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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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‘Adam Couple’ Jo Kwon and GaIn updates me2day page

MBC TV We Got Married ‘Adam Couple’ Jo Kwon and GaIn revealed a photo of them showing their lovey couple vibe.

The 2 posted up a photo on their me2day on 10th March and wrote, “Posting after a while. Without our faces.” In the photo was the couple wearing the couple hoodie given by Brown Eyed Girls JeA.

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Brown Eyed Girls without their smokey makeup?

Known to be their signature image, Brown Eyed Girls have been appearing in front of us fans in smokey makeup for their ‘adult-dol’ sexy image.

But how about a Brown Eyed Girls without the thick smokey makeup? Members JeA and Miryo are featured in the March issue of Ceci magazine, doing a photoshoot for Etude House in bright and shiny makeup.

Curious? Go under the cut for the photos.

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Brown Eyed Girls’ company, “Request for separate name notations for JeA and ZE:A”

4-member female group Brown Eyed Girls‘ company has asked for newcomer group ZE:A to have different name notation from BEG member JeA.

BEG‘s company Nega Network released a report on 25th January, “There has been reports on newspaper and internet reporting that ‘Child Of Empire’ from Star Empire has decided to use ‘ZE:A‘ as their name notation. Star Empire had come to a deal with Nega Network so that the group will be called ‘Child Of Empire/제국의 아이들/JeGook Eul AhDeul’ so as to avoid confusion.”

So in the future, in reports, the boyband will be introduced as ‘ZE:A (제국의 아이들)’ together.

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DaeSung and Kang JiYoung’s bashful meeting on SBS Family Outing!

Idol girlgroup members pay Family Outing a visit.

During the episode of SBS Family Outing aired on 17th January, KARA Nicole and So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany did guest appearance on the show.

And other idol girlgroup members like So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA, Brown Eyed Girls Gain, JeA and Miryo, KARA Han SeungYeon and Kang JiYoung, T-ara EunJung and JiYeon also showed up during the filming.

It was a big surprise to DaeSung seeing KARA Kang JiYoung that he even turned red in the face. This is because previously on the show, DaeSung has confessed that he receives and sends text messages to one of the girlgroup member.

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ZE:A will promote as ‘Children Of Empire’ after same-name controversy

9-member rookie boyband ZE:A will promote as ‘Children of Empire‘ with their debut amidst the same-name controversy with Brown Eyed Girls member JeA.

Star Empire Entertainment announced on 8th January, “The group name is confirmed as ZE:A, but it will be read as ‘Jae-Kook-Eu-Ah-Deul (Children Of Empire)’ instead of ‘Je-Ah’.”

Recently,there has been some issues with the same-name controversy as Brown Eyed Girls member JeA. Pronounciation of JeA and ZE:A are the same in Korean.

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ZE:A MV Teaser is Out!

ZE:A debut on January 7,2010 is around the corner and this new boy group can’t help to tease you as they reveal their MV Teaser today!

Different from other group who shows off their dancing or singing cuts in the teaser, ZE:A shows a different way to attract people’s attention!

Love it or not?

BEG JeA fans are angry, “Child Of Empire is ZE:A? Change the name”

There has been some disagreement between the same names of Brown Eyed Girls Jea (제아) and upcoming 9-member group ZE:A (제아).

ZE:A is the name of an upcoming 9-member group previously known as Child Of Empire under Star Empire Entertainment. The group has revealed some album jacket photos on 28th December and will be releasing their debut album on 7th January.

But this has met with some strong protest from Brown Eyed Girls JeA‘s fans. The reason is that they have the same name (in Korean that is). And it has been known that the fans have been calling up Star Empire to ask about the same-name issue.

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JeA and Lee YeongHyun reveals duet ‘Harmony’

Vocal powerhouse Brown Eyed Girls JeA and Big Mama Lee YeongHyun‘s duet collaboration song ‘Harmony’ for movie ‘Harmony’ has been revealed on 22nd December. The song also features a 25-members-strong orchestra playing.

The 2 are also in for another duet collaboration of classic ‘When You Believe’.