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Yoo JaeSeok awarded the variety Daesang during MBC Variety Awards

‘Infinite Challenge’ has been awarded the best variety show for the 4th year on MBC Variety Awards.

MBC Variety Awards took place on 29th December in MBC broadcast centre. This is the 4th consecutive year the show has been awarded the best variety show on the award ceremony after it was first chosen by netizens as the best program in 2006.

And as for the variety DaeSang, the award goes to MC Yoo JaeSeok. Yoo JaeSeok has received acknowledge for his appearance on MBC ‘Come To Play’ and ‘Infinite Challenge’. This is Yoo JaeSeok‘s 5th DaeSang received.

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Brown Eyed Girls ‘saucy’ hip dance voted the best dance trend of 2009

Brown Eyed Girls ‘saucy’ hip dance for hit song ‘Abracadabra’ has been chosen as the ‘dance of the year’ by netizens.

Movie specialty magazine ‘Cine21’ conducted an online poll from 1st through 10th December and 57.5% of the netizens who voted chosen the saucy hip dance as the best dance trend of 2009.

Not only was the dance followed by many fans, many celebrities were also seen doing the dance parodies on shows like UEE, Lee Hyori, Im YeJin, Choi MyungGil, Kim JungEun, and also male stars like 2AM members, Infinite Challenge members like JunJin, Jung JoonHa and even Jang Hyuk.

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Photo Of Day: JunJin is finally off for his military duties


Photo of the Day! JunJin, “I’m finally off for military services”

Singer JunJin reported for his military service on 22nd October.

He was at ChungNam Nonsan army training centre at 1pm on 22nd October, with the accompany with his father Charlie Park. About 100 fans were present with placards saying goodbye to him before he enters for his military duties.

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JunJin to enlist for military service on 22nd October


Group ShinHwa JunJin (29) will be enlisting for his military services.

Coming 22nd October, JunJin will be reporting for his military duties in GyeongGiDo UlJangBoo. After receiving the basic training, JunJin will be serving as a public interest service personnel.

Previously, JunJin has been postponing enlisting for his military service on reasons of health issue as he have hurt his waist earlier.

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High chance that JunJin will enlist for military service on 22nd October?


Singer JunJin has received a warrant to enlist for military duties on 22nd October.

And according to JunJin‘s company on 15th October, “It is true that JunJin has received a warrant for military enlistment on 22nd. But currently we are applying for a postponement. We are not sure if the postponement application will get through, in the case it doesn’t he will have to enlist for military service on 22nd October.”

This is already the 2nd time JunJin postpone his military enlistment. He first received a warrant last October, and had planned to postponed it till February this year, and on reasons of health issue, it was postponed again till October.

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MBC Infinite Challenge parodies various Kpop hits!

On MBC Infinite Challenge aired today on 10th October, we were let in to some comical parodies.

Yoo JaeSeok and Park MyungSoo parodised ‘My Ear’s Candy’, and Noh Hong Chul, JunJin, Gil and Jung JunHa parodised ‘Abracadabra’.

Also under the cut, see the parody of ‘Mackerel’ by Noh HongChul and Gil.

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T-ara and Supernova dominating music charts with ‘TTL (Time To Love)’


For the 1st week of October on music portal site Mnet.com, project song ‘TTL (Time To Love)’ by groups T-ara and Supernova have taken Park HyoShin‘s ‘After Love’ off the #1 spot.

The song ‘TTL (Time To Love’ has climbed up 10 positions the week before, to get to the #2 spot, and for this week, they have taken Park HyoShin off the #1 spot as the new #1 on the chart. With that, Park HyoShin, Kim TaeWoo and Lee Seung Gib the ballad troika, take the spots from #2~#4.

The song is not only #1 on Mnet chart, but it is also #1 on Monkey3 site.

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JunJin and UEE’s kiss scene revealed through ‘His and Her Situation’ MV


The MV featuring the 2 ‘인사(人事)-만남(緣), 그남자 그여자의 사정’ (His and Her Situation) has been released on GomTV on 28th September.

‘His and Her Situation’ is a project album and there are no plans for broadcast activities. But with the MV, the song style follows that of the ‘Golden Age – Cutie – Natural’ concept.

And the highlight to the show has to be the kiss scene between JunJin and UEE.