• Featured: JYJ ‘The…’

    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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ZE:A Kevin assures fans that he is alright now

ZE:A Kevin who was previously down with stress-induced gastritis and food poisoning, assures fans that he is alright now with latest photo revealed.

ZE:A revealed photos taken backstage to KBS 2TV Music Bank on 6th August. Kevin was seen looking healthy again after he was absent for appearance on tvN ‘Music Show Newton’ on the 2nd as he was suffering from gastritis and food poisoning upon returning from the group’s Thai promotions.

There were also photos of him taken backstage on SBS Inkigayo on 8th August. The ZE:A boys were seen following Son DamBi’s dance and looking lively backstage.

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[Interview] ZE:A, “The male Girls’ Generation? We dream to be Boys’ Generation”

The countdown for upcoming group ZE:A‘s debut starts!

The group consists of 9 members – leader Moon JoonYeong, Kevin, Hwang GwangChul, Im ShiWan, Kim TaeHun, Jung HeeChul, Ha MinWoo, Park HyungShik, Kim Dong Joon etc.

Their debut song is ‘Mazeltov’ and it is revealed that the members, “had spent the past 3 years in training for their debut”. While for leader Moon JoonYeong, he had actually been training for 5 years before his debut.

Leader JoonYeong revealed, “There were times when we feel uneasy about the future we cannot see. Perhaps it was because we are young. But this is the choice we made and we bear with it and thus far we have came.”

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MBLAQ Mir, “Secret Jeon HyoSeong who has the same smile point is my ideal type”

MBLAQ Mir picks Secret member Jeon HyoSeong as his ideal type of girl.

Mir was picked by Brown Eyed Girls Narsha who was chosen by the 3 male idols present as the female celebrity with the highest popularity on KBS Star GoldenBell aired on 2nd January.

While Mir has chosen Secret Jeon HyoSeong as his ideal type. He said, “Our smile points are the same. I like those kinds of girls. Whatever you say, they will like it and their reactions to them are good.”

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XING Entertainment to unleash group XING 5th Generation

Remember group XING?

Debuted in 2006 as 4 members, then the group went through many tough times with members leaving and joining – member count was from 4 to 5 to 7 to 6 and then to 8 the last time the group released an album.

Recently XING Entertainment revealed on its official homepage a teaser video to group XING 5th Generation now with 5 members.

Go under the cut to find out more.

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Kpop ushers in its new batch of maknaes!


With new singers and groups debuting lately, Kpop world is experiencing a flood of new and definitely younger singers.

We are looking at a crowd as young as 15 years old, and born in 1994. Did time really fly that fast or are we looking at a younger group of singers now?

Go under the cut to know who they are.

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