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f(x) Luna in tears after hearing Charice Pempengco sing

f(x) Luna is seen in tears on SBS Star King.

On SBS Star King aired on 24th July, singer Charice Pempengco who had made headlines with her great vocal capabilities had made special appearance on the show.

On the show, Charice said, “(Korean translation) I have been contacted by American ‘Oprah Winfrey show’. Through my appearance on the show, I got to meet world-known producer David Foster and debuted officially as a singer.”

With that Luna said, “I wanted to show my song to David Foster.” And she had performed the song ‘One Moment In Time’ by Whitney Houston on the show.

After her performance, MC Kang HoDong asked, “How about let Charice sing the same song?” And Charice did her rendition of the song which had earned the loud applause from the audience. Seeing that, Luna was seen in tears which had the other star appearances shocked and they comforted her, “Our Luna did well too.”

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Family Outing season 1 members for Yoo JaeSeok’s new SBS variety show

Yoo JaeSeok returns to the variety show scene on SBS after 6 months.

After leaving the show SBS Family Outing in January, coming July, Yoo JaeSeok will be appearing in a new variety show on SBS. It seems that he will return to the show down of the weekend variety show kings with Kang HoDong and Lee KyungKyu.

There are plans for stars like Kim JongKook and Haha to appear as fixed appearances on the show, and also Lee Hyori will be doing guest appearance on the first episode.

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With Kim C leaving, no new member to be added to 2D1N – Eun JiWon to move to OB team

With member Kim C leaving the KBS 2Days 1Night has announced on the 12th, it has been announced hat the 2D1N team will remain as 6 members.

With reasons that he would be focusing on music and movie production, Kim C had his last filming with 2D1N last weekend. And many viewers are concerned if the show will add a new member with the leaving of Kim C.

The production team of 2D1N revealed their stand that no new member will be added but there will be reorganization of the teams with Eun JiWon, who recently got married, to join the OB time. So, the YB team will now consist of Lee SeungGi, MC Mong and Kim Jong Min; and the OB team will consist of Kang HoDong, Lee SooGeun and Eun JiWon.

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[Updated] Kim C to leave KBS ‘2 Days 1 Night’ after 3 years

It has been known that singer Kim C will leave KBS ‘2 Days 1 Night’.

Kim C is well loved as a quiet and rational character in the weekend variety show ‘2 Days 1 Night’ and he will be leaving the show after 3 years. This news came after there has been speculations of him leaving the show earlier.

As for the reasons of leaving the show, it has been revealed that Kim C will be going overseas to *further his studies. And the last filming of the show was completed last week in KyeongBok KyeongJoo. And for the last filming for Kim C, the other 2Days1Night like members Kang HoDong, Lee SooGeun, Lee SeungGi, MC Mong, Eun JiWon and Kim JongMin bade him farewell.

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KARA Nicole, “I received motivation from a male idol to lose weight”

KARA Nicole confessed that she has received motivation from a male idol to lose weight.

Nicole was on SBS Strong Heart aired on 23rd March when she said, “He is a male idol whom I can converse coolly with.”

She added, “That friend looked at me and said ‘When will you lost weight?’ and Nicole replied ‘You don’t have to worry. Since we do video call, you can only see the face.” rousing much curiosity amongst the guest speak on Strong Heart as to who this male idol is.

Go under the cut to find out which male idol Nicole is referring to.

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Boom, “I miss Lee Teuk, EunHyuk and 2PM”

Currently serving his military service, broadcaster Boom (Lee MinHo) reveals that he wishes to see/misses juniors 2PM and Super Junior.

Boom revealed after f(x)’s “2010 Friends APEC Goodwill Ambassador” held on 29th January in Seoul. He told reporters present that he misses the colleague celebrities whom he did not get to meet after he entered the military.

He said, “Even though I haven preparing to enter the military for a long time back, because I could not tell those around me, entering the army had seemed like very sudden. I cannot say that there was no regrets since I’m doing well on broadcast shows, but I thought as a Korean this is due duty which I have to serve.”

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Big Bang TaeYang reveals DaeSung’s secrets on SBS Strong Heart

Big Bang TaeYang reveals that follow member DaeSung carries many secrets.

The 2 were on SBS Strong Heart aired on 5th January when TaeYang said, “DaeSung has many secrets. I have never seen him gone to the toilet. Even though we are roommates for 4 years, I’ve never heard any sound of water flowing from him in the toilet before.”

With that Kang Ho Dong asked, “Not once when you heard him let out gas?” and TaeYang replied, “Not once I’ve heard him fart”. And DaeSung gave a comical reply, “I’m like a heavenly celebrity.”

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