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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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SNSD TaeYeon voted as the female idol singer with the best vocals

So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon is picked as the female idol group member with the best vocals.

A poll was conducted for 9 days on online community portal site DCInside from 3rd August till 11th August on ‘Which is the main vocal with the best vocals from female idol groups?” And TaeYeon got voted #1 with 1,725 votes out of 16,639 votes.

f(x) Luna and Brown Eyed Girls Jea are voted #2 and #3 on the survey with 1784 votes and 1114 votes respectively. Other than them, other female idols voted on the survey include 2NE1 Park Bom, SeeYa Kim YeonJi and WonderGirls SunYe.

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JeA’s surprising confession, “I like MBLAQ Lee Joon’s muscles”

Brown Eyed Girls JeA gives a surprising confession, “I like MBLAQ Lee Joon’s muscles.”

On KBS 2TV Star GoldentBell aired on 3rd July, JeA was one of the star appearances on the show and MC Ji SeokJin asked her, “Is there any entertainer you like?” and she picked MBLAQ Lee Joon, on reasons that she likes his cool muscles.

Narsha also added, “JeA really like Lee Joon. Even when we are moving between our schedules and are sleeping, she is one to wake up immediately when we say that MBLAQ has appeared.” And when asked, “Is MBLAQ your alarm?”, JeA had seemed shy and flustered.

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Meant to be the 5th member of Brown Eyed Girls, Yoari debuts as solo singer

Known for her powerful vocals, new singer Yoari debuts!

In 2006, Yoari was actually the 5th member of female group Brown Eyed Girls. Despite her tender age, Yoari had garnered interest with her powerful vocals.  But her agency NaeGa Network had felt that Yoari was more suited for rock music and had her in band Springkler.

But Springkler’s activities ended early, and after that Brown Eyed Girls became more well known and established in the mainstream music market. It was hard for Yoari. It was known that she even sang the guide tracks for Brown Eyed Girls.

Yoari said, “Whenever I sang the guide tracks for Brown Eyed Girls, I felt really sad. But also thanks to that, I’ve learnt a lot too. And now I can debut as solo.”

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BEG Miryo used to be from the city gifted class!

It has been known that Brown Eyed Girls Miryo was from the city gifted class.

Miryo was on SBS Quiz Day aired on 9th May when she was asked, “Are you very much different in real life as compared to what your parents thought you to be?”. Her answer was “Yes very different. I used to be a student who is really hardworking.”

Member JeA then added, “Miryo was from the city talent class.” Miryo then commented, “Because I was chosen for the city-established gifted class, my parents believed that I would enter one of the top universities. But when I was in high school first year, I realised I wanted to do music, and turned rebellious and they were shocked.”

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Photo Of The Day! Jea touches Lee Joon’s muscles!

Brown Eyed Girls JeA shows true colours of an adult-dol (adult+idol).

A photo of Jea and MBLAQ Lee Joon was posted up on the online bulletin board to MBC FM4U ‘ShinDong and Park GyuRi’s ShimShimTapa’ on 6th May. In the photo, Jea was seen touching Lee Joon’s muscle and making an expression.

A Shimshimtapa staff wrote, “Jea who suddenly turned up. She greeted GyuRi and then after that her true colours showed. She showed great affection to MBLAQ. She can’t help but touched Lee Joon’s muscles.”

Netizens’ comments were, “Her happy expression gave it all away”, “I want to touch Lee Joon’s muscles too” etc.


BEG JeA shows off her abs

Brown Eyed Girls leader JeA shows off her abs.

Recently photos of JeA taken during her photoshoot have been garnering much attention from fans and netizens. In the photo, she was seen with a short shirt and showing off her abs.

Her agency revealed on 27th April, “The photos that surfaced are JeA’s most recent photos. JeA has been training for those abs with exercise for about 3 months.”

Brown Eyed Girls excited on their first trip to Thailand!

Brown Eyed Girls reveal some photos during their visit to Thailand.

Some photos of the girls’ first visit to Thailand were posted up on member JeA’s minihompy on 13th April. JeA wrote, “Ah it’s hot~ 2Hyo who cannot go without a hand towel”. The ‘2Hyo’ refers to JeA (Kim HyoJin) and Narsha (Park HyoJin).

She continued, “Try to follow my pose~, we are on the way to rehearsal. Even though the weather is hot, we are expected on our first trip to Thailand”

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Photo Of The Day! Goo Hara♥JeA cute selca set revealed!

A set of selca featuring Brown Eyed Girls JeA and KARA Goo Hara has caught the attention of man netizens.

The photos were posted up on JeA’s minihompy in a post titled ‘the showdown of the nostrils’. The photos were taken during one of the music shows and they had taken photos together as soon as they met backstage, showing their deep friendship.

Netizens commented, “The 2 looked like passionate sisters”, “Their expressions are really interesting”, “They are both cute” etc.

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