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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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SS501 Kim HyungJoon for his solo activities in Singapore after moving to new agency

SS501 Kim HyungJoon will have his first official solo activities in Singapore after moving to a new agency.

Kim HyungJoon’s new agency S-Plus entertainment revealed, “Kim HyungJoon has received heated lovecalls from Singapore and is invited down for a fanmeeting and showcase event. He will be in Singapore from 28th August and will be back on the 30th.”

The fanmeeting organised by Warner Music will see the attendance of 3000 fans. Kim HyungJoon also said, “I’m really nervous and excited since this is my first time going to Singapore. Even though it will only be for a short period of time, I hope to spend some enjoyable time with the fans.”

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Showdown between Jo Kwon and Kim HeeChul on Family Outing 2

‘Kkap Kwon’ Jo Kwon is feeling nervous with the appearance of Super Junior Kim HeeChul.

Kim HeeChul has appeared as guest appearance on SBS Family Outing on 2nd May. Kim HeeChul had appeared as close friend to SNSD YoonA and was seen with a strong character like Jo Kwon.

In between, Jo Kwon started showing his unique gag with hilarious imitation moves. But it seems with Kim HeeChul’s appearance, the position of Jo Kwon on the team to lighten up the atmosphere of the filming has been threatened. Hee Chul said, “The style that Jo Kwon and I pursue is different. I cannot do it through my body but for Jo Kwon, a slapstick is possible. I mostly use my mouth.”

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Rain voted #1 by netizens as the star they wish to have as their trainee teacher

Rain has been chosen as the star which netizens would like to have as their trainee teacher.

A poll was done on music site Monkey3 (www.monkey3.co.kr ) from 9th till 15th April on ‘The star whom I wish to have as my trainee teacher’ and Rain was voted #1 on the poll with 33% (498 votes) of the votes.

The reasons he was picked are “I want to learn from Rain who seems to have the drive and spirit to keep seeking for success”, “I wish to learn the secrets to have such a killer body like Rain has” etc.

Go under the cut for the rest of the poll results.

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Upcoming 19th High1 Seoul Music Awards nominee list revealed!

The nominee list for upcoming 19th High1 Seoul Music Awards 2010 has been revealed!

Said to be one of the Korean popular music award ceremonies established by Sports Seoul in the 1990s which contributed to many other award ceremonies later on, the 19th Seoul Music Awards awarding the best singers of year 2009 will be held on 3rd February 2010.

Nominee list under the cut.

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New 4-member mixed group B2Y to bring the disco craze back


4-member group B2Y (Babyboys To Yearningirls) is set to debut in the Kpop zone.

With members born in 1988 – JinWoong, Rika, Naraand eldest HanYeon (26) will bringing the disco craze to the teenagers. Normally for a group 1 to 2 of the members will be the main vocal while the others will be the rapper and doing the dancing, but for B2Y there will be 3 main vocals and 1 rapper.

They will be bringing up the retro craze with songs of the same feelings as ABBA’s ‘Mama Mia’ and Grease’s ‘Saturday Night Fever’. Even though this is the genre which people in the 30s and 40s will be familiar be, this group will be targeting at the teenager listeners.

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K Bites – 20.07.2009 (KARA, MC Mong)

KARA to make their comeback on 30th July!


Ahead of their comeback on 30th July, group KARA released a teaser photo on 20th July showing the girls transforming as figurines.

In this teaser photo, the girls have came out of their normal cute image, and appeared very much more matured. There are plans for more teaser photos to be revealed until their new album release on 30th.

Currently it has been known that album recording are all done, and even their new MV is filmed.

The girls will release their new album on 30th, and will have their comeback stage on 31st July.

MC Mong is ‘Humanimal’ for comeback


MC Mong has released part of the album jacket to his 5th album ‘Humanimal’ to be released on 23rd July.

The album jacket shows MC Mong doing the evolution of human. And also the album name is the mix of ‘Human’ and ‘Animal’ to give ‘Humanimal’.

mcmong_200709_1MC Mong’s company revealed that from his 1st till 5th album, MC Mong is  showing ‘Mong’s musical evolution’ as shown in this album art. And that this concept is chosen personally by MC Mong. He has also done the producing, lyrics and composing to the album itself.

Also for this 5th album, other great stars like Jo SungMo, SG Wannabe, JungIn, MAC and Navi are featured in the songs.

Meanwhile, MC Mong will have his comeback stage on 23rd July on Mnet M!Countdown.