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Photo of KangIn in his 3rd week in army, “He’s adapting well”

A photo of Super Junior KangIn in his 3rd week in army revealed garners interests from netizens.

A photo was revealed through ChoongNam NonSan Division on 27th July and KangIn was featured in the photo. He was seen doing a v sign pose with the other recruits.

Netizens commented, “He is already getting well along with the other recruits”, “It has been a while seeing him do a funny pose like this” etc.

Meanwhile, KangIn recently reported for army on 5th July. He has been put on activities suspension ever since his DUI and assault cases late last year.

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KangIn’s features in the army revealed for the first time

The features of Super Junior KangIn (25, Kim YeongWoon) in the army revealed for the first time.

Features of KangIn, who is currently receiving his 5 weeks of basic training in ChoongNam NonSan were revealed on 13th July.

In the photo revealed, KangIn is wearing army uniform and his name tag says Kim YeongWoon. And he was seen posing while raising his arm just like the other enlisted soldiers.

KangIn had enlisted for the army previously on 5th July.

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Super Junior KangIn reports for army!

Super Junior KangIn reports for his army duties.

KangIn has reported for his army duties at ChoonNam NonSan Centre on 5th July. KangIn is currently taking a leave from Super Junior activities and will be the first member from the group to report for his army duties.

This follows the series of events which happened to KangIn last year like DUI and assault cases which led him to be suspended from Super Junior activities. About 400 over fans were present to send him off to army that day. The fans have waited since 7am in the morning, and they come from various countries like China, Thailand and Japan etc.

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Kangin, who’s going into army, participates in Super Junior 4th repackaged album

Super Junior’s 4jib repackage album is getting attention for self-written songs by the members. The album will be released on upcoming 28th.

This repackage album has original 4jib’s 11 songs and has the follow up song “No Other,” which will be released on 25th through music sites. The album also has more powerful “Shake It Up” remix, the member’s self-written song “All My Heart” and “A Short Journey,” total of 15 songs with 4 new songs.

A ballad song composed by leader Leeteuk and Super Junior-M’s member Henry “All My Heart” excluded all sharp sounds as much as possible to deliver feeling of warm heart just like the title itself. It’s mainly by acoustic guitar to express pop feel. Since it’s Leeteuk’s first ever self-composed song, he has shown passion while making of the song even in his hectic schedule.

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Super Junior KangIn for army enlistment on 5th July

Super Junior KangIn will enlist for army on 5th July.

According to close friends, KangIn is set for his army enlistment coming 5th July in ChoongNam NonSan.

Earlier, KangIn has appeared for Super Junior’s showcase on 23rd MAy and he had teared while talking to fans on his decision to enlist for army. KangIn’s activities have been put on hold since late last year after he got into assault and DUI cases.

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Leeteuk, “I’m thinking of entering into the army next year”

Super Junior Lee Teuk ’6 years since the debut’ has confessed about entering the army.

Super junior met with the reporters at Seoul Kangnamgu Ahpgujung on May 20th afternoon and said, “if we are to appeal to the public, we have to fulfill the duty of national defense.”

Unlike from their title as ‘Junior’ and ‘idol’, Super Junior includes the leader Leeteuk and Heechul wh0 are 28 years and other members who are reaching their mid to late 20s.

Super Junior said about getting old with the fans, “we are surprised ourselves that we were able to do it for this long” and also said, “we experienced incidents that we don’t think we won’t be shaken by little things anymore. We have gained endurance and will be able to survive longer. We believe that we will last for 20 to 30 years without harm.”

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KangIn’s surprise appearance during Super Junior’s 23rd May fanmeeting, “I will be back from army with better features”

Ahead of enlisting into the army, Super Junior member KangIn’s surprise appearance at a fanmeeting garners interests.

According to SM Entertainment, Super Junior had a fanmeeting on 23rd May in Seoul Olympic Park Hall. And in the audience seats that day were not only domestic fans but also fans from the region like Japan, China and Hong Kong.

This being the chance for the group to meet up with fans after so long, member KangIn also made a surprise appearance. He said during the fanmeeting, “I am very happy that the members proposed that I give a greeting to fans today before I enter the army.”

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KangIn receives warrant for army enlistment in October, but earlier enlistment is possible

Super Junior member KangIn (25) has received a warrant from Office of Military Manpower Administration (MNA) to enlist into the army in October.

But on 22nd May, according to a SM Entertainment representative, there is possibility that KangIn will enlist earlier. The reason is that KangIn has already signed up for enlistment at the MNA.

The SM rep said, “If KangIn’s application for enlistment is acceptable, we were informed that he will be in July.” It is known that KangIn will be enlisting as rank 2, determined by a physical examination he took.

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