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Park Jin Young and Kim AhJoong for special joint stage on SBS Chocolate

Singer Park JinYoung and actress Kim AhJoong will be putting up a grand couple performance.

Coming 9th December in SBS GongGae Hall, the 2 will be taking part in the filming for SBS Kim JungEun’s Chocolate.

The filming will be for the Christmas special on the show and Park jin Young and Kim AhJoong will coming together to reveal a spcial joint stage. They will also be putting up their solo performances for their appearance on the show.

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Kpop Style 02.08.2009 – SuJu ShinDong, 2NE1, T-ara HyoMin


For Kpop Style, some of the photos we are sharing are:

  • ShinDong and his pretty-face father’s selca posted on ShinDong’s minihompy on 30th July!
  • In one of 2NE1 me2day updates, CL looks at her ‘appa/father’ YG
  • T-ara member HyoMin, also known as Jessica-lookalike, selca photos!

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K Bites – 08.06.2009 (Super Junior, Kim Ah Joong, KARA)

Tears fell as Super Junior DongHae talks about late father


Tears fell as Super Junior member DongHae talks about late father who had fought the cancer disease for 3 years. Super Junior was on KBS morning show ‘YeoYooManMan’ where the members talked about their parents.

Especially for member DongHae, he had teared while talking about his late father who had fought the cancer disease for 3 years. He said tearing,”My father loves to sing the song ‘DongJi’ and coincidentally I had to sing the song with seonbae singer Nam Jin, but the I could not continue singing the song on the stage because I kept thinking about my father.”

Other members also talked about their parents. YeSung teared while talking about how his mother had helped him when he was realising his dreams as a singer having to go to Seoul from his hometown CheonAn everyday.

Chinese member HanKyung said, “The money that I made from activities, I would send them to my parents in China. And now their dumpling shop is going very well that they are opening the 2nd branch store.”

Meanwhile this episode of the show will air on 10th June at 9.30am.

Koreans love it when Kim Ah Joong sings

The song ‘Over The Rainbow’ sang by actress Kim Ah Joong for her current drama ‘That Fool’ has become the topic amongst netizens.

There was also a scene of Kim Ah Joong singing the song in the drama and it was very well received by viewers.

Netizens said, “Watching her sing in the drama was touching enough, with the whole song revealed, it just gets more touching., “Really love it. Kim Ah Joong would make it big as a singer as well”, “I look forward to listening to the song on the show every episode” etc.

KARA goes on a vacation in Japan


Recently, photos of group KARA on their vacation in Japan has been posted up on member Nicole‘s minihompy.

The girls sure look like they are enjoying themselves.

More photos here…

K Bites – 24.03.2009 II

Post Boys Over Flowers and So Nyeo Shi Dae period


The Korean entertainment zone moves on to a new phase.

The first few months of year 2009 has been said to be dominated by KBS 2TV drama Boys Over Flowers and So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Gee’ wave. Both the drama and the song ‘Gee’ have had both a significant influence  on the Korean culture and also economic motivation for the first half of 2009.

However Boys Over Flowers will be ending on 31st March with its last 25th episode. The drama has been extended from 24 episodes to 25 episodes. And So Nyeo Shi Dae will be ending their 1st minialbum activities with their goodbye stage on SBS Inkigayo on 29th March.

Both cultural icons will be stepping out of the K Entertainment scene at the same time.

What to expect for the “post Boys Over Flowers and So Nyeo Shi Dae” period?

For the Kpop zone, we have groups like Davichi and Super Junior who are coming back strong with new hit songs. Also, fans are in for new album release by singers like 2AM and Big Bang GDragon will be releasing his first solo album in April.

Following Boys Over Flowers will be dramas like ‘Six Months’ starring Kim Ah Joong and Hwang Jung Min, ‘Cinderella Man’ starring YoonA and Kwon Sang Woo.


Kim Hyun Joong’s manager suspected of assault on high school girls


News have it that Kim Hyun Joong‘s manager was involved in an assault cast with a high school girl near the filming set of drama Boys Over Flowers.

It was said that Kim Hyun Joong‘s manager had tried to stop a high school girl who spotted his car and came running after it on 23rd March in Seoul KangDongGoo.

The high school girl had provided for the police investigation, “I was on my way home and I saw what looked like a car of an entertainer and went forward to see. But the manager had caught me by my collar and started hitting on my head.”

While from Kim Hyun Joong side, it was said that, “The kids had approached the car and started swearing but we have no intention for assault. Everything went back to normal after we went to the police station for investigation.”


snsd_250209_18Jessica, “I look the best after a shower”

Jessica of So Nyeo Shi Dae has revealed that she is “very satisfied with how she looks after a shower”.

For the filming of MBC “Come and play”, Jessica revealed that she thinks she looks the prettiest after a shower. She said, “I look the prettiest coming out of a shower with the towel wrapped around me.”

Fellow member SooYoung, “So that is why you don’t have your clothes on after a shower”.

Leader TaeYeon then gave a strange and poking answer, “I think I look best when I am captured on the mobile phone camera with its flashes at its brightest.

Yoon Eun Hye does lingerie


Actress Yoon Eun Hye appeared for lingerie brand Vivien summer photoshoot donning several images and all showing that matured and woman side of her.

And of course, no one can help but notice those cleavages and S-lines. She’s a beauty here.

More photos here..

K Bites – 22.02.2009 II

It’s boy meets girl on SBS Family Outing


Members of Korea’s representative idol group So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA and Big Bang DaeSung has met for a pure and romantic ‘date’.

YoonA has appeared as guest appearance on SBS Family Outing on 22nd February. With YoonA‘s appearance, DaeSung once again cannot run away from the talk about the previously discussed ‘scandal’ where he had exchanged phone messages with member of a certain female idol group.

But when it comes to making a bean-paste soup and a certain vegetable Shepherd’s purse was needed, DaeSung had went out to dig for the plant together with YoonA.ds_ya_220209

YoonA has proclaimed to be DaeSung‘s fan. And DaeSung had said while standing in front of the stone pile and making a wise, “This type of thing is originally be done by couples.” and stole a look at YoonA, which YoonA had caught him doing so and the both had burst out laughing. And YoonA added with a praise, “I like DaeSung‘s oppa’s humorous look. Your eyes are not especially small, they are really pretty.”

Meanwhile, YoonA also presents her own version of Hyori‘s ’10 minute’ dance on this week’s Family Outing.


The truth game? Seoul police, “We did not receive any request to investigate into Kim Ah Joong’s nude photo”


Seoul Regional Police has voiced that they did not received any request to investigate into the circulation of the nude upper body photo of top star Kim Ah Joong over the internet.

This has led to many curious questioning about Kim’s management company’s claim that they had went to the police to request for an investigation.

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Composite nude photo of female actresses caused outrage on the internet


A famous actress Miss K’s photo showing her nude upper body revealed on the internet has caused outrage amongst netizens.

Not for those under 19…

Happy Lunar New Year from KBites


With Lunar New Year just less than a day from now (at least from Singapore time), K Bites is here to wish everyone a prosperous year ahead!

As usual, this year we are in for another round of HanBok galore.

Image Heavy!!!