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T-ara leader BoRam to follow mother’s foot steps with drama debut

T-ara leader Jeon BoRam will follow her mother Lee MiYeong’s foot steps with her drama debut in upcoing KBS 2TV drama.

According to Core Contents Media, “Jeon BoRam has been casted as the main lead for upcoming KBS 2TV drama special ‘The Grim Reaper in purple heels is coming’.” BoRam will be the 5th member from T-ara after JiYeon, EunJung, HyoMin and Qri to have her drama debut.

Jeon Boram plays the role of a 19-year-old Woo AhMi in the drama special. Other stars featured in the drama include Jeon HyeBin and musical actor Jung SeongHwa. The drama is set for airing on 7th August.

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[Photo Spam] T-ara at the wake of BoRam’s late grandmother Baek SeolHee

The news that elder singer Baek SeolHee, who is also the mother of singer Jeon YeongRok and grandmother of T-ara Boram, came on 5th May. The singer had passed away at the age of 83.

The T-ara girls were also seen at the wake of the elder singer. Go under the cut for more photos.

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T-ara Boram’s grandmother Baek SeolHee passed away on 5th May

Elder singer Baek SeolHee is known to have passed away at 3am on 5th May due to complications from high blood pressure. She died at age 83, and her funeral will be held on 7th May.

She is one of the best singers in the 80s, and is the mother of singer Jeon YeongRok and grandmother of T-ara BoRam.

S: mtstarnews

T-ara JiYeon’s surprise confession, “I wish to meet my ideal guy Lee CheonHee”

T-ara’s youngest member JiYeon reveals that her ideal type of guy is actor Lee CheonHee.

The girls were featured for an interview on KBS Entertainment News aired on 1st May when JiYeon confessed, “I wish to meet with my ideal type Lee CheonHee.”

During the interview when asked who her ideal type was, JiYeon answered, “I like Lee CheonHee seonbae. He’s really cute.” And she was seen very shy and covering her face with her 2 hands. She added, “I am a fan of CheonHee oppa. It would be good if I could meet him even for a short while.”

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T-ara Boram comes clean with her height, portal site profile height information changed from 164cm to 155cm

T-ara Jeon BoRam gets a change in her profile on portal sites recently, her height stated on the profile has been changed by 164cm to 155cm.

At 2PM on 3rd April on various portal sites like Naver and Daum, there was a change in Boram’s profile photo and information. What had garnered much attention from netizen was that her height was changed from 164cm to 155cm. Initially when Jeon Boram first debuted, her height of 164cm as stated has caused quite a happening with many netizens criticizing that it is not her true heigt.

And this time, with the change in her profile information, she has once again gone under fire. Jeon BoRam has all this while refuted with, “I am not hiding that I’m 155cm. It is just that it has been known online that I am 164cm.”

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T-ara Boram’s little sister reveals, “Her makeup was so thick even her own family cannot recognise her”

T-ara Jeon BoRam’s little sister appeared on broadcast show with her to explain the criticisms on her height.

Recently on SBS Star Junior Show lunar new year special, Boram’s little sister Jung WooRam has appeared on the show together.

Jeon WooRam said, “Her makeup was so thick that even her little sister could not recognise her.” She also showed photos of Jeon Boram when she was a model and her current photos for comparison.

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T-ara’s upcoming title song, chosen by 9,000 fans, to be revealed on 2nd Dec

T-ara will be revealing their new title song, decided by 9,000 netizens over on 9 music sites, at 9am on 2nd December.

They revealed their 1st full length album ‘Absolute First Album’ on 27th November previously, and then revealed 4 MVs for the songs ‘Bo Peep Bo Peep’ (with 15+ and 19+ versions), ‘Like The First Time’ and ‘Apple is A’.

Their agency revealed, “About 9,000 people has taken part in the poll to choose their title song over 9 music sites. With that, we will be revealing the title song on 2nd December at 9am.”

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K Bites – 10.09.2009 (KARA Han SeungYeon, T-ara BoRam)

KARA Han Seung Yeon, “There is a male entertainer who will call me everyday at 2am”

hsy_110909It has been revealed that many male entertainers are going after girl group KARA.

Member Han SeungYeon was on KBS ‘Star Golden Bell’ recently when she was asked, “To say the truth, is there any male entertainer you have worked with?” by MC Kim JaeDong.

And she answered, “There was this male entertainer who has asked for my contact number, and after that he would call everyday at 2am in the morning. And then he would send messages like ‘Have you eaten?’, ‘Did you think of me today?’.”

With that, other guest star appearances joked, “You sure he is not 2AM’s ChangMin?” And SeungYeon said, “He is not someone who is currently promoting now.”

This episode of Star Golden Bell will be aired on 12th September.

Singer Jeon YeongRok, “I do not allow my daughter BoRam to do sexy dance”

boram_110909Singer Jeon YeongRok has warned that his daughter Jeon BoRam, member of group T-ara, is not allowed to do sexy dance.

He was on a morning show on 10th September where he talked about his daughter who just debuted in group T-ara.

He said, “I thought her that she should never do sexy dances. There are so many kids who do that, and they go nowhere far. So the other T-ara girls are tied down with that.”

He continued, “I didn’t see BoRam promoting as part of T-ara. I said to her that she does not have the aura, but one day when she comes out and say ‘I have such strengths too’ – I can’t see that” feeling embarrassed.

He also showed photos of his son and BoRam on his phone during the show.