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With Kim C leaving, no new member to be added to 2D1N – Eun JiWon to move to OB team

With member Kim C leaving the KBS 2Days 1Night has announced on the 12th, it has been announced hat the 2D1N team will remain as 6 members.

With reasons that he would be focusing on music and movie production, Kim C had his last filming with 2D1N last weekend. And many viewers are concerned if the show will add a new member with the leaving of Kim C.

The production team of 2D1N revealed their stand that no new member will be added but there will be reorganization of the teams with Eun JiWon, who recently got married, to join the OB time. So, the YB team will now consist of Lee SeungGi, MC Mong and Kim Jong Min; and the OB team will consist of Kang HoDong, Lee SooGeun and Eun JiWon.

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[Updated] Kim C to leave KBS ‘2 Days 1 Night’ after 3 years

It has been known that singer Kim C will leave KBS ‘2 Days 1 Night’.

Kim C is well loved as a quiet and rational character in the weekend variety show ‘2 Days 1 Night’ and he will be leaving the show after 3 years. This news came after there has been speculations of him leaving the show earlier.

As for the reasons of leaving the show, it has been revealed that Kim C will be going overseas to *further his studies. And the last filming of the show was completed last week in KyeongBok KyeongJoo. And for the last filming for Kim C, the other 2Days1Night like members Kang HoDong, Lee SooGeun, Lee SeungGi, MC Mong, Eun JiWon and Kim JongMin bade him farewell.

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MC Mong draws the portraits of the 2D1N members on his iPhone

MC Mong draws the portraits of the other 2Days1Night members on his iPhone.

He posted on his Twitter page some portrait photos he drew of the 2D1N members – Kim C, Lee SeungGi, Kang HoDong etc on his iPhone. He also left comments like “Kim C. Published. This one really looks like him”, “PS: That’s a 19-year-old version of Kang Ho Dong” etc.

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2Day1Night team parodises 2NE1 ‘Fire’

The 2NE1 parody done by the 2Days1Night team revealed recently got many viewers bursting in laughter.

On KBS 2TV ‘2 Days 1 Night’ aired on 28th February, members Kim C, Lee SooGeun, MC Mong and Kim JongMin did a performance of ‘Fire’ by 2NE1 during their ‘2Days1Night Viewers Tour’.

MC Mong appeared as CL, Kim JongMin as MinJi, Lee SooGeun as Park Bom and Kim C as Sandara Park for their lip-sync performance. The highlight of the performance that day was the ending where Kim C did a body gag in the ‘coconut tree’ hair.

Go under the cut to watch the performance clip!

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K Bites – 11.08.2008 IV (ShinDong, Yoon EunHye)

Super Junior ShinDong shows off his moustache


Group Super Junior ShinDong (24) has shown fans a new image of him and has received heated responses for it.

ShinDong posted up on his minihompy on 8th August new selcas of himself (Click for bigger image). He was seen in a greyish white shirt and his moustache was obvious in the selca. Fans commented, “Giving off a great impression of a middle-aged”, “Something new” etc

Other fans went, “The moustache looks unexpectedly good on you”, “But don’t forget you’re an idol” etc

Meanwhile, previously Super Junior member HeeChul was also in the topic with his moustache shown growing on his face last April.

He uploaded a photo on his minihompy writing, “I hope to try shed the idol image”, and fans had commented, “Looks good on you”, “You look like Kim C”.

Yoon Eun Hye, “I have no friends in the entertainment zone, and have never been to a club”

yeh_110809Yoon EunHye, who debuted through girlgroup Baby VOX, talks about prejudice that many have on her.

She revealed, “I look like someone who enjoys and plays a lot”. But it seems that this is not true.

Yoon Eun Hye said, “I’ve never been to places like club for even once. I don’t know places outside my house.”

She continued, “Because of this, I have no scandal. It’s been 10 years since I’ve debuted in the entertainment zone, I have not one friend. I only keep in contact occasionally with the Baby VOX members, but we did not eat.”

“Friends would say ‘You are always at home’. I feel that rumours and news about me being playful is unfair.”

Meanwhile, Yoon Eun Hye will be making her comeback in drama ‘My Fair Lady’.

K Bites – 29.07.2009 III (SNSD, KARA Nicole, Big Bang)

So Nyeo Shi Dae members gets teary on SBS Chocolate


SBS ‘Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate’ did the filming for their ‘Summer Festival’ on 29th July. The concept for this special episode is an all-standing concert performances for audiences to enjoy the music.

