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2PM JunHo, “Nich Khun pretends to be an angel”

2PM member JunHo exposes Nich Khun?

On SBS HaHa Mong Show aired on 15th August in the corner ‘Please, Mother’, 2PM members reveal stories never before revealed on broadcast.

The MCs Haha and Mong, played one-day mothers, and visited 2PM’s dormitory. What had caught their attention is that the 2PM members would sleep freely any way around the house, not carrying it is the room or living room.

On the show, the 2PM members also talked about stories never before revealed. JunHo said “Nich Khun is a trickster who pretends to be an angel. There was once when we were in the States for public performance, and we went to the park. Nich Khun who went to school in the States pointed to a wooden stage and said that it came from a tree which lived 10 million ears. But after that, I went to do some research and that tree only lived for 100 years.”

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Newcomer group Young Gun member Lee Min almost debuted as part of 2AM

New group Young Gun member Lee Min’s photos taken with 2PM and 2AM members when he was a trainee revealed online garner interests.

The photos revealed show Lee Min posing with 2AM and 2PM members like Jo Kwon, SeulOng, TaecYeon, ChanSung, JunHo etc. It is known that Lee Min is a JYP trainee. He entered JYPE in 2003 through an audition and received 3 years of training.

He was one of the candidates up to debut as part of 2PM or 2AM but in the end he was eliminated. Following the elimination, Lee Min continued to take part in other auditions and eventually he got to debut as part of Young Gun.

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Nich Khun, “I want to beat WooYoung… Victoria I will not visit clubs anymore”

2PM Nich Khun complains with the comments by other 2PM members WooYoung and JunHo about him.

On MBC We Got Married aired on 10th July, Nich Khun and Victoria were having a date in Seoul HongDae to celebrate their ‘marriage’ when WooYoung and JunHo paid them a visit.

WooYoung had told Victoria on the show, “Nich Khun is a club maniac.” And Victoria asked, “So does Nich Khun just drink at clubs?” WooYoung then answered, “He goes straight to the stage.”

Nich Khun then defended himself, “WooYoung was just joking. I don’t mix around with girls. I just dance with the guys.”

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SNSD HyoYeon’s mystery crush revealed?

The mystery to So Nyeo Shi Dae HyoYeon’s crush solved?

In a recent report by YTN news, a reporter seeks to find out who HyoYeon’s crush is. From the description of having no double eyelids, being funny and is a good dancer, the short listed male idols were Yoon DooJoon, Jo Kwon, DaeSung, JunHo and WooYoung. And he tried to called out each of their names when HyoYeon is near by to see her reactions.

Is he who we think he is?

Nich Khun, “When I look at women, I look at their legs first”

Nich Khun confesses, “When I look at females, I look at their legs first.”

2PM Nich Khun is on MBC SaeBaGwi set to air on 12th June where he asked, “Which body part do you look at first when you look at females” and his answer was “The legs”.

2PM JunHo’s answer to the question is “I look at the overall silhouette importantly.” HyunYeong who was also on the show said, “Because of Nich Khun, I appeared on this show.”

Meanwhile, on the show gagman Kim HyunChul gave an official apology to Nich Khun. Kim HyunChul was caught in criticisms when he joked about Nich Khun on SaeBaGwi aired last May.

He said, “I’m sorry for having too much greed to make the audience laugh. Actually I’m close to Nich Khun and he called me by hyung.”

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A JYP trainee garners great interests of late, “The 2nd Nich Khun?”

A trainee from JYP Entertainment has been garnering much interests from netizens lately.

Recently photos of this trainee taken together with the JYP singers were posted and circulated on various online community sites, and is of hot issue amongst the netizens.

In some of the photos, he was seen posing together with WonderGirls HyeRim and 2PM JunHo. His good looks have earned him much praises from the netizens, “He looks like the 2nd Nich Khun”, “I hope he debuts soon”, “I wonder what group he will debut in” etc.

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2PM members’ childhood photos revealed on KBS Star GoldenBell

On KBS 2TV Star GoldenBell aired on 5th June, the childhood photos of the beasty idols 2PM members were revealed on the show.

One of the photos revealed, there was little ChanSung whose photos stood out. The MCs said, “The chubby cheeks and build reminds us of Psy. Luckily, you grew up well.” Nich Khun’s childhood photos also garnered much interests. The MCs commented, “His eyes look the same now and then.” and Nich Khun did the exact same pose as the one featured in his childhood photo.

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2PM’s sleeping habits revealed, “Nich Khun snores”

Group 2PM members’ unique sleeping habits revealed.

2PM members Nich Khun, WooYoung, JunHo and ChanSung were recently on KBS 2TV Star GoldenBell to be aired on 5th June when they revealed one another’s sleeping habits. ChanSung revealed, “I have ‘groped’ member WooYoung before,” which had the other guest appearances shocked.

WooYoung then explained, “I was sleeping in the living with ChanSung at the dorm once, and I have been beaten by him in his sleep before. He even had his leg crossed over to my side, that I almost got suffocated once by him.” JunHo added, “There was once ChanSung suddenly woke up in his sleep to close the lid of his notebook and then he got back to sleep.”

With that, MC Ji SeokJin asked, “Someone angelic like Nich Khun, does he have any sleeping habits?”

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