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Epik High’s label MapTheSoul merges with Woollim Ent, comeback album set for March

Hip hop group Epik High will work with their ex-management company again.

According to Woollim Entertainment on 25th January, Epik High‘s independent label MapTheSoul has recently decided do merger with the company.

Woollim’s side said, “MapTheSoul’s music and producing capabilities together with Woollim’s marketing management planning together will give a good synergy effect. Currently, Tablo and Mithra are directing the album for the debut of new 7-member boy group Infinite.”

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4Minute awarded newcomer award at the 16th Korea Entertainment Arts Awards

The 16th Korea Entertainment Arts Awards ceremony took place on 3rd January in Seoul GyeongGiDo SeongNam Art Centre.

And group 4Minute has been awarded the newcomer award at the awards ceremony.

Also during the awards ceremony, FT Island won the male singer award and KARA won the female singer award.

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KPop Highlights Of The Week [03.09.2009]


KBites has another Kpop highlight for you guys! Let’s get started shall we?

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KMusic New Releases 26.08.2009 – Color Chocolate, B2Y, Park Ki Young, Taru, Hong KyungMin


Reviews to some of SooKyeong‘s recent favourite KMusic releases:

  • K Will and Mario for ‘Color Chocolate’ with the song ‘Chocolate’
  • New group B2Y releases 1st minialbum ‘BabyBoys to YearningGirls’
  • Park KiYoung comes back with a new single album ‘Recorded Tapes are Closed’
  • Taru finally releases full length album!
  • Hong KyungMin comes back with 10th album

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SBS Inkigayo 19.07.2009 – SNSD 2nd mutizen, 2PM goodbye, FT Island comeback stages


Today on SBS Inkigayo, the highlights to the show are:

  • FT Island comes back with their 3rd album promotions
  • 2PM says goodbye with ‘Again & Again’ and ‘I Hate You’
  • So Nyeo Shi Dae wins Mutizen 2nd week through despite strong competition up on Take 7
  • Usual stages by 2NE1, 4Minute, SS501 JungMin, IU etc

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KBS Music Bank 17.07.2009 – 2NE1 wins #1


On KBS Music Bank today, some of the highlights to the show:

  • 2NE1 wins first #1 with ‘I Don’t Care’
  • Special stages – SS501 JungMin with JiSun, IU with Ilac performances
  • Usual hot performances by So Nyeo Shi Dae, 4Minute, 2PM, Untouchable, IU etc…

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K Bites – 02.07.2009 III (MinJi-DaeSung, SS501 Jung Min, Lee Hyori)

2NE1 MinJi, “I’m okay with the concept as the female DaeSung”


Mnet ‘2NE1 TV’ which shows the girls and what they do in 24 hours, starting to air from 2nd July, features member MinJi talking about her feelings being said to look alike to Big Bang member DaeSung and to be called the female DaeSung.

In the show, they featured the girls meeting up with the Big Bang members at the end of their music show recording and at the MV filming site for the boys.

After seeing MinJi, DaeSung said, “Recently, I’m sorry to say but we still can’t really see eye to eye. It is still quite awkward for the 2 of us.” Yang Hyun Seok also added, “Our MinJi is the female DaeSung.” causing a wave of laugther in the fiming site.

MinJi responded, “People said we look alike”. And DaeSung said, “MinJi ah, why do you always look like me. You look more outstanding (look better) than me. This must have been quite hurtful for you.” MinJi, “No, we are charming.”

SooKyeong spots another nice duet – ‘If You Cannot’ by SS501 JungMin and JiSun

The solo song off SS501 upcoming collection album by member Jung Min featuring ex-Loveholic member JiSun. I think I’ve listened to it for more than 20 times today.

I don’t understand why some Kpoppers are complaining about JiSun singing more than JungMin, but the song is just amazing.

Lee Hyori, “If you want to be a singer, you have to vicious”

hyori_170609Singer Lee Hyori has recently become the judge and the core committee audition show ‘Mnet SuperStar K’ taking place on 26th and 27th June in CoEx together with other veteran singers like Lee Seung Chul, In SoonI, Yoon Jong Shin etc.

There were many instances when Lee Hyori would pose challenging and embarrassing, to some extent, questions to the people auditioning. For example there was a 18-year-old innocent looking student and she had ordered, “Try dancing without any music companion”.

She explained, “Being kind will be one big obstacle to you as a singer. You will need to be able to build up the charisma on stage and your strong will to win. Even if you sing well, if you are not ambitious, you will not seemed like you have capabilities on stage. You may even need to be a little imprudent. Try to scold everyone from your heart for one month.” giving a little advice on that.

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K Bites – 16.05.2009 II

GDragon’s autographed cap sold for 600K KRW


An autographed cap by GDragon has been sold at 600,000 KRW at a charity sale charity love auction campaign organised by EDaily.

EDaily did the charity sales from 11th to 17th May, sold items by Korean stars like Big Bang, KARA, Yoon Eun Hye etc amongst the items sold at the auction. And of them, an autographed GDragon cap was sold at the record of 610,000 KRW on the 6th day of the charity sale.

The item was also bidded for a reord of 72 times. The officials have taken in account that most of the bidders for the auction will be students, they have set a limit to the bid price of no more than 10,000 KRW.

Other than that, KARA member Han Seung Yeon‘s autographd book was also sold at 300,000 KRW at the charity sales.

All the proceeds from this sales will be contributed to help needy children. Meanwhile, the charity auction (click to enter) is still going on until 18th May at 10am.


JiSun talks about leaving Loveholic, “It’s because I wasn’t up to standard”

js_160509JiSun talks about her leaving of band Loveholic. She was on KBS ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook’ aired on 15th May for her last activity of her first solo album.

After MC Yoo Hee Yeol talks about how JiSun’s image has changed after going solo, JiSun reveals truthfully that her strong pride when she was in Loveholic that as the team’s vocal she cannot become someone else that she packed up and left the team.

And she revealed that it seemed like a burden to her that the other members Lee Jae Hak and Kang Hyun Min were doing everything for the band calmly, and they were promoting with ease.

She said, “I have thought of not doing music anyway because I realised I cannot be someone who just do purely music.”

Meanwhile, JiSun will take a short music study vacation to Japan Okinawa before starting work on her next solo album.


Comeback of the dance singers – ChaeYeon, JunJin and TaeGoon


Back with their glamorous costumes and dance choreographies, dance singers JunJin, ChaeYeon and TaeGoon are back to heat up the Kpop stage.

The 3 of them were back on on MBC Music Core performance stage on 16th May performing their comeback dance hits.

First to take the stage was TaeGoon back with a new hit ‘SuperStar’ after his previous ‘Call Me’. It seems that this singer has upgraded since his ‘Call Me’ days, his dance moves and vocals smoother and improved.

Also, ChaeYeon and JunJin who had their comeback stages last week continues to heat up the atmosphere with their comeback dance songs ‘Shake’ and ‘Hey Ya!’.

With that, we are seeing more of the sexy dance singers which the Kpop stage has been missing for awhile.

Which of the dance singers comeback is your favourite?

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