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After School chosen as the #1 idol group who seems ignorant

After School has been picked as the #1 girlgroup which has the image of being ‘the most ignorant’.

The girls have appeared on MBC variety show ‘Flower Bouquet’ aired on 29th August when they tried to break the prejudice by the masses that ‘idols seems to look ignorant’ by showing the various academic achievements they received during their schooldays.

The MCs on the show Kim YongMan and Shin JungHwan then revealed that before the show, they also did a survey to find which idol group seems to be the most ignorant amongst the other idol groups. And coming in #1 on the survey After School and followed by LPG at #2. The girls had then seemed embarrassed.

The MCs then said, “We will give you a chance to refute such an image. Please show your academic achievements during your schooldays.”

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K Bites – 21.08.2009 (FTI, Sandara Park, 2PM, GDragon)

2NE1 Sandara has caught the eyes of FT Island MinHwan


FT Island members appeared on KBS JOY ‘Ent News – VIP Interview’ which will air on 21st and revealed their ideal girl.

The youngest Choi Min Hwan said “2NE1’s Sandara Park catches my eyes lately. Even though I never got to talk to her, I like her. If there is time, I want to have tea with her” and received applause from members.

Following this, Lee Hongki revealed “I like After School’s Joo Yeon.” Then Choi Jong Hun said “I like Joo Yeon too” and created the rivalry. Specially Joo Yeon is 23, Lee Hongki and Choi Jonghun are 20. Thereby this is catching attention with just 3 years age difference.

Meanwhile FT Island released their official third album ‘Cross & Change’ last month, entered the top rankings on various music charts with title song ‘I hope’ and are continuing with busy schedule. [1takeKK@LoveFT-I]

JYP Entertainment apologises at official online cafe for 2PM ‘littering criticisms’


2pm_210809_2JYP Entertainment has came out to apologise regarding criticisms against 2PM member Hwang ChanSung recently.

They wrote on 2PM Daum official cafe on 21st August about a scene shown in Mnet Wild Bunny, “We would like to apologise for making fans feel disappointed after seeing a scene of ChanSung littering with a used tissue. We will make sure there will be no such incidents in the future.”

JYP Entertainment also said on a phone interview on 21st August, “The concept for the filming is very natural for the boys that tday. 2PM also talked to the production team after filming and picked up that litter. But it is true that it is a wrongdoing from ChanSung.”

The episode featuring ChanSung throwing the litter to the floor was shown on Wild Bunny aired on 21st August. After which, an outrage amongst fans and viewers arose with many saying that they are disappointed at the act.

This follow a series of criticisms for idol reality shows like 2NE1 Sandara Park and MinJi’s bear print pants, GDragon’s hand gestures on 2NE1TV.

Part of the viewers thought there has been much carelessness from the production team part to show those scenes on TV especially since these are idol reality shows. Many of these idols’ fans are still minors and students and such programmes will just have a negative influence on them.

Sony ATV speaks up about case of accusations to GDragon’s plagiarism; ‘Heartbreaker’ is #1 on illegal download sites


Sony ATV Music Publishing which holds 10% copyright ownership to Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’ and 100% ownership to Oasis’ ‘She’s electric’ talks about their stand on accusations of plagiarism for GDragon’s solo album songs.

They sai, “The 10 composers to ‘Right Round’ have not all expressed their opinion on this issue until. We had sent samples of GDragon’s songs to the parties involved for the 2 songs ‘Right Round’ and ‘She’s Electric’.”

They added, “There are indeed similarities between ‘Heartbreaker’ and ‘Right Round’ and between ‘Butterfly’ and ‘She’s Electric’. But it is hard to say if it is plagiarism at this stage. We will all go with the final decision of the composers to the song.”

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