And the So Nyeo Shi Dae members performed their hit song ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ together with a dance battle and also musical instrument performancse – putting in much effort for this stage.

Member SeoHyun’s mother made a special appearance on the show. And the rest of the members went teary while doing a video message for their mothers.

Meanwhile this ‘summer festival’ also feature other singers like Cool, YB, Hot Potato (Kim C, Go BumSoo) and KangSan.

[More photos under the cut]

What happened to KARA Nicole?


Female group KARA memer Nicole appearing much skinnier than before has gathered much interests from netizens.

Netizens called it ‘transformation after 14 days’, comparing Nicole’s photos before and after these 14 days – and from the photos she did looked like she has lost much weight.

KARA’s company came out to say, “To prepare for their new album, not only Nicole, the other members all went on a diet. They did it through diet control and exercise, and they all lost about 3-4kg. The members are very satisfied with their new looks.”

While KARA fans have been posted on Nicole’s minihompy messages like ‘Nicole, you must eat alright?” etc. Netizens also commented, “Nicole looked cute before her diet”, “It seems like she went through pain with this diet, but her hardworking features are pretty too” etc.

Meanwhile, KARA will release their comeback album on 30th July.

tiffany_uee_lhr_sdb_290709So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany is chosen as the ‘entertainer with the prettiest thighs’

Community site DCInside did a survey from 21st till 28th July on ‘Which female entertainer has the prettiest thighs?’.

And out of 11,657 votes, So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany emerged #1 with 4755 votes (40.8%). The So Nyeo Shi Dae girls recently came back with a sexy marine concept for their comeback song ‘Tell Me Your Wish’.

After School member UEE is at #2 (2455, 21.1%), and highschool singer IU is at #3. The rest of the results: Lee Hyori at #7, Son DamBi at #9, Yoo Eun Hye at #10 and Kim Ah Joong at #12.

Big Bang TV is next up after 2NE1TV


New series of Big Bang TV will start from 29th July on Mnet showing fans the Big Bang’s current lifestyle in Japan.

The show will show a side of the boys’ lifestyle yet to be shown and also go behind the stage of their ‘Gara Gara Go’ showcase in Japan. It was knnow that the 5 members have to share 3 rooms in their Japan dormitory and member GDragon and SeungRi are known as YG’s ‘Tom and Jerry’, that they will play around even without the camera around.

There is also a follow-up from members SeungRi and DaeSung’s appearance on ‘Close Note’, and DaeSung revealed in the show, “We are really close now”.

Big Bang TV will be shown on Mnet from 29th July.

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K Bites – 29.06.2009 III (YangPa, Full House, Lee Seung Gi)

YangPa is back with new MV for ‘Ghost’ OST

After resting for 2 years, YangPa is back with the OST for MBC thriller drama ‘Ghost’ starring T-ara JiYeon amongst others, and the MV ‘Ghost’ has been revealed today. The MV is a 13:55 min long drama MV and is featured in 2 parts.

She will comeback with promoting with this song. The drama will also start to airing on 5th August.

Watch part 2 to the MV here

Rain – Song Hye Gyo’s drama ‘Full House’ to be remade in Taiwan


Actress Song Hye Gyo and Rain’s drama ‘Full House’ will have a remake version in Taiwan.

A broadcast company in Taiwan has announced that they are preparing to remake the drama.

A Taiwanese news portal site UDN said, “There will be a Taiwan version of ‘Full House’. It will be a production worth over 3 million dollars. It can be expected that the Taiwanese version of ‘Full House’ will rouse the interests of many even overseas.”

It is said that the male character to the remake drama will be actor Wu Zhun from idol group Fahrenheit and female character be Zhou Xun.

Lee Seung Gi is the man with 70% of TV viewership in 1 day


Lee Seung Gi has been chosen as the star with the best TV viewership recently.

He is said to have attracted over 70% of TV viewership on Sunday with his appearance on KBS 2D1N and also in drama ‘Brilliant Inheritance’. On 28th June, he appeared on KBS 2D1N which took up 33.9% of viewership and in the drama ‘Brilliant Inheritance’ with 39.9%, which were two of the top dramas and variety show of the weekend.

Lee Seung Gi has started off by being casted for KBS 2D1N which took him through the transition from just a singer to also an entertainer. And early this year he was involved in the filming of drama ‘Brilliant Inheritance’ which also stars Han Hyo Joo, giving him larger exposure.

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