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TaeYang, “I had a blind date with Yuri, and we are getting along well now”

Big Bang TaeYang’s surprising statement, “Through friend’s recommendation, I had blind date with So Nyeo Shi Dae Yuri last winter. Even now, we still keep in touch.”

Even though there are many stars who confessed on which other stars they meet up with, this will be the first time a popular idol confesses that he had met another idol through a blind date.

This was revealed during TaeYang’s appearance on SBS Strong Heart filming on 8th July. TaeYang said on the show, “I have not been in a relationship even until now. But for this year, I really want to meet a girl whom I really like and have my first relationship.”

Member SeungRi who was also present said, “We want to help TaeYang get a girl too. But without telling anyone of us, he actually went to So Nyeo Shi Dae’s concert alone.”

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Kangta – “Big Bang is the idol that draws the most attention”

H.O.T member Kangta who was on MBC TV’s “GoldFish” attracted attention after he mentioned “Big Bang is the idol that draws the most attention“. Kangta who has re-appeared on TV after being away for two years was afraid of being awkward.

Kangta talked about his activities with H.O.T, his military life, his solo career, etc. He frankly confessed many stories and attracted the attention of the public.

In addition to this MC Kang Ho Dong asked Kangta, “What idol singer has attracted your attention the most nowadays?”

Kangta replied, “When I was an idol there was a dilemma of limited genres, so it would seem that all the idols [attract attention nowadays], but Big Bang is a group that can digest [do] all kind of genres and each member of the group is also able to do their own solo activities.”

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MC Mong draws the portraits of the 2D1N members on his iPhone

MC Mong draws the portraits of the other 2Days1Night members on his iPhone.

He posted on his Twitter page some portrait photos he drew of the 2D1N members – Kim C, Lee SeungGi, Kang HoDong etc on his iPhone. He also left comments like “Kim C. Published. This one really looks like him”, “PS: That’s a 19-year-old version of Kang Ho Dong” etc.

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TaecYeon and YoonA speak up about scandal, YoonA chooses Lee Seung Gi over TaecYeon

2PM TaecYeon and So Nyeo Shi Dae Yoona talk about their scandal.

The both of them were on SBS Strong Heart aired on 9th February. Kang Ho Dong then asked TaecYeon, “Have you heard about the talk of the town?” and TaecYeon answered “No. I don’t know about it.”

MC Kang then asked, “There are rumours that you and YoonA are a thing.” TaecYeon seemed a little flustered then continued, “Yes, I heard about that. That I am close with YoonA.”

Kang Ho Dong joked, “But do use take note of how you put your words across on broadcast even though there are saying that the 2 of you are close.” He was playing on the fact that TaecYeon addressed with ‘YoonA’ instead of ‘YoonA ssi’.

The 2 were then asked, “Have you heard about rumours of you 2 as a thing?”, TaecYeon replied “Yes” and Yoon replied, “Yes, I know about that.”

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After School UEE’s teary phone call with Rain!

On SBS Strong Heart aired on 2nd February, MBLAQ Lee Joon made a surprise phone call to Rain on the show.

Everyone on the show was thrilled to have Rain‘s cameo appearance. And MC Kang Ho Dong decided to put After School UEE on the line. UEE has always announced that Rain is her ideal type, and talking to her ideal type and idol on the phone, she was seen teary and in disbelief.

Translation under the cut.

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After revealing her real age, BEG Narsha reveals her real height!

Brown Eyed Girls Narsha reveals her real ‘height’ after revealing her real age recently.

She was on SBS Strong Heart aired on 2nd February at 11.05pm when she said, “After I revealed my real age, my birthdate was corrected, but my body measurements were not.”

She continued, “On day I was searching on portal sites and it was written that my height is 164 cm, in fact 164cm is my ideal height. My real height is 158cm.”

Fellow member JeAh also said, “My height is written as 165cm on my profiles, but in fact it is 158.9cm,” and then Narsha commented, “It’s not 159cm, so is it 158cm? So why raise it?” JeAh joked, “Still, I’m taller than Narsha.”

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T-ara, “Lee Hyori seonbae gave a box of persimmon to our boss as gifts”

T-ara members HyoMin and EunJung appeared on SBS Strong Heart recently.

And member HyoMin was asked by MC Kang HoDong if there is any singer from the same company who is very persistent/stubborn and she answered, ” Lee Hyori seonbaenim”.

She revealed that Lee Hyori had decided with ‘U-Go-Girl’ while their company boss had wanted the song ‘Mister Big’ as Lee Hyori‘s 3rd album title song. She added, “Lee Hyori seonbaenim then gave a box of persimmon (or ‘kam’ in Korean) to our boss. She had wanted our boss to find the ‘kam’ (feel).”

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After School GaHee shows off her million-dollar figure through shadow dance on Star King!

Girlgroup After School member GaHee shows off her million-dollar figure through her shadow dance in a magic show.

GaHee had taken part in the recent filming of SBS Star King and had participated in the magician Choi HyunWoo‘s new magic show. She was seen wearing a tight black overall outfit.

And during the show, she was seen dancing behind a screen, and the light from behind the stage setting focused on her great figure through her silhouette.

MC Kang Ho Dong also commented, “Even though I know that she has a good figure, through the shadown dance, it appears even more.” Kim JongMin also said, “Sexy” looking dazed, causing laughter from around him.

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