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Park JaeBum and T-Max Joo ChanYang pose for a photo together – what is their relationship?

T-Max member Joo ChanYang makes a surprising appearance at the filming site for Park JaeBum’s upcoming film ‘Hype Nation’ to show support.

The photo was posted up on T-Max’s official Twitter recently. And in the photo, Park JaeBum was seen holding T-Max’s album and smiling for the photo.

The 2 had gone a long way with Joo ChanYang giving 2PM vocal lessons for their song ‘I Hate You’ before Joo debuts as part of T-Max. And since Park JaeBum was the leader of 2PM, the 2 had become very close friends through the session together. And coming back to Korea for the shooting of ‘Hype Nation’, JaeBum had told his friends that he misses Joo ChanYang, and Joo ChanYang had turned up at the shooting site to show support.

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T-Max holds concert for one Japanese fan

4-person male group T-MAX held a concert for one Japanese fan.

T-MAX appeared on music cable channel MNET’s “The Pub,” showing a performance for a single Japanese fan who traveled to Korea for T-Max.

At this stage, T-Max performed the theme song of KBS2TV’s drama Boys Over Flowers, “Paradise,” and “The Words I Can Tell You,” and “Don’t Fool Around” from their official 1st album on the birthday of this Japanese fan.

T-Max also gave this fan back hugs, and fed her tteokbokki (korean dish), making special memories with her.

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T-Max works with composer of 2PM ‘I Hate You’ for comeback with new song ‘Don’t Be Rude’

Group T-Max ropes in composer Super ChangDdaEe for the new album.

Super ChangDdaEe is the composer and lyricist for T-Max’s new song ‘Don’t Be Rude’ off their upcoming 1st full length album ‘Born To The Max’. The MV teaser was released on 1st June, and fans get a sneakpeek into the song with strong beats and electronic sound.

Another song which was revealed beforehand on 28th May, titled ‘Can Do For Me’, is also composed by Super ChangDdaEe. This composer is known for composing previous hits like 2PM ‘I Hate You’, ‘Tired Of Waiting’ and 2AM ‘Sorry I Can’t Smile For You’. With a hit maker roped in for their new album, T-Max also undergo transformation into a 4-member pretty boy group with new members Joo ChanYang and Park HaBi joining the group recently, as well as trying a new genre of music for their comeback.

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T-Max reveals album jacket photos ahead of 1st full length album comeback in June

Ahead of their comeback with their 1st full length album ‘Born To The Max’, the album jacket for group T-Max has been revealed.

After member Park YoonHwa left T-Max, the group received 2 new members Park HanBi and Joo ChanYang, and reorganised themselves as a pretty boy quartet.

Their album title song is ‘Don’t Mess With Me’ and the teaser will be revealed on 1st June.

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Ahead of comeback, T-Max takes on mission to achieve fancafe member count of 10K members

4-member male group T-Max (Shin MinChul, Kim Joon, Joo ChanYang, Park HanBi) will reveal the process of preparing for their 1st album through Y-Star ‘Special D-Day: GO T-Max’.

A staff to the program revealed that they had asked for fans to send in 100 encouragement messages, and the group will aim to increase their official fancafe member count from the current 4K to 10K as one of their missions on the show. As soon as the news of the mission got announced through Shin MinChul and Kim Joon’s Twitter accounts as well as Joo ChanYang’s minihompy, the member count of the fanclub increased from 4K to 5K. They were also #1 on various real time search portal search charts.

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T-Max releases new teaser photos featuring member Kim Joon

A teaser still cut featuring Kim Joon revealed.

Ahead of their 1st album release, T-Max releases a new album jacket photo featuring member Kim Joon on their official homepage. Kim Joon is seen with a blonde hairstyle and thick makeup in the photo revealed.

A Planet 905 rep revealed, “Forget the Kim Joon with the cute image. He will come back with a new transformed image. And please look forward to the new album which the members have put in a lot to achieve the high level of perfection.”

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Before and after 15 kg weight loss: Superstar K singers Seo InKook and Joo ChanYang!

Before and After comparison!

Many netizens have been interested with the Superstar K singers Seo InKook and Joo ChanYang recently. Seo In Kook was back earlier this month with his 1st minialbum after loss of 15kg in weight. And just this week, news had it that Joo ChanYang had also lost 15kg for his singer debut as new member in T-Max.

Known as ‘rivals’ during their Superstar K, many netizens are seeing the upcoming face off between the 2 again with Joo ChanYang’s debut in T-Max, and there are many photos of their before and after features being circulated on various portal sites since the news.

Go under the cut for more photos.

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T-Max new member Joo ChanYang 15kg weight loss for singer debut, “showdown with Seo InKook?”

T-Max new member Joo ChanYang undergoes radical transformation losing 15kg.

A new still cut of Joo ChanYang has been revealed recently on T-Max’s official homepage. Joo ChanYang is known to have great vocal skills but because of his appearance, he was not successful during auditions. With that, a few months ahead his singer debut, he has undergone training and lost 15kg, transforming into a chic image.

The reason why the loss of 15kg for Joo ChanYang has gained much interests is due to ‘Superstar K’ winner Seo InKook. Seo InKook was recently known to have also lost 15kg for his new album. And Joo ChanYang and Seo Inkook were both strong opponents during ‘SuperStar K’.

Hence with his singer debut as new member in T-Max, it has been said to be ‘2nd round’ between him and Seo InKook.

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