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ShinHwa Andy chooses SNSD YoonA as his ultimate ideal type of girl


ShinHwa Andy has picked So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA as his ideal type of girl.

On KBS Champagne aired on 24th October, Andy was one of the guest appearances on the show and got to participate in the ‘Ideal Woman World Cup Top 32’. Andy chose the 32 female entertainment in order and also confessed about his ideal type of woman.

At the end of choosing the woman he like in order, he was down with Lee SooYoung and So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA, and he chose YoonA eventually as the ultimate ideal type of woman for him.

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K Bites 23.10.2009 – Brown Eyed Girls, Andy, Jumper

Brown Eyed Girls upcoming ‘Sign’ MV is going to be more shocking than ‘Abracadabra’


Actor Ryu DeokHwan will be appearing for Brown Eyed Girls’ new MV.

He will be the main male character for Brown Eyed Girls new ‘Sign’ MV. The filming of the MV took place on 19th October in a filming studio in GyeongGiDo.

The filming started at dawn and ended at about 6pm on 20th October, lasting for more than 12 hours as planned before.

Brown Eyed Girls’ company said, “The MV to ‘Sign’ talk about a more shocking story than ‘Abracadabra’.”

The teaser MV to ‘Sign’ will be revealed on 26th October, and the full MV will be released with the ‘Sign’ album on 29th October.

Andy to promote with Jumper for comeback ‘Single Man’


Coming back with ‘Single Man’, Andy will be promoting as a group but not as part of ShinHwa.

It is known that Andy will be promoting with Jumper, a boyband produced by Andy himself, for his upcoming comeback song ‘Single Man’.

Andy will show the charms of man in the early, mid and late 20s in the song.

The MV filming took place on 22nd October, and the director to the MV is Hong WonKi who also did MVs for Seo Taiji and Epik High etc.

The teaser video to ‘Single Man’ will be revealed on 23rd October, and the album will be released on 27th October.

Debut of yet another boyband?


There have been speculations that uljjang actor Seo MinWoo will make a singer debut.

Earlier this year, he was also the main character to Seo Taiji‘s blockbuster MV ‘Human Dream’ together with child actor Yoo ChangHyun.

And recently on his minihompy, he posted up photos taken together with other trainees. There was one particular photo, showing him posing with 4 other individuals, which sparked off netizens’ interests on whether this meant the debut of another upcoming boyband.

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K Bites – 02.04.2009

After School gets 1 more member – making it a 6-member group


Known as the Korea’s Pussycat Dolls, group After School gets one more new member making it a 6-member group.

Known for their power dance performance, with a new member, the group will set its directions on not only singing, but also modeling, acting etc.

The new member will start promoting with the group with the release of the group’s new digital single ‘DIVA’ set to release on 9th April.

After School‘s company said, “This new member is known by many people. But with regard to who she will be will only be released next week.” The new member is said to be also talented, in terms of singing and acting, and is also a beauty like the rest of the After School members.


KARA’s youngest Kang Ji Yeong for featuring with Jumper’s new song

j_kjy_020409The 2nd single ‘Dazzling’ for newcomer group Jumper set to be released on 2nd April will feature KARA‘s youngest member Kang Ji Yeong.

Coincidentally, the 2 groups are promoting at the same time, hence they were caught on various variety shows together. On on cable broadcast program member Han Seung Yeon provided, “Nicole would wake up every morning and listen to Jumper‘s songs. She had all the lyrics and dance steps memorised.”

Debuted with the song ‘Yes!’, Jumper is a group popular amongst the teenagers. Jumper with have their first performance of ‘Dazzling’ on 5th April on Inkigayo.

K Bites – 17.03.2009

Rumours of WonderGirls SunYe passing out in New York not true

sy_170309_2News of WonderGirls SunYe passing out during their concert performance in America had taken many fans by surprise.

Photos of WonderGirls SunYe coming out of their hotel in America un-conscious have been circulating on the internet. WonderGirls are currently in America after taking part ‘The JYP Tour 009′ concert tour. The concert tour ended on the 8th.

In the photo, a female was seen with her hair all over her face and a note attached to the photo which says ‘SunYe who passed out at the hotel on 11th March’. But WonderGirls‘ representative had denied that the woman in the photo to be SunYe.

The JYP representative said, “I was also shocked when I saw the photos and immediately phone over to New York. This is all an misunderstanding and we had good laugh out of it. SunYe is currently very healthy and is doing well.”

WonderGirls will be back in Korea on either 19th or 20th to prepare for their upcoming concert.


Photo credit: karen-t501@facebook via hotdog90@soompi


TaeGoon is most anticipated new singer for first half of 2009


Singer TaeGoon was voted #1 for a poll ‘Which new singer do you look forward to most in the first half of 2009?’ done from 9th to 16th March on Bugs.

He won with 614 votes (31.44%) out of 1953 votes entered. Before he debuted, TaeGoon raised much interests amongst music fans with news of Dong Bang Shin Ki JaeJoong and Park Shin Hye to be featured in his MV.

2nd place goes to group After School (25.35%), 3rd went to Jumper (19.97%) and 4th went to Jang Ki Ha and Faces (11.88%).

K Bites – 12.03.2009 II

KARA’s 2nd consecutive #1 on M!Countdown!

Group KARA won their 2nd consecutive #1 on Mnet M!Countdown on 12th March with the hit song ‘Honey’. You sure can see the joy and excitement of the girls after winning the #1 spot.


Hwayobi and Untouchable Sleepy’s first joint stage after revealing their love relationship


Hwayobi had a joint stage with Untouchable‘s member Sleepy on 12th March on Mnet M!Countdown.

The 2 had revealed just on 12th March about their love relationship of 3 months after meeting in October for Untouchable‘s ‘It’s Okay’ which features Hwayobi herself.

hyb_s_120309_1Hwayobi wrote on her minihompy on 12th,

I have found someone I love. No matter how tired I get everyday, this is the person who gives me the strength. This person has taken up half of my life. There is no end to how much love and sentiment I have for this person.

While Sleepy wrote,

I have also found someone I love. Untouchable and Rae Ah (Hwayobi) have thought that we can go about not revealing this love relationship. But just like any ordinary person, we do not want to hide the person we love.”


KangIn, “Jumper is like Super Junior when we debuted”

ki_120309KangIn said on ‘KangIn, TaeYeon ChinChin Radio’ on 11th March, “Jumper looks like how Super Junior did when we just debuted. Back then, Super Junior members individually practised Jo Jung Hyung‘s ‘To love till that pain’. And Jumper do that practice for each member too.”

And Jumper, who were on the show, said, “When we were training, we really like training singing from Andy seonbae. We will continue to work hard.”

On the show, Jumper did live performances in a group and also solos. They also imitated animation characters, giving the 2 DJs a really enjoyable time.

Meanwhile, Jumper is currently promoting for their song ‘Yes!’.


Revealing of girlfriend and car accident on the same day – it sure is an eventful day for MC Mong


MC Mong met with an accident on the highway of DaeGooShi DongGoo on 11th March at 11pm. The van MC Mong was travelling had collided the vehicle of that of a traffic police.

The accident had left a police officer with injured ribcage. MC Mong was actually on his way to another

MC Mong was actually on his way to another schedule from WoolSan. The injured police officer was discharged from the hospital after receiving some treatment.

Meanwhile, MC Mong has also revealed his secret girlfriend on 12th March, which sparked much interests amongst fans. His girlfriend is a newcomer actress who debuted as a model, and is known by Joo Ah Min.

More photos of MC Mong’s girlfriend this way

Weekend Must-see Performances – SeungRi’s 1st Mutizen


For some of the weekend performances you shouldn’t miss – on SBS Inkigayo today, Big Bang SeungRi has won his first mutizen award with his solo song ‘Strong Baby’.

This will be Seungri‘s first #1 on music programs. He had received the baton of mutizen award from So Nyeo Shi Dae after their 3 consecutive wins until last week. However, SeungRi was not able to attend the show as Big Bang is currently promoting in Japan.

On another hand, So Nyeo Shi Dae had performed the remix version of ‘Gee’ on this episode of Inkigayo.

While SS501 transformed into F4 and did a parody of Boys Over Flowers. 2nd part to be revealed next week on Inkigayo.

Other performances to look out for:

  • KARA with ‘Honey’
  • Andy‘s band ‘Jumper‘ with ‘Yes’
  • SeungRi‘s goodbye stage
  • SG Wannabe Lee Seok Hoon with ‘Goodbye with a smile’
  • Loveholic ex-member JiSun with solo song ‘Goodbye my heart’

More performances this way…

K Bites – 20.01.2009

Upcoming ‘Andy’s Band’ – Jumper


More about the upcoming group Jumper, with ShinHwa member Andy as the producer, has been revealed ahead their debut in February.

The group consists of team leader Rocky (18) and rapper cum sub-vocal Park Dong Min (21). Already, much interests has been raised regarding member Rocky has been mistaken to be actor Seo Min Woo after photos of him together with Andy during Andy‘s Japan fanmeeting has been revealed.

Rocky was also featured in the song ‘U-Turn’ in Andy’s 1st solo album for the rap. Jumper will debut in mid-February.


TaeYang VS SeungRi in dance battle


Big Bang TaeYang and SeungRi will be having a dance battle on one of MBC’s lunar new year special programs ‘Star Dance Battle’ on 25th January.

On the same show Oh Jung Tae, Jeon Hwan Kyu, Shin Dong Soo and Kim Kyung Jin will team up as one team battling against another team consisting of Kim Jung Geun, Jeon Jong Hwan, Heo Il Hoo, Kim Na ParkJin and Seo In Ye.

Also the parody done by announced Oh Sang Jin on TaeYang‘s ‘Look Only At Me’ will be revealed on ‘2009 Singer King’ on 27th January.


Coming soon: Jewelry S



Jewelry‘s Kim Eun Jung and Ha Joo Yeon will promote as Jewelry S with members Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young stepping out of the scene for a while.

Their new MV was filmed on 20th January. Members Seo In Young and Park Jung Ah were also present during the filming of the MV.

Their company also said, “Jewelry S will give a new feeling from that from female groups like So Nyeo Shi Dae and WonderGirls. Please lookout for Jewelry S.