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19.08.2009 Kpop album reviews – Big Bang, My Fair Lady & more

World of  Kpop

What changes the most in the Korean industry? The answer is Kpop. New stars, familiar stars, and even OSTs popping up here and there. Too much for one to handle? No, problem. KBites has it all here for you guys!

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Happy Lunar New Year from KBites


With Lunar New Year just less than a day from now (at least from Singapore time), K Bites is here to wish everyone a prosperous year ahead!

As usual, this year we are in for another round of HanBok galore.

Image Heavy!!!

K Bites – 23.01.2009 (II)

So Nyeo Shi Dae 2nd consecutive #1 on KBS MusicBank despite no-performance


Group So Nyeo Shi Dae, 3 weeks into their no-performance on KBS MusicBank, has taken #1 position on the show for the 2nd consecutive week.

They were #1 on K Chart on the show this week, winning over Big Bang SeungRi‘s ‘Strong Baby’ and Gavy NJ’s ‘Love Story’. And this is their 2nd week of no-performance following their #1 position on the chart last week.

Makes me wonder how long this no-show thing will go on between SM and KBS.


Jewelry S – Date MV trailer

They kinda have the cutesy concept which reminded me of KARA.


No more celebrities-endorsement for uniforms


From start of February this year, we will no longer be able to see famous stars doing school uniform advertisements anymore.

The ministry of education, science and technology (MEST) announced this on 23rd January after having a discussion session. Prices of school uniforms were revised and were will the cases of excessive use of famous celebrities’ endorsement for their uniforms.

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K Bites – 22.01.2009

Big Bang TOP to appear on Family Outing


Big Bang TOP will appear as guest appearance on SBS Family Outing.

TOP participated the filming of the show on 19th and 20th January in YangReung.

PD Jang Hyeok Jae said, “He will appear showing the charismatic side of him and will also follow with DaeSung for ‘Secret exposure’ corner.”

The episode featuring TOP will air on 8th and 15th February.

Here’s a photo of TOP during the filming


Jewelry S to debut with ‘Like You More’


Jewelry S, consisting of Jewelry members Kim Eun Jung and Ha Joon Yeon, will release their minialbum ‘Sweet Song’ on 28th January. Ahead of the album release, the song ‘Like you more’ was released on 22nd January.

‘I like you more’ is the 2nd version of Jewelry‘s ‘Really like you’ released back in 2007.


SeungRi first #1 with ‘Strong Baby’


Big Bang SeungRi‘s solo single ‘Strong Baby’ is #1 on Mnet M!Countdown this week on 22nd January.

This is his first #1 3 week safter starting his activities promoting his solo song.

Seo In Young dumping mushroom head for good?


After her recent craze for bob-styled-hair and bangs, is Seo In Young doing without that mushroom head, for good?

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K Bites – 20.01.2009

Upcoming ‘Andy’s Band’ – Jumper


More about the upcoming group Jumper, with ShinHwa member Andy as the producer, has been revealed ahead their debut in February.

The group consists of team leader Rocky (18) and rapper cum sub-vocal Park Dong Min (21). Already, much interests has been raised regarding member Rocky has been mistaken to be actor Seo Min Woo after photos of him together with Andy during Andy‘s Japan fanmeeting has been revealed.

Rocky was also featured in the song ‘U-Turn’ in Andy’s 1st solo album for the rap. Jumper will debut in mid-February.


TaeYang VS SeungRi in dance battle


Big Bang TaeYang and SeungRi will be having a dance battle on one of MBC’s lunar new year special programs ‘Star Dance Battle’ on 25th January.

On the same show Oh Jung Tae, Jeon Hwan Kyu, Shin Dong Soo and Kim Kyung Jin will team up as one team battling against another team consisting of Kim Jung Geun, Jeon Jong Hwan, Heo Il Hoo, Kim Na ParkJin and Seo In Ye.

Also the parody done by announced Oh Sang Jin on TaeYang‘s ‘Look Only At Me’ will be revealed on ‘2009 Singer King’ on 27th January.


Coming soon: Jewelry S



Jewelry‘s Kim Eun Jung and Ha Joo Yeon will promote as Jewelry S with members Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young stepping out of the scene for a while.

Their new MV was filmed on 20th January. Members Seo In Young and Park Jung Ah were also present during the filming of the MV.

Their company also said, “Jewelry S will give a new feeling from that from female groups like So Nyeo Shi Dae and WonderGirls. Please lookout for Jewelry S.

K Bites – 18.12.2008

Hyori down with flu and hospitalised just 2 days before solo concert

hyori_181208Singer Lee Hyori has been hospitalised 2 days before her first solo concert since her debut.

She has been hospitalised on 17th December into a hospital in Seoul GangNam for flu and exhaustion. Hyori has been busy preparing for her sold-out concert and also other activities scheduled. She has been hospitalised after her recording for SBS ‘Good Sunday’ on 15th and 16th.

Mnet said, “Hyori has been hospitalised for flu and exhuastion. We wanted to let her rest for a fews days at the hospital but it will be hard for her to rest since it is just days to her concert.”

Hyori has went back to her concert rehearsal after receiving her treatment at the hospital on 17th. Same thing on the 18th, she took some rest at the hospital and went back for her concert rehearsal.

Meanwhile, Hyori will be holding her first ever solo concert on 19th and 20th December at seoul Olympic Stadium.


Big Bang will sing for Kim Tae Hee


Idol group Big Bang will sing for beautiful actress Kim Tae Hee.

Following LG Electronics mobile phone brand CYON, Big Bang and Kim Tae Hee had filmed together for a new ‘Ice Cream Phone’ CF in a filming set in GyeonGiDo NamYangJoo on 17th December. This will be the first time that Big Bang and Kim Tae Hee will appear together in a CF.

One of the staff said, “Big Bang and Kim Tae Hee has met for the first time for this filming of CF. In this CF, Big Bang sang a newly arranged version of Im Byung Soo’s past hit song ‘Ice Cream Love’ to Kim Tae Hee.”

Big Bang and Kim Tae Hee also took a picture together for promotional use.


Jewelry for unique group Jewelry-S next year


Jewelry members Kim Eun Jung and Ha Joo Yeon will form a new unique group next year.

It has been announced that the new unique group Jewelry-S will start their activities beginning of next year.

Reason being that members Park Jung Ah will be coming up with a new solo album and Seo In Young has also decided to take some time off to rest.

We will just wait and se how the unique group Jewelry-S will work out.