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KARA new song ‘2ME’ up #1 on realtime charts

KARA’s new song ‘2ME‘ goes up #1 on real times charts as soon as it was revealed.

KARA released the song ‘2ME’ the OST song off online game ‘WE Online’ on 31st August. Especially after the reveal of the song, the KARA effect can be seen with the song going up rankings on portal site searches.

The girls have come together to record the new song despite being busy with their Japanese debut promotions with the song ‘Mister’.

KARA said, “We released the song 2ME to repay the love and support our local fans have for us. Please continue to love KARA more.”


KARA releases new Korean song ‘2ME’

It has been known that KARA has been working on a Korean song even though they are in the midst of their Japanese promotions.

The girls recently released their Japanese debut single and the single is currently doing well up on Oricon and other Japanese music charts. And even though they are busy with their Japanese promotions, the girls have taken time out to record a new Korean number ‘2ME’ and even filmed a MV for it. The song is said to be a present from composer Joo YeongHoon and is a lighthearted dance song.

The reason behind the song is that KARA would not want to neglect their Korean fans even amidst their Japanese promotions

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KARA’s Japanese single ‘Mister’ up #2 on Japanese USEN Jpop chart

Girlgroup KARA goes up to the #2 spot on Japanese music chart Usen Jpop weekly chart!

The girls released their first Japanese single ‘Mister’ on 11th August and the the single went up to the #5 spot on Orion weekly chart in the first week of its release. And following that, it has also gone up to the #2 spot on Usen popularity chart on 25th August.

Usen chart is an aggregate chart based ranking of songs on its channels on the streets of Japan as well as the broadcast hits. And on 25th August, the single is up #2 on its chart after singer Nakashima Mika. This is proof that the song ‘Mister’ is popularly played on the streets of Japan.

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KARA Han SeungYeon takes a fall again during Incheon Korean Music Wave 2010

KARA Han SeungYeon earns herself the nickname of ‘kkwa-dang girl’.

KARA was present for Incheon Korean Music Wave 2010 event on 29th August at InCheon MoonHak World Cup Staidum. And during the photowall event, Han SeungYeon had taken a fall after she tripped in her kill-heels.

The other KARA members have seemed shocked and member Park GyuRi and Goo Hara had asked “Are you alright?” One could see the close friendship in the team. Even though by the look of her fall it should be very painful, Han SeungYeon was seen looking bright and alright after a while.

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So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica voted #1 as the female celebrity who will look prettier if she gains more weight

Netizens have chosen So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica as the #1 female celebrity who will look prettier if she gain weight.

A poll was conducted on community site DCInside from 17th till 24th August on the question ‘The female star who will be prettier if she gain some weight’. And Jessica was voted up #1 on the surveywith 378 votes out of total of 1909 votes. Recently, Jessica even got herself the nickname of ‘Bin-sica’ after she was featured on a broadcast show for being able to squeeze her body into a trash bin.

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Secret-Nine Muses-Rainbow for a ‘showdown of the girlgroups’ with new music releases on the same day

Girlgroups Secret, Rainbow and Nine Muses come together for a showdown with their new album released on the same day.

Amidst the absence of strong girlgroups like So Nyeo Shi Dae, 2NE1, KARA etc, the 3 girlgroups released their new albums on 12th August. We first had Secret releasing their 2nd minialbum ‘Madonna’ – the minialbum and MV was released at 12 midnight and it went up to the #1 spot on GomTV MV chart.

And there is also 7-member girlgroup Rainbow releasing their new song ‘A’ and the MV to the song on 12th August. The girls are back since their debut song ‘Gossip Girl’ with improved and more charming features. We also have rookie girlgroup Nine Muses releasing their debut single on 12th August. The group has garnered much interests even before their debut for their modeling background and are given the nickname of ‘model-dols’.

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KARA’s first live perf of ‘Mister’ on Japanese broadcast received lukewarm responses?

Girlgroup KARA had their first live stage on a famous Japanese program for their Japanese debut.

KARA appeared on Nihon TV ‘Sukira – Mariwood’ on the morning of 11th August after releasing their debut Japanese single ‘Mister’. The ‘Mariwood’ corner on the show is said tobe a popular corner introducing some of the biggest stars like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber etc.

The girls performed the song ‘Mister’. But the response for the girls’ live performance vocal capabilities is just lukewarm from TV viewers. Even though Han SeungYeon and Nicole did fine, the overall vocal performance of the group was said to be lacking.

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‘Hallyu Dream Concert’ to take place on 12th September with 22 performing Kpop stars

The Hallyu Dream Concert hosted by Korea Entertainment Producer Association, ‘Visit Korea’ Committee and GyeongJoo; and sponsored by Ministry of Culture will take place on 12th September in GyeongJoo Citizen Stadium at 6pm.

This concert is planned in line with the 2010~2012 Visit Korea project which is a large scale cultural event for those in Korea and overseas to enjoy the drama, fashion and music which are the main elements to the Hallyu wave.

The performing artistes for this concert are confirmed to be Super Junior, 2PM, KangTa, 2AM, 2NE1, SE7en, 4Minute, BEAST, Son DamBi, KARA, After School, miss A, FT Island, Supernova, Davichi, T-ara, MBLAQ, Ukiss, ZE:A, Secret, Flower, Seo InKook etc. There are a total of 22 performing teams (102 singers). And already, there has been growing interests from audiences in Korea and overseas.

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