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SHINee Key expresses his unhappiness regarding MR-removed videos

SHINee Key revealed that he felt bitter as a singer recently about ‘MR-removed videos’.

Key was on SBS Strong Heart aired on 31st August when he said, “When I hear the voice from MR-removed videos, I feel bitter. This is because it is like taking away the most important thing to singers, which is the music accompany, just to prove their capabilities.”

MR-removed videos are the hot topic amongst netizens recently where the music accompany of singers’ live performances are taken out and leaving just the singers’ voice. Key said, “As for idols, there are also bad stories about how we get very short parts in our songs. Different singers’ voices suits different songs, it is unfair that singers are judged in such a fragmented view.”

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Key and JaeBum sport the ‘half moon’ hairstyle – the next fashion trend?

SHINee Key and JaeBum shows off their unique fashion sense.

Key recently garnered interests with his new unique hairstyle, with his half of his head shaved off, for SHINee’s 2nd album ‘Lucifer’. And on 18th August, JaeBum was also spotted with a new hairstyle in a photo he uploaded on his Twitter. He had shaved off part of his head and leaving the remaining hair long, similar to Key’s style.

Key has been known to be much interested in fashion. Key even said once that he would live in style and die in style. As for JaeBum, there are great interests as to why he had sported a new hairstyle.

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SHINee Key does a perfect dance cover of ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’

SHINee Key does a dance cover of miss A’s debut song ‘Bag Girl Good Girl’.

Key was on MBC ‘ShinDong Park GyuRi’s ShimShimTaPa’ aired on 4th August when he was seen dancing to miss A’s recent hit. He had promised to do the dance cover on the show and he carried out his promise in the end.

He was seen dancing till the end of first verse without any mistakes. Key said, “I didn’t practise this for even once. I only watched the choreography like 9 times every week. Once I hear the music, I just know what actions will follow, it is all in my head now.”

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TXVQ UKnow and Max to appear on stage for special performance for SMTown Live

Dong Bang Shin Ki UKnow YunHo and Max ChangMin will appear on stage together after so long.

The 2 will appear for SMTown Concert on 21st August. It has been a while seeing the 2 on stage since part of the group members were fighting a lawsuit against their agency SM Entertainment.

According to a SM rep on 5th August, “UKnow and Max has prepared a performance just for SMTown Live. SHINee Key will also have a joint stage with BoA. And sisters So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica and f(x) Krystal; together with So Nyeo Shi Dae SeoHyun and Super Junior KyuHyun will have duet performances.”

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SHINee Key on his new mohawk hairstyle, “I proposed it”

SHINee reveals the secret to his new mohawk hairstyle.

Key revealed to a Newsen report recently, “I proposed to have that hairstyle.” SHINee was recently back with a new album and new image after undergoing radical transformation. And of the new image, Key had stood out with his new mohawk hairstyle.

There are fans who wondered if it was tough for Key to have his hair styled this way. But Key revealed, “This is the hairstyle I proposed myself. There is almost no reluctance. Of course I feel great excitement to be able to show a new image. Even though I was worried about how I would look in it, but it turned out better than I expected. And I am thankful for the interests shown by fans.”

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The words that SHINee hate to hear the most? “You guys deliberately starve yourselves”

During their comeback stage on 23rd July on KBS 2TV Music Bank, member Onew is eating his 2nd lunchbox in the waiting room. In a while, the lunchbox was emptied and Onew finds scouts for another lunchbox. The amount of food in the lunchbox is obviously enough for an adult, and the report said jokingly, “Eating again?”

Already, members JongHyun and Key had finished their lunchbox and youngest member TaeMin is busy eating from his. So the reporter asked SHINee, “There are people who think that you guys would starve to maintain the build you have now.” TaeMin then looked up from his lunchbox, “Ah~! We hate hearing that!”

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Last SHINee’s comeback concept photo featuring Key revealed!

The last concept photo to SHINee’s comeback 2nd album featuring member Key has been revealed.

The photo was released on 12th July and is the last concept photo revealed for the group’s upcoming comeback.

Meanwhile, the boys are set for comeback this month.

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Photo Of The Day! SHINee Key is f(x) 6th member?

Photo Of The Day! SHINee Key is f(x) 6th member?

A photo taken at the recent Dream Concert red carpet was posted up by netizens on portal community sites. In the photo, SHINee Key was seen posing with the f(x) members and Key’s feminine features had allowed him to blend in with the girls so well making him appear to be part of the group.

More photos under the cut.

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