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Last of Secret’s album teaser photo featuring Jeon HyoSeong revealed!

The last of the teaser photo to 4-member girlgroup Secret’s comeback minialbum featuring member Jeon HyoSeong has been revealed.

Earlier, the teaser photos for members Han SeonHwa, Song JiEun and Zinger were revealed.

The girls will release their comeback minialbum on 12th August.

Gina Choi set for solo debut this June!

5Girls Gina is set for her solo debut.

A Cube Entertainment representative revealed, “Choi Gina is currently preparing for her debut in late June.” Already previously in January during Cube Star Party held at Seoul Melon Ax Hall, Gina had her comeback stage performing JOJO’s ‘Leave’.

Before that, she also appeared in 2PM’s debut song ’10 points out of 10′ MV. Gina Choi was set to first debut in group 5Girls with other members like JiWon, UEE, YooBin and Jeon HyoSeong. But with the sudden withdrawal from their agency, the group was forced to disband even before debut.

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Secret confesses, “We are not the nation’s younger sisters but younger brothers”

Group Secret reveals, “We are the nation’s younger brothers.”

Currently promoting their 1st minialbum ‘Magic’, Secret was recently on SBS radio ‘2pm Escape Cultwo Show’ as guests on the show.

They were asked the question, “Now is the time of the girlgroups. What is the differentiating charms of Secret as compared to other girlgroups?” and leader Jeon HyoSeong replied, “I guess we are strong and have the charms of younger brothers. Nation’s younger brother image?”

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Secret Jeon HyoSeong’s graduation photo revealed, “She’s a natural beauty”

Secret Jeon HyoSeong’s graduation photo garners interests from netizens and fans.

The photo was taken from Seoul GooJung High School’s graduation photo album taken in early 2009, and is known to be Jeon HyoSeong of Secret. Jeon HyoSeong has also recently been garnering much interests after it was known that she used to be part of ‘5girls’.

In the graduation photo revealed, Jeon HyoSeong is seen with pure and young features. Her long silky natural long hair is much different from her blonde locks now. Netizens who have seen the photos commented, “She looks the same now as compared to then”, “She is totally a natural beauty” etc.

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Jeon HyoSeong’s past as 5Girls garners interests late

Interests on girlgroup Secret Jeon HyoSeong’s past have once again been garnered.

Currently promoting their 1st minialbum ‘Secret Time’, Secret leader Jeon HyoSeong’s past as the same group as WonderGirls YooBin and After School UEE has been garnering much interests from netizens.

Jeon HyoSeong had planned to debut as singers with YooBin and UEE as part of group 5Girls through Mnet reality program ‘MTV Diary Of 5 Girls’. But due to some problems their agency was facing, the group did not debut. Jeon HyoSeong, before 5Girls, was also known to have won the final winner to audition show ‘Battle ShinHwa’. Back then, those who got eliminated on the show like Big Bang SeungRi, Brown Eyed Girls GaIn and TaeGoon, are now all promoting as singers.

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UKiss and Secret perform Lee Hyori’s hits ‘U-Go-Girl’ and ‘Toc Toc Toc’

Idol group UKiss did a performance of Lee Hyori’s hit ‘U-Go-Girl’ as a special for her comeback stage on Mnet M!Countdown.

Secret members Jeon HyoSeong and Song JiEun also did a performance of ‘Toc Toc Toc’ as an introduction to Hyori’s comeback stage. Go under the cut for the performance cuts.

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Lee Hyori shows off 3 sets of charms for comeback stage on Mnet M!Countdown

Sexy queen Lee Hyori is back showing off 3 sets of charms.

Lee Hyori had her comeback stage for her 4th album on Mnet M!Countdown on 15th April. She performed 3 songs off the album ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’, ‘Want Me Back’ and ‘I’m Back’ showing 3 sets of charms.

For ‘I’m Back’ she was seen in a baseball outfit looking fresh and young. And ‘Want Me Back’ and ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’, Hyori was seen with a more feminine and sexy image. She also had an intro performance of ‘Toc Toc Toc’ put up by Secret Jeon HyoSeong and Song JiEun.

Go under the cut for the performance cuts.

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Secret Jeon HyoSeong and Song JiEun for intro stage to Lee Hyori’s comeback performance

Rookie girlgroup Secret members Song JiEun and Jeon HyoSeong will be appearing for Lee Hyori’s comeback stage on Mnet M!Countdown on 15th April.

Group leader HyoSeong and lead vocal Song JiEun will be doing the intro stage to Lee Hyori’s comeback performance by their own performance of Hyori’s hit song ‘Toc Toc Toc’.

The 2 revealed, “We are very honoured to perform for seonbae Lee Hyori whom we have always respected. We will try our best to put up a cool performance.”

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