• Featured: JYJ ‘The…’

    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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More MV teasers to 2AM ‘I Did Wrong’ revealed!

The MV teasers featuring 2AM members Jo Kwon and ChangMin for their new song ‘I Did Wrong’ have been revealed.

2AM will be carrying out a large scale project to reveal the full song on 15th March including doing showcase in the Seoul subway stations.

Go under the cut for more MV teasers.

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2AM new song ‘I Did Wrong’ featuring JinWoon revealed!

The 2nd MV teaser to 2AM’s upcoming new song ‘I Did Wrong’ featuring member JinWoon has been revealed on 13th March.

The teaser features member SeulOng. The group will carry out a large scale project in revealing their new song including doing showcase in subway stations on 15th March when the song will be revealed in full.

HanBok Catalog: 2010 Lunar New Year

Another round of Hanbok Catalog with this year’s Lunar New Year.

Go under the cut for the photos of your favourite Kpop idols in the traditional HanBok.

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The Kpop 91-er group gathers on Sukira

Kpop 91-ers 2AM JinWoon, SHINee Key, MBLAQ Mir and BEAST DongWoon were seen together on KBS CoolFM Super Junior Kiss The Radio aired on 31st December.

Photos of the “91 line” were posted up on the internet and the “91 line” has been gaining popularity amongst netizens.

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Lee Seung Gi and Park Shin Hye for grand ‘wedding’ stage on SBS Gayo DaeJun

Wedding march will sound for singer Lee SeungGi and actress Park ShinHye.

Coming 29th December on SBS Gayo DaeJun, the 2 will have a grand ‘wedding’. They will be holding a joint stage and performing the proposal song ‘Will You Marry Me’.

The 2 have also been up preparing for the stage, practising their choreography together. Fans will look forward to the birth of the lovely couple for the show that day.

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[Photo Spam] SBS Gayo DaeJun boygroup special

SBS released some the-making photos to upcoming SBS Gayo DaeJun boygroup special video.

Feast on more eye candies under the cut!

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When KARA Nicole had to choose between 2AM JinWoon and SHINee Key, what will her answer be?

Do you remember KARA Triangle Love Story which made people curious as it’s involving KARA Nicole, Goo Hara and an unknown male star ? Well, 2AM maknae JinWoon and SHINee Key are suspected to be the so called male stars as these 2 are KARA Nicole‘s close friends.

Well, in one of the episode of “Idol Maknae Rebellion Era”, 2AM maknae JinWoon called Nicole to clear things up; and this part is even funnier since SHINee Key was also one of the guest star at that time.

c: sweetmelodix2 of karaholic

T-Max Yoon Hwa is prettier than a girl dressed up

3-member group T-Max youngest member Yoon Hwa dresses upas a female.

On SBS ‘Maknae Rebellious Generation’ to be aired on the 5th, Yoon Hwa joins the group of idol group maknaes 2AM JinWoon, FT Island SeungHyun,UKiss DongHo and Mighty Mouth Shorry J on the show.

He was seen dressed up as a girl in a wavy wig and a miniskirt, and standing at 175cm and 52 kg, he looks like a ‘female prettier flowers’. Fans who saw the photos said, “Previously there was rumours going around that he is Min HyoRin‘s elder brother, and recently he was even picked as the lookalike to pretty talent Jo YoonHee“, “He is so pretty that you cannot believe that he is a guy” etc.

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