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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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After School JooYeon’s father, “Raina is prettier than my daughter”

After School member JooYeon’s father appears on MBC variety show ‘Flower Bouquet’ showing off his love for his daughter.

He had appeared for the ‘Idol’s parents special edition’ on the show and spoke truthfully, “After meeting them in person, I think Raina is the prettiest. She looks like she has the best complexion,” which had the other appearances on the show in laughter. JooYeon’s father added that even though in person Raina looks prettier, JooYeon looks better on screen, which roused another round of laughter in the filming studio.

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G7 members’ passport photos revealed!

The G7 members’ passport photos revealed.

The girls were featured on a trip to Japan on KBS Invincible Youth aired on 16th July. And before they flew off, the girls were told to reveal their passport photos. This had the girls feeling a little uneasy.

And the members’ passport photos revealed After School JooYeon’s ‘Playful unnie’ photo, Victoria’s ‘Chinese passport’ photo as well as Han SeonHwa’s cute passport photo which had the other members laughing because she had looked different now from then.

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[Photo Spam] Introducing the new G7 on Invincible Youth!

Photos of the recent filming of KBS variety show Invincible Youth featuring the new G7 members have been revealed!

With members Yuri, Sunny and HyunA who left the group recently, new members JooYeon, Victoria and Sora joined as new members! Now G7 consists of Narsha, Goo Hara, HyoMin, Han SunHwa, JooYeon, Victoria and Sora.

Go under the cut for more photos!

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Joining KBS Invincible Youth as new member, netizens are interested as to who Kim Sori is

Joining KBS Invincible Youth as new member, there has been great interests from netizens regarding singer Kim SoRi.

The production team to Invincible Youth revealed on 31st May that f(x) Victoria, After School JooYeon and Kim Sori will join as new members with members SNSD Yuri, Sunny and 4Minute HyunA leaving the show after the filming on the 19th.

Who exactly is Kim Sori. She is the female lead to musical ‘The ballerina who loved the B-boy’. And last December, she released the song ‘Burning Down’ featuring ZE:A DongJoon which was well received by netizens.

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After School JooYeon, f(x) Victora and Kim SoRi to be new members on KBS Invincible Youth

The new members to take over the position of So Nyeo Shi Dae YuRi, Sunny and 4Minute HyunA on KBS Invincible Youth have been revealed.

KBS announced on 31st May, “The new members to Invincible Youth are After School JooYeon, f(x) Victoria, musical singer Kim SoRi.” Known to be one of the big 5 uljjangs together with Goo HyeSun and Park HanByul, After School JooYeon said, “I will shed all the pretending and show my real features.” It is planned that JooYeon will show her tough image on the show.

Victoria will also show her fresh charms through appearance on the show. Victoria has showed off great variety sense and aegyo image through her appearance on various variety shows recently.

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Kpop girlgroups activities for Jan-Feb 2010?

2009 was the year of the girlgroups in Kpop circle, they were dominating music charts either as the whole team or as individual members of the group.

So what are the plans for each of the girlgroup for this early half of 2010? Go under the cut to find out.

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MBLAQ Mir, “Secret Jeon HyoSeong who has the same smile point is my ideal type”

MBLAQ Mir picks Secret member Jeon HyoSeong as his ideal type of girl.

Mir was picked by Brown Eyed Girls Narsha who was chosen by the 3 male idols present as the female celebrity with the highest popularity on KBS Star GoldenBell aired on 2nd January.

While Mir has chosen Secret Jeon HyoSeong as his ideal type. He said, “Our smile points are the same. I like those kinds of girls. Whatever you say, they will like it and their reactions to them are good.”

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After School UEE does ‘Single Ladies’ for 2009 SBS Entertainment Awards

After School UEE was invited to the 2009 SBS Entertainment Awards to do the opening performance together with the 2009 SBS Supermodel Competition contestants. Together, UEE and the contestants performed to Beyonce’s Single Ladies, a dance UEE has since become famous for covering.

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