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Sulli embarrasses Jung YongHwa, Jo Kwon and TaeYang on SBS Inkigayo?

Jung YongHwa. TaeYang and Jo Kwon gets embarrassed by ‘giant baby’ f(x) Sulli.

During SBS Inkigayo aired on 25th July, Sulli’s MC-ing together with C.N Blue Jung YongHwa and 2AM Jo Kwon garners great interests. Sulli was seen in a while simple dress and in a pair of killer heels.

But standing in between the 2 other male MCs, netizens have noticed, “She look taller than usual together”, “The air up there must be nice” etc.

And also on the show, TaeYang had won his 2nd Mutizen with the song ‘I Need A Girl’ and during his thank-you speech he had stood with the MCs. And Sulli had seemed especially tall amongst the 3 others. Sulli’s height is at 170cm and with the killer heels, she had appeared especially taller today on the show.

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SeoHyun’s shocking statement, “I want to see Jung YongHwa in hot pants”

SeoHyun and Jung YongHwa takes up driving test together. The 2 are seeing who will be able to get the passing score at the end of it.

If Seo Hyun wins, Jung YongHwa has to dance the full version of ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)’ choreography. And if Jung YongHwa wins, SeoHyun will have to do casual language which she couldn’t usually do.

And on the episode of MBC We Got Married aired on 24th July, the 2 took up their driving test challenge. And the 2 passed it. However, Jung YongHwa’s score was higher. And the 2 got into a psychological war regarding their forfeit.

SeoHyun said, “So Nyeo Shi Dae goes by different costumes. We even have sailor costume. What’s your pick? How about hot pants, skinny jeans and high heels?”

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SBS Inki Gayo 18.07.2010 – TaeYang wins Mutizen with “I Need A Girl”!

On today’s SBS Inki Gayo, we can see Jung YongHwa and Jo Kwon first MC appearance as they joined f(X) Sulli as the new MCs replacing 2PM TaecYeon and WooYoung.

As for the Mutizen award, this time it goes to TaeYang’s hands as he wins the award with his newest single “I need A Girl”!

Go under the cut for more performances!

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Jung YongHwa & Jo Kwon 1st MC appearance on SBS Inki Gayo 18 July 2010!

As previously reported, today on 18 July, CN Blue Jung YongHwa and 2AM Jo Kwon joined f(X) Sulli hosting SBS Inki Gayo for the first time as the new MC line up.

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Jung YongHwa and Jo Kwon to join SBS Inkigayo as new MCs from 18th July

Jung YongHwa and Jo Kwon will be the new MCs together with Sulli on SBS Inkigayo from 18th July.

This will be the 2’s first fixed MC attempt. Do watch out for them from 18th July on the show! Go under the cut for more photos released.

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C.N Blue Jung YongHwa, “I’m not good looking in person”

Band C.N Blue leader Jung YongHwa reveals that he is actually not good looking in person.

The first guest appearances for fanmeeting show cable channel ‘Hits On Live’ to be aired on 15th July is C.N Blue. 20 fans were chosen at the chance of 1 against every 200 fans to attend this online fanmeeting with the band.

Jung YongHwa had revealed on the show, “I look only alright in person, and look better on TV. That is why I like this job.” This had the other members and fans flustered since Jung YongHwa is known for his good looks before his singer debut and was even given the nickname of ‘ski resort hot guy’.

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Jung YongHwa, “I’ve been sent to the police station when I was performing by the road in Japan”

C.N Blue Jung YongHwa reveals an episode where he had to enter lockup.

Jung YongHwas was one of the guest appearances on KBS late night variety show Night Star aired on 11th July when he was asked, “Have you been to the police station?”

And his answer was, “I’ve been to jail cell once when I was in Japan. I was performing by the road and was caught by police there and locked up. This was the first time I’ve been into jail.”

He also added, “I have wanted to be a police since I was young. I thought that when one wears the police uniform, one will be able to do anything and is not scared of anything.”

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Onew to Jung YongHwa, “I’ve been to SNSD dormitory because of SeoHyun”

An episode happened which had C.N Blue Jung YongHwa wanting to grab SHINee Onew by the neck.

Jung YongHwa and member Lee JungShin were guest appearances on late night variety show KBS 2TV Night Star aired on 11th July.

They were in the topic of police and thief when Onew was asked, “Who was the reason that you went to SNSD’s dormitory?” And Onew answered jokingly, “SeoHyun.”

Jung YongHwa who is the make-believe husband to SeoHyun on MBC We Got Married then responded, “You!” And he grabbed Onew by his neck, which had cause laughter in the filming studio.

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