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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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Jewelry confirms its 2 new members, and new album set to be released in Sep!

With the joining of 2 new member, Jewelry will have their comeback in September.

According to Star Empire on 13th August, “We have recently confirmed the addition of 2 new members. The group is currently working with the aim to release the new album in September.”

It is known that the 2 new members are SuperStarK Park SaeMi and another newcomer in the showbiz. The 2 new members will join Ha JooYeon and Kim EunJung after Park JungAh and Seo InYoung left the group previously. The group will remain as a 4-member group.

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SuperStar K Park SaeMi confirmed as new member in Jewelry

Park SaeMi from Super Star K has been confirmed as the new member for female group Jewelry.

According to Star Empire on the 15th, “Park SaeMi has been confirmed as new member to Jewelry, which will also include the 2 existing members Ha JooYeon and Kim EunJung. Park SaeMi’s capabilities and passion for music do not shy as part of Jewelry. Currently she is practising with members Kim EunJung and Ha JooYeon.”

The Star Empire official added, “We will be looking for another member for Jewelry, to make it 4-member like before. Everyone will be able to see a brand new Jewelry in August.”

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Fun Fact of Kpop: When they first debuted…

Stumbled across a collage of photos of girlgroups and female singers when they first debuted posted by a netizen on a online portal community site, and I thought I should share it.

Go under the cut to see how your favourite girlgroups have looked like when they first debut.

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Seo InYoung dumps ‘new products girl’ image for ballad comeback, “Great burden for image transformation”

Seo InYoung dumps the ‘new product girl’ and ‘sexy girl’ strong images for a softer and more feminine image.

Back with a new minialbum ‘LOV-Elly’ this may, Seo InYoung will start her solo activities. And the title song will be ‘사랑이라 쓰고 아픔이라 부른다 (Writing Love, Singing Sorrows)’ by Park GeunTae.

A Star Empire representative stated, “Even though this is her solo activities, she will not be doing solo as Jewelry Seo InYoung but this is her first solo album as a solo singer. She feels burdened by the thought to need to show a new image.”

Meanwhile, through this album Seo InYoung also did a remake of Park SeonJoo’s ‘Goodbye Romance’.

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Seo InYoung said to have cried during the recording of new song ‘Goodbye Romance’

More album jacket photos for singer Seo InYoung’s upcoming album revealed.

Her agency revealed on the 11th that Seo In Young will be back with a ballad number, and the new song ‘Goodbye Romance’ will be revealed on 12th May. Seo InYoung had done sexy dance concept for her 1st and 2nd solo album, but for this album, she dumps the strong image with a sad ballad song.

A representative from her agency revealed, “When Seo InYoung was recording this song, she cried a lot. She had thought about ending promotions as part of Jewelry after 10 years and she could really relate to the lyrics. It was a song which took longer than expected to record because of all the emotions which came.”

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KBS Music Bank 30.04.2010 – Rain wins #1 with ‘Love Song’ for the 3rd consecutive week!

Today on KBS Music Bank, resuming after being canceled for one month after the CheonAhn naval ship sinking, Rain is up #1 on KChart with the song ‘Love Song’. This is his 3rd week winning #1 on the chart.

Also, go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

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Seo In Young for solo comeback this April – joining rivalry with Lee Hyori and Rain

Jewelry ex-member Seo In Young is set to have her comeback with new song release.

A Star Empire representative revealed on 13th April, “Seo In Young will have her comeback end of April.”

This will be her solo comeback 2 years after her solo album ‘Elly is Cinderella’ released in 2008, and it is known that Seo In Young is currently doing the recording works for her album.

The Star Empire rep added that they have plans for Seo In Young to do ballad genre for her title song, but nothing has been very much confirmed as of now. Seo In Young has always been known for her vocal capabilities, and previously she took part in the OST for drama ‘IRIS’ with the song ‘사랑하면 안되나요’.

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Seo In Young at Lee Joo Yeong fashion show and Jeremy Scott’s party

The most recent features of Seo In Young.

Preparing for her solo album after leaving group Jewelry, Seo In Young was recently seen at Lee JooYeong’s fashion show and Jeremy Scott’s party in Seoul on the 26th and 28th March.

Photos of Seo In Young at the events have gained much attention from the netizens as she was spotted with a new hairstyle in her usual sexy fashion.

More photos under the cut.

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