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Taeyang, “I really want a girlfriend this year”

With a shy personality, Taeyang (23, Dong Young Bae) has truthfully never really dated anyone.

“I really want to meet a girlfriend this year. I feel like if I get older, I won’t be able to date.”

Taeyang has a couple he envies a lot, Sean and Jung Hye Young. He says when he sees Sean living happily he thinks, “I should live that way too.”

“I think it was 3 months ago. I went to Sean hyung’s house because he said he would make dinner for me. I was eating, and when i saw HyeYoung nuna with HaEum, HaRang, and HaYul, I felt so many things.”

What he saw was the result of a happy home. It was a home that makes you happy even by seeing it.

However, Taeyang is a man weak to dates. He loses his timing by debating, saying, “What if it doesnt work out?” and “Won’t it be a burden?” even if he likes someone.

“I had my first love when I was in school. But I thought I wouldn’t be a help to that person so we didn’t start well. If I think about it now, we could have done well…”

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Big Bang, 2NE1 and YG Family for WITH campaign

A recent video for WITH Campaign organized by YG and Mediapole released features the YG family members like Big Bang, 2NE1 and Sean-Jung HyeYeong couple showing their support for it.

Kpop world should also be like they said it, “all you need is love”.

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Sean and Jung Hye Young start off the new year with charity and new pregnancy


Known as the philanthropist couple, Sean and Jung Hye Young starts off the new year with a donation of a hundred million KRW donation to 100 children.

Another good news is Jung Hye Young is pregnant with their 3rd child.

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Sean’s love letter wife Jung HyeYoung got fans envious

Sean recently wrote a letter to his wife of 4 years, Jung HyeYoung, on his minihompy. The letter has got many fans feeling envious.

The contents to the letter:

To my beloved wife Hye Young,

Today is the 2844th day since we first met and the 1461st day that we’ve been married – our 4th wedding anniversary.

Hye Young, by the way, do you know?

Much time have passed, and seeing you today, my heart races like how I first met you.

Makes me loves you more knowing that.

As my good wife who always gives me such moments..

As our children’s mother, who gave birth to and raise both our HaEum and HaRang..

Also as a wonderful actress acting in ‘East of Eden’ who shows the best of herself, it gives us more reasons to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

This is one of the days which makes me feel like we’ve married well (I made a good choice to marry you) when you put our children as the top priority, forgoing other good things to come home early for us..

And thank you for your compassion to give me 100 more children in the future, which gives me the feeling of responsibility of a father. ^^

Do you know that our marriage makes 1 year 366 days?

God gave us 1 more day as a present because we have loved each other well these 3 years together.

Therefore, this makes it that we have more loving moments in 1 year. And today makes it the 366th time as the day where ‘I love you more today’ in 1 year.

Loving each other in 365 days of 1 year is just too short a time…

I also want to thank you for giving me 24 hours of time to love you.

Let’s us live towards our 5th wedding anniversary for God, for this smile, for each other and for our children.

From your husband Sean, who makes his 366th ‘I love you more today’ confession for this past 1 year

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