park speaks up to rumours of love relationship

sandarapark_2105092NE1 member Sandara Park explains the photos of her and her ex boyfriend surfaced on the internet.

She said in a interview on 20th, “Those were photos I took when I was active for a broadcast programme in the Philippines.”

In the photos which surfaced a while back, Sandara Park had posed intimately with a male model. Sandara Park had won #1 on a Filipino audition show and had debut there.

She said, “We were filming a programme similar to Korea’s We Got Married and were acting like lovers. The concept of the show is that we do make-believe couples. And those photos were the photos when we were on the programme.”


Big Bang-2PM eliminated members Jang Hyun Seung and Yoon Doo Joon to debut in a group in July


YG ex-trainee Jang Hyun Seung was recently said to be preparing for his debut coming July under a different company.

Jang‘s company said on 21st, “Nothing has been quite decided and confirmed for now. We are still looking at his capabilities and potential. We have decided to debut a new male group in July, and currently we are looking at 10 other of our trainees. But it is not a guarantee that Jang Hyun Seung will be in the group.”

But even so, the number of members or who will be in the new group is still not decided. But also, not only is Jang Hyun Seung known to be in the current selection to be in this new boy group, Yoon Doo Joon, who was eliminated from the selection of 2PM-2AM members through Mnet Hot Blood, is said to be in the selection too.

We’ll just see if the 2 will get a second chance to debut.

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K Bites – 20.05.2009 IV

TOP and SeungRi do some acting


Big Bang TOP and SeungRi were in Seoul SamSungDong COEX for the filming of Korean-Japanese drama collaboration ’19’ on 20th May.

The 2 will be acting alongside YG actress Heo Yi Jae. More information about the drama here.


Big Bang eliminated member Jang Hyun Seung preparing for debut in July


Big Bang eliminated member Jang Hyun Seung is currently preparing for his debut in July.

Back then when he was still part of Big Bang, he has already his own fanbase. And after he was eliminated, his fans continued to support him through his training days.

His company revealed recently, “He is currently going through preparations for his debut in July. Please support him.”

It is also said that he will not debut solo but as a group. There were also rumours that he will debut in a group together with Yoon Doo Joon, the eliminated member from 2pm.


Netizens worry for gone-missing newsinger JoonSeo after ‘suicide letter’


Newcomer duo group Blue Spring member JoonSeo has got netizens worried that he may attempt suicide.

He wrote on his minihompy at 6.27pm on 19th May a post titled “Please read for once”. The content to the post, “I have been living with my parents for 9 years. All these time I’ve been alone and thinking. In the end, I want to live without the worry for money.”

“Just money, 10 thousand, 100 thousand… To others they may not even know how much they’re paying for their alcohol, please for the last time think and help me.” And he left his bank account number.

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K Bites – 12.05.2009 II

Kim Bum, Son DamBi and Joo Jin Mo casted for new SBS drama ‘Dream’


Boys Over Flowers cast Kim Bum has been casted together with Son DamBi and Joo Jin Mo as the main character to SBS new drama ‘Dream’ to be aired in September.

Kim Bum will plays a character who turned from a rebellious kid to a combat sports player with the help of sports agent agent Nam JaeYeol (played by Joo Jin Mo). In this drama, Kim Bum will shed the pretty boy image for the tough man image.

And because there are many scenes in the drama where Kim Bum has to go naked on top, he is currently working on building up his body.

And singer Son DamBi will play Park So Yeon, the daughter of Nam Jae Yeol.


Big Bang eliminated member Jang Hyun Seung’s painful confession “I also don’t know why I became an issue”


Jang Hyun Seng who was eliminated from group Big Bang before their debut gave a painful confession on tvN ENEWS on 12th May.

He said, “I don’t know why I became an issue like that. Because there are many other trainee out there too, I don’t understand the reason why I get so much attention. Right now I am thinking about what I needs. I am preparing hard for my audition. Until I debut, please wait a little while more.”

Jang Hyun Seung has already his fanbase set up when he was the 6th member of Big Bang before debut.

This episode of ENEWS will be aired on 12th May.

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K Bites – 05.05.2009 II

YounHa sings R&B version of ‘Gee’


Singer YounHa was on MBC ‘Music Vacation Lalala’ as the first guest appearance for its special edition. And on the show she performed with an acoustic band.

One of the performance highlights is her performance of So Nyeo Shi Dae‘s ‘Gee’ R&B version in her own style. YounHa also sang Lee Sora’s ‘Proposal’ with her own feel on the show.

As in how her version of ‘Gee’ will sound, many fans and netizens are curious. This episode is set to air on 6th May.


SHINee youngest member TaeMin for acting debut

tm_050509Group SHINee‘s youngest member TaeMin (16) will have his acting debut in MBC sitcom ‘TaeHee HyeGyo JiHyun’.

TaeMin will play Choi Eun Kyung‘s only son JunSu. He will play the perfect obedient son who never failed to get top in school, and is well versed in sports, music and arts etc. In the show, TaeMin gets involved in a love triangle with Jung Seon Kyung‘s daughter Shim Eun Kyeong and Kim Hee Jung‘s daughter Han Bo Bae.

TaeMin has already went for the first filming in uniform on 4th May in GyeongGiDo. For his first day of filming, he performed SHINee‘s hit song ‘Noona is very pretty’ and had received applause from the senior actors around.


Dong Bang Shin Ki JaeJoong is ‘Japan’s Best Prince’

herojj_050509Dong Bang Shin Ki member Hero JaeJoong has been chosen as ‘Japan’s Best Prince’.

A ranking chart ‘Which entertainer comes to mind when you think of the word Prince?’ was conducted on Japan’s music site Barks. Hero JaeJoong was chosen over other Japanese enteratainer to win the #1 spot with over 30% of the votes.

2nd goes to W-inds member Keita (24), 3rd Kinki Kids’ Domoto Goichi and 4th goes to X-Japan’s Yoshiki. Korean talent Kim Jung Hoon (29) was also on the chart at #11.

Fans wrote down messages to their ‘Prince JaeJoong‘, “Even if you bring me with you to Korea, I’m fine with that”, “You are the goddess of Dong Bang Shin Ki” etc.

Meanwhile, Dong Bang Shin Ki is currently having their 4th Japan concert tour.


Big Bang’s eliminated member Jang Hyun Seung’s most recent


Member Jang Hyun Seung, who got eliminated out of group Big Bang during the process of making of the group, has received much attentioned recently with the rebroadcasting of Big Bang‘s beginning-of-debut documentary.

A documentary ‘Real Docu Big Bang‘ was aired in 2006 on GomTV, featuring Jang Hyun Seung being eliminated, even though he was popular amongst female fans for his good looks, hence making Big Bang a 5-member group.

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