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2PM JunSu gets 10 stitches for left index finger injury

2PM JunSu injures his finger after his previous knee injury.

His agency JYP Entertainment revealed, “JunSu injured his left index finger on 10th September while opening an ampoule. He was sent to the hospital where he received treatment for that. He had about 10 stitches for the injury.”

JunSu’s injury was known after he was absent for 2PM’s performance for Hallyu Dream Concert on 12th September in KyeongJoo. The JYP rep also added that JunSu is sad not being able to participate in the performance since it is the group’s performance on stage after so long.

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f(x) Krystal, “As a female singer, I was hurt”

f(x) member Krystal reveals the pains of a female singer.

Krystal will be appearing on SBS variety show ‘Delicious Invitation’ aired on 30th July. During the filming, Krystal revealed, “I’ve been hurt as a female singer.”

She explained, “Because I’m in a girlgroup, it’s tough because I’m being compared from my vocal capabilities to my body. Apart from that, this is felt by members from all the girlgroups.”

Singer Gummy who was present commented, “It is lonely to be a female singer,” and her reason for saying so is, “Because I sing sad songs, life felt sad, and it seems like it is hard to love comfortably.”

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2PM JunSu voices his unhappiness about 2PM debut song ’10 out of 10′

2PM talks about his unhappiness regarding 2PM’s debut song ’10 points out of 10′ on SBS Strong Heart aired on 8th June.

2PM lead vocal JunSu said on the show, “I have been a trainee for about 4 years after coming up to Seoul from DaeGoo. When I first received the song ’10 points out of 10′, I really liked it. But Park JinYoung only gave me the part which go ‘Yayyy~’. The whole song is about 3 minutes and 22 seconds, and my part was only ‘yayyy~’.” JunSu was unhappy that as the lead vocal, his part to the song was so short.

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2PM to head to the States today as 4 members without JunSu and TaecYeon

6-member idol group 2PM is known to have flown out of Korea heading to the States on 3rd June to join the WonderGirls on their American concert tour this June. But with member JunSu still recuperating from his knee injury and TaecYeon who is set to attend the party with the end of his latest drama ‘Cinderella sister’, only 4 members have boarded the plane today to the States.

A JYP Entertainment rep today MoneyToday StarNews on 3rd June, “JunSu will not be able to join the others in the States this time as he is still not fully recovered from his injuries yet.” Previously in early May, JunSu has injured his knees and was in a cast. And 2PM has been performing without him since 23rd May because of his injuries.

The JYP rep added, “And TaecYeon will be joining the 4 members in the States after the party for his drama ‘Cinderella Sister’ which will end on 3rd June.”

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2PM to end album promotions, and to fly to the States for WonderGirls concert tour in June

2PM will end their album promotions and fly to the States in June.

Currently promoting the album ‘Without U’, the group has been promoting as 4 members as member JunSu is down with knee injury and ChanSung hospitalized for enteritis.

A JYP Entertainment rep revealed, “Even though we have planned for the goodbye stages this week, the situation don’t allow. The album promotions will end naturally and the boys will  be flying to the States in June.” 2PM will be doing opening guest appearances for WonderGirls’ American concert tour.

Also, member TaecYeon will fly to the States with the member after his current drama ‘Cinderella’s Sister’ comes to an end on 3rd June. The JYP rep also added that the boys’ individual activities like MC on SBS Inkigayo, on Family Outing 2 and on KBS WinWin will go on as usual even though they are going to be touring with the WonderGirls.

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Hospitalised for enteritis, 2PM ChanSung to be discharged from hospital this weekend

Hospitalised for enteritis, it is known that 2PM member ChanSung will be discharged from the hospital this weekend.

A JYP Entertainment rep said on 28th May, “ChanSung’s conditions have improved a lot. Looking at how things are going now, he should be discharged from the hospital this weekend.”

ChanSung has complained of abdominal pain after the recording of SBS Inkigayo on 23rd May, and was brought to the hospital for a health examination. Afterwhich he was diagnosed of enteritis and was hospitalised to receive treatment. Member Nich Khun also wrote, “On our way to see Chansung before going to radio! ^^ He’s gonna be ok!” through his Twitter.

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2PM releases World Cup song ‘What’s Your Celebration?’

2PM releases World Cup song ‘What’s your celebration?’.

FIFA official sponsor Coke Cola released the World Cup through Bugs site on 20th May. All proceeds from the sales of this song will go to the donation support headed by FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Meanwhile, the group will promote as 4 members at the moment with member JunSu injured and ChanSung hospitalised.

2PM ChanSung and C.N Blue Jung YongHwa hospitalized on 24th May

Popular group 2PM ChanSung and C.N Blue Jung YongHwa have been hospitalised on 24th May.

According to their companies, ChanSung was hospitalised on 24th May. Also Jung YongHwa, who was known to be diagnosed with vocal code nodules in April, has also been hospitalised for flu.

Representatives from both companies have revealed that they will decide on what to do with the 2’s upcoming schedules after the health examination reports are out.

